Custom Roy Figure and Diorama Set

One’s Customs has been busy and he has finished his custom Roy Figure that is extremely detailed. The figure has all of the wounds inflicted by Reggie and Pam, such as the tractