Sleepaway Camp on Friday the 13th

We’ve pretty much come to an agreement that Freddy Vs Jason couldn’t satisfy to the fullest extent, so why not match up two killers who play on the same playground….camp!

Jason was first introduced as a boy who drowned in a lake. Angela was introduced as a girl/boy who ended up in an accident in a lake. So both killers have their history with their lakes.

Both killers also had protective guardians, who would have big impacts on their actions. Angela’s Aunt Martha brainwashed and confused poor Angela to the point to where she had no tolerance for cruelty and she enacted her revenge. Jason’s mother kept him from the world and after her death Jason heard his mother tell him…kill for mother.

So  we got one killer who is a master with the machete and we have another killer who is idealistic in the ways she disposes of her victims. It’s obvious that Jason is bigger and stronger than his female counterpart, but Jason in the human form, Angela would stand a good chance.

Perhaps Angela is a character that should be introduced to the Friday the 13th franchise, or at least a character inspired by her. Jason has fought Tommy Jarvis twice and he has fought a telekinetic girl, but he has never fought someone who has so much in common with him.

This would be bigger than Freddy Vs Jason, I know most of you are Sleepaway Camp fans, so you would enjoy watching Jason battle a character that he himself had much influence on.

I’ll leave this to your imaginations!


On a side note…I would give anything to have the old Sleepaway Camp forum back.

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20 Responses to “ Sleepaway Camp on Friday the 13th ”

  1. wow! i never even thought about that match up. It sure would be a good one but in the end Jason would win!

  2. They would end up getting together…


  3. Jason would completely destroy her I think. It would be extremely interesting though if done the right way. Like the first time they met they kill a person at the exact same time. They both then just look at each other confused before getting distracted and going their separate ways after a victim they were chasing.

  4. C’mon this not even a match, the only way she/he would win is if Gillete played Jason since he was a wus!!! Other then that, Jason would dominate with a snap of the head, BALL GAME!!! Plus after falling alseep through the 1st one, never even bothered watching the 2nd or 3rd. Not that great of series, now maybe she would distory Chuckie or That stupid Pinhead

  5. agree on the forum

  6. Here’s my answer, No.

  7. First of all Angela was a dude, and so was his “aunt” Martha.

    Jason would beat Angela to death with uncle Martha’s dead body.

  8. Haha this one is just too weird!

    Im going to reply back after a few beers. I can’t even fathom what this would look like lol

  9. i thought it might be interesting to have a part 5 type deal where there’s a copycat, but Jason is also there killing! Then they meet at the end.

    I did not like Sleepaway Camp much though. I will have to give it another spin as it’s been, oh, 20 years? :’-(

  10. Not too sure about this one

  11. That is funny, snap the head, ball game!!! Very true Sarah, I could see it, that gay scream that she-male does, Jason has Angela in his hands and then snap, crack, pop.

  12. Jason would win. :)

  13. I love the original Sleepaway Camp and Return to Sleepaway Camp (those suckquels directed by that Sampson-guy where crappy). But SC and F13th don´t mix in my opinion. sure, Angela/Peter and Jason´s past is very similar outcast in Summer-camp) but their similar past and the setting of a summercamp don´t justify a crossover IMO.

  14. Jason would kick Anjela’s ass!!!

  15. Just got my new sleepaway camp 2 shirt from

  16. Hey did you guys happen to catch the newest Sleepaway camp? I think it was called return to sleepaway camp.

    It wasn’t bad, disgusting, but not bad!

  17. Jason would rip that bitches throat out in the first scene of the movie.

  18. what about Slumber Party Massacre comes to Crystal Lake????haha

  19. Jason would hack that bitch the fuck up with ease

  20. We have a new forum now at, so any of Sleepaway Camp fans be sure to join up. For the time being just bookmark the link until I can get a website who will host it for me.

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