Screen Capture of Jason in Alternate The Final Chapter Ending

f134_shot34lScabby at Scab’s Horror Blog posted a story about the new DVDs being reviewed at In the review of The Final Chapter, they put up a screen cap of Jason in the alternate ending. For eveyone out there that has complained they wanted to see Jason, here you go.

Check out the HorrorDVD website to see all of the reviews for the upcoming DVD’s. I have to say that after I read the reviews I am real excited for these releases. I might even have to double dip on the DVD before I get the Blu-Ray.

The Final Chapter Review Snippet
The big ticket here is “The Lost Ending” (3:20), and it definitely does live up to the hype. It’s another dream sequence in the tradition of the previous three Fridays, including a shot of Jason sans mask. The sound elements are long gone, but it’s assembled well and Joseph Zito and Kimberly Beck provide some nice commentary.

A New Beginning Review Snippet
All of Paramount’s Dolby Digital 5.1 remixes haven’t been as stellar an upgrade as the images, but of the bunch, this one is definitely the best. There’s finally a sizable amount of bass, with this remix really coming through with depth and oomph. When cars start up, axes hit or bodies get impaled, the sound really registers on the low end. Dialogue is exceptionally clear and crisp, without any hiss whatsoever. I’ve always been a fan of Manfredini’s work on A New Beginning – the mysterious sort of shimmering and those questioning woodwind riffs really expanded the soundspace of the franchise, which had sort of been on autopilot for the previous three films. It’s captured wonderfully here, and like with the other mixes, it’s basically the only thing that gets pushed around to the rear speakers.

Jason Lives Review Snippet
First up is the commentary with Tom McLoughlin, editor Bruce Green and actor Vincent Guastaferro. This represents a sort of balance between the fact-heavy filmmaker commentary on The Final Chapter and the jokey one found on A New Beginning. McLoughlin and Guastaferro really keep this going, bouncing memories off of each other throughout, with Bruce Green mostly quiet, but occasionally chiming in with interesting editing anecdotes. McLoughlin shares a lot of great tips on directing techniques and also really remembers every minute detail of the film. McLoughlin previously went solo for the commentary track on the box set, but with Guastaferro there to keep up the levity, this is an even better track than before.

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22 Responses to “ Screen Capture of Jason in Alternate The Final Chapter Ending ”

  1. Sounds like the best specials features fans have gotten so far will be on these DVDs. The ironic thing about it is that, by comparison, there wasn’t too much commotion over deleted footage for The Final Chapter but we are getting something great for it anyway. I could care less about a great sound transfer for Part 5…to me that just sounds like there wasn’t much too brag about in that DVD in the first place. Part 6 has always been a good movie on its own so it doesn’t need much to make it more enjoyable in my opinion. Speaking of my opinion…I wish it meant more in the larger world which has given me little except for a job at Walmart and a DVD player to watch these films on when I get the chance to. Until then, repeated viewings of Part 2 (about twice a day) are enough to hold me over.

  2. they should i new box set with all of these

  3. I absolutely cannot wait to see the alternate ending to part 4. It will be awesome. I also really want the part 6 dvd, and even though I didn’t really like part 5 too much, I’ll still get it.

  4. I’m too much of an obsessed fan not to get this! I still have my VHS copies of all the F13ths! Can’t wait for the 16th!!!

  5. Well to start off i just received my pre-order of the final chapter deluxe and have gone through all the special features and i must say that i really enjoyed the slashed scenes (even with the loss of audio). It was kewl to see the multiple cuts and angles on alot of the death sequences. The lost ending was purely awesome. When mrs jarvis opens her eyes to the milky white contacts and jason bringing the machete down and trish was just awesome. i am going to be listening to the commentary track tonight and see how that is. I thought the crystal lake massacre revisited was funny and something fresh. Jason\’s unlucky day feature was also informative and interesting. i myself rate this dvd 4/5. The missing 1 point is for the loss of audio in the alternate ending and slashed scenes but as i said, all in all it is a keeper for the collection and am now awaiting my copy of Jason lives.

  6. The audio most likely was never even recorded (ADR?) or was trashed once they decided to not use the footage. Either way, it’d be cool if they didn’t have the subtitles attached to the picture so a fan could seamlessly attach the footage and even do the audio themselves. A lot of fans are filmmakers and have access to equipment that can make new audio flow with the picture. It’d be a fun project!

  7. its June 13th…not a friday but a happy birthday to the big guy all the same!

  8. wow, the part 4 slashed scenes are much more than i was led to believe they are. looks like i’ll be working on a little unrated fan edit next week!! can’t wait!

    as for part 6 i’ve already enlarged the split screen scenes from the boxset and reinserted them…even with the enhanced quality this would provide, overall it doesn’t add up to anything that great.

    the hardest thing with any of these is looping audio segments to make it sound smooth. i wish they’d just throw something together for us.

