Regal Entertainment Listing New Friday as a 3D release.

regalRegal Entertainment, or as I remember them as Regal Cinemas, has already listed Friday the 13th Part 2 – 3D on their 3D release slate for next year. I think this is really jumping the gun as there is no greenlight for the film, that we’re being told, or an approved script? Regal must know something. And I am sure that this movie is further along than we think.


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16 Responses to “ Regal Entertainment Listing New Friday as a 3D release. ”

  1. Here we go again. Take a potentially serious reboot attempt and turn it into a cash cow till it’s milked dry.

    As much as I would like to see it in 3D I know that if it is released in that manner then we are not going to get a serious movie. We will get a movie where they will have to sacrifice story lines to have “proper” 3D moments.

    I hope that’s a misprint.

  2. Tbh, I agree that they could very well be more laong than we think. Let’s hope we get more news soon.

  3. Here’s an idea, instead of 3D, why not set the movie in Crystal Lake during the winter season. That could be quite interesting to see, especially b/c winter horror movies almost always seem more bleak like with The Shining. At least I think it would make for an awesome movie. Blood on the snow, shovels being used as weapons, snow mobiles, and snow blowers. Now that would be a horrible way to die, by snow blower. This is just an idea, but I think it could/would make for an awesome horror movie. 3D is being done to death, plus it is more of a marketing gimmick than anything else. Thanks.

  4. i really want the sean cunningham´s part 1 atmosphere where they all stay in a old cabins here and there and jason is running around in the pouring rain

  5. hmm…interesting

  6. Either way, i hope theres more of a “camp” aspect to this next film. Thats what made the franchise unique and is synonymous with Jason.

  7. fuller is desappeared on twitter. i think PD is no more on and NL is trying to make it by herself!

  8. fuller replyed on twitter. PD is still on.

  9. Hey Thomas not to discredit you… but I actually came up with the idea of a snow blower kill a few weeks ago in one of the posts. So if you do see one in the next movie.. You can factually thank ME…

  10. Friday the 13Th was created as a copy-cat cash-cow of Halloween. Sean said, hey Halloween is making money, then you called Miller up and asked how they could rip it off. This is not deragatory, they admit it proudly.

    Friday the 13Th was only really succesful because of the gimmick of gore effects and the marketing campaign that was put behind it. If it were not for that, it would have laid there just like any other low-budget indipendent-style film would.

    The reason there is a series is because cheep gimmicks continue to fill the seats, like Part 3 in 3D.

    The reason there is a Franchise is because people identified with these films because they were popular at the time; and most people are slaves to fashion.

    Now a production studio, who is about making films to turn a buck (not make some artistic statement) is pimping nestalgia and gimmicks to continue to fill the seats; people are somehow offended by this?

    Friday the 13Th (which I love for being fun movies) was never a serious work of art. It was a gimmick movie that sold.

    Being surprised that Friday the 13Th is using 3D because its popular is like being surprised to see a toaster pop out toast. You’re hating on it for doing what it has always done and being what it is. You just somehow thought it was about making art and high production value. It’s about marketing, and making money from the point of view of those who make it. And it’s about a fun time for those watching it.

    But it was never about art, serious writing, serious mood, or originality in any way. It was a popcorn, gimmick date movie that spawned a popcorn, gimmick, date series, that turned into a popcorn, gimmick, date Franchise; that somehow filled with fans who want to be serious filmakers and film critics. Who look back at the movies they loved as teenagers and children; and expect them to be something they’re not; or to become what doesn’t sell and was never met to be.

    People don’t go to these movies for anything but cheapt tricks, gimmicks, nudity, and fun. To expect different is to not recognize what this brand is all about. It’s like expecting playboy to be the new Times Magazine.

  11. I don’t mind being discredited. Lol, b/c I am a relatively new poster and I missed that blog that you posted on Schotta001. I was just speaking about what I would generally like to see out of a Friday movie set in the winter that’s all.

  12. I too would like to see winter. It would bring in some cool new visuals.

  13. I love 3-D but I think that it is too soon. The series has just been rebooted with a good, scary start. We need one or two more under our belt before we can have fun with a 3-D flick. I LOVE the idea of the winter camp. I hope that the film makers read this site for ideas.

  14. Wouldn’t this be in pre-production if not production by now if it was really coming out in August of 2010? I’m betting this doesn’t happen at all.

  15. they’re running late on this one, cause they are busy with noes. hope they don’t rush it like Rob Zombie did with H2, that was a really bad movie. They should start pre-prod now and they should use gary tunniclife f/x, they’re very hard core on the makeups or the KNB EFX group. the remake wasn’t gory and extreme and a Friday the 13th movie should be extremely violent. and please Harry Manfredini…

  16. ps. and please bring the camp counselors again to the franchise, after all those were the ones that Pamela were after, (and the reason) so they wouldn’t open camp crystal lake.

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