Franchise Crossover: Slumber Party on Friday the 13th Massacre 2

Our next installment in our Franchise Crossover series brings a smile to my face. And it’s not because of what the ladies let you see in the movie, but rather reminds of a time when a group of friends and I rode our bike to the video store and the owner actually let us rent Slumber Party Massacre 2. We were shocked and took it back to a friends house as the parents were gone, of course. We went on to watch one of the worst movies ever.

At the time it was great for a bunch of kids to watch, but man, watching it as an adult you just have to turn it off after 20 minutes or so. Anyways, I think debating the movie can be something to talk about at

For our purposes, today, we highlight two Friday alumn that star in this film and they are Juliette Cummins (Robin,  A New Beginning) and Heidi Kozak (Sandra, The New Blood). These two have a ton of significant screen time together and yes, nudity ensues. Too bad all of the festivities were brought to a hault by that rock n’ roll playin’, drillin’ killin’, supernatural entity with a sense of humor.



Check out the Trailer

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10 Responses to “ Franchise Crossover: Slumber Party on Friday the 13th Massacre 2 ”

  1. I kind of remember that movie, it was so many years ago. But it was definately inspired by FT13th.

  2. The starnge thing is, that Heidi Kozak even wears the same clothes in SPM2 and TNB( She wears the short jeans and the yellow top [which are sen above in the pictures] before she goes skinny-dipping in TNB).

    SPM2 is my least favourite out of the 3 SPM movies. It was just oo weird. WTF was up with that weird killer?

    I stringly sugest “House” as an entry in the Fanchise Crossover. It was directed by Steve Miner, produced by Sean S Cunningham and scored by HArry AMnfredini. Steve Suskind (Harold from Part 3) has a role as the manager of William Katt. He doesn´t have a moustache in this one. Steven Williams (Creighton Duke) and Ronn Carroll (Sgt tierney from F13) are seen as cops in this movie!

  3. Oh Germaniac, you outed one of the movies I was holding out on until later. Good call, though! We will see that movie soon! ;)

  4. gotta love the andrew dice clay wannabe

  5. I remember seeing this in the movie store. Good thing i never rented it LoLinathu

  6. the music in the trsailer reminds me of Troma movies! I love it.

  7. Awesome series! The Massacre series if I’m correct. I own all of them, corny but classic! That includes the Sorority House Massacre series as well. Cheerleader Massacre didn’t tie into either the Slumber party or Sorority Masacre series though. Nowhere near as awesome as F13th or course! ;)

  8. I can’t believe you guys haven’t noticed robin from F13 pt:5 in that trailer. She’s the one with her boobs out.

  9. Yes sir. She is one of the two people I featured for this story. Apparently, she was all about showing her assets in the 80’s. ;)

  10. Very funny stuff. . . the girl toward the beginning looks like the young lady from The Final Chapter that gets knifed through the inflatable boat. Could it be?

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