  9. Does it show more gore of the Coroner’s death?

  10. Sarah hot anD i WISH her and doug had meet in the bottom bunk.Heck Jimbo could joined for a threeseome while he still had a brain.

  11. leather_chain, i think the r-rated version has pretty much all of that kill…minus maybe a couple frames. now the nurse will be something to see. i read that she was gutted.

    i wish they would have reinserted these for us. i bet they will for yet another release when the sequel to the reimagining comes out.

    i’ve been wondering…if the cut death scenes were destroyed due to an executive order, why would they only destroy part 2, 3, 5, 6 & 7? are we just being bullshitted again? part 4 is one of the goriest entries, yet they kept all of its footage?

  12. Hey Walmart Man, save your shitty blatant sales pitches. You are ruining a kick-ass blog with your constant spamming. Every post mentions your job and it’s such an obvious pathetic advertisement just in time for all of this years Friday releases. Shut your hole. I will buy my DVDs and Blu-rays elsewhere just because of you, and everyone else should boycott as well. Someone PLEASE dispose of this anus, I can’t believe he has lasted this long spamming every post.

  13. As far as the post, thanks again for the great info. Looking forward to buying them asap somewhere other than Wal-fart.

  14. Tommyblah,

    She is gutted. And I assume this will be on the dvd? Since you have seen it. :)

    I wish someone would contact the makeup guy from Part 2. He supposedly has some cut footage from that film.

    To confirm go look back at the Crystal Lake Memories book and read the quote from Greg Nictero (from KNB). He says he saw the uncut version of the double spear impalement.

    I don’t think he’s ever been contacted.

  15. The makeup guy that is. Carl Fullerton is his name.

  16. i haven’t seen it…only read about it. everywhere they talk about the cut kills, that one’s mentioned but nothing about the coroner… there very well may be more to that one too.

    nobody’s revealing much of the specifics about which kills are on the dvd, just that most of it’s there. the suspense is killing me!! just one more day!

  17. Does anyone remember Part 5, having another beginning idea, other than Jason rising out of the grave ? It was just an idea. Never was filmed.

  18. I was hesitate about buying part 4 for the lost ending footage, being I own two older dvd copies of part 4 but I bought it. I have always loved part 2 and 4 the best. I was so so shocked at the ending and loved it, I wish they would have used it in the film, I kinda wanted to see the footage of the mother’s death. Also the little thing on the new disc about the camp crystal lake masacre was really cool and gave you a different point of view of the so called family members of the victims, very neat! They could almost make a movie out of that!

  19. DAMMIT! I was all pumped to swing in to the Wal-Mart near my office on my way home from work, pick up the new DVD’s (since that’s where I got 1-3), and go home to have a marathon. Sure enough I just got off the phone with Wal-Mart and they said they don’t have them. I’m still gonna go check, since the salesman I talked to sounded like a dumbass and I kinda doubt that he REALLY went and checked for the DVD’s, but now I’m disappointed at the possibility of not getting my movies today. Any other stores around here that would possibly have them are way out of my way…:-(

  20. Joe, I bought mine @ Walmart today and in fact they were the only store that had them & for $13.00!! What a steal! Also bought the remake but got that @ Best Buy. Bottom line, if you haven’t already, just go to Walmart anyways. I’m sure the salesman was a dumbass since that is usually how it works in retail. No offense to anyone who works in retail BTW. Good luck! :)

  21. Thanks Pete! Wouldn’t you know it, I walked into Wal-Mart’s DVD section and there were multiple copies of all the DVD’s sitting front & center on the shelf (although there were noticeably fewer copies of 4 than there were 5 & 6). Whoever I talked to on the phone obviously hadn’t actually gone and checked. But whatever, I got ‘em now! They all look so nice sitting together on the shelf, can’t wait for 7 & 8!

  22. While Farrands and others claim that Paramount didn’t “hold out” and that everything what is in the vaults was putted on the DVD’s and Blu-rays I find it weird that the gore-trims of Friday The 13th Part 2 aren’t included on the Blu-ray. Because I was just checking out the Blu-ray and not only do you see a box full of slides and stuff of this film, but on 00:05:27 you do see slides of some uncut kills like the impaling of the couple on the bed. How is that possible when supposedly “everything” was destroyed?

    It is as TommyBlah stated a couple of posts before: While only destroy the footage from a couple of movies (2, 3, 5 and 7), while with every new release they find something (Now 4, 6, some new stuff from 7 and 8) and books like Crystal Lake Memories has some clean and clear pics of cutted gore scenes. What do you guys think?

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