Never Sleep Again Doco Interviews Kane Hodder

kaneDaniel Farrands is hard at work on his new documentary, Never Sleep Again: The Nightmare Legacy. According to the productions Twitter page, they recently interviewed Kane Hodder. I am assuming the interview had to do with the long in development Freddy vs Jason movie. I will have to look for that interview when the doco is released next year. Should be interesting to hear what he has to say.

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11 Responses to “ Never Sleep Again Doco Interviews Kane Hodder ”

  1. This makes no sense. Why would Kane even be interviewed, he had nothing to do with the nightmare movies. The only thing that he had to do with it was that he was being considered for a role in FvJ that he didn’t get for stupid reasons, mostly b/c of Ronny stupid Yu. So I’d appreciate an explanation as to why he was even interviewed. Please someone explain it to me.

  2. To me it makes sense.

  3. Let’s not forget that Kane played Freddy in JGTH.

  4. I think you already explained it in your post Thomas. :)

  5. Kane needs to get over the fact that we are no longer in the era where he got to play Jason with every consecutive film that came out. It’s laughable at this point that he complains about the films he is not in at every chance he gets. I suppose that’s why they are putting him in the documentary at all. It would be really cool to add a “sad violin” effect when he starts talking about it this time. LOL.

    Hodder needs to man up and stop talking so much about the people that came after him. Other Jason actors, like Warrington Gillette and CJ Graham are just happy that they got to be part of the franchise. Kane needs to start doing the same thing.

  6. You know what that still doesn’t justify a whole segment dedicated to someone that’s only a tiny part of the Nightmare franchise. Is his segment going to be about him complaining about not getting the job or the two minutes of him being Freddy in JGTH. I like Kane and all but this seems kinda dumb. Maybe it’s just me. I don’t know.

  7. Kane is gonna talk about his experience playing Freddy’s hand in JGTH. He’s gonna say something about how he watched all the previous Nightmare on Elm Street films and how he thought Robert England did a good job but that he wanted to do something different with the character when he played his hand.

    I think Kane did an excellent job as Freddy’s hand and he should be able to talk about it at length in the new documentary. I’m sure that would be something that everyone here would enjoy to know more about. I know I do.

  8. is there a bad way to play a hand? lol

  9. DANG! His package looks huge. F***ing hot!

  10. When does this come out? Can’t fnd a release date for it anywhere. I’m curious why this site doesn’t talk about other horror movies & other various topics like it used to, I miss that! Still cool for the F13th updates though! Keep up the good work! ;)

  11. “When does this come out?”

    This documentary will be released to coincide with the release of the reboot of Nightmare On Elm Street next April.

    “I’m curious why this site doesn’t talk about other horror movies & other various topics like it used to, I miss that!”

    What you’re referring to is the message board community that use to reside here. That board was lost due to a server meltdown. Since this is a blog on a Friday the 13th website, we will post about anything related to the franchise. A new message board is in the works and may possibly have what you are seeking.

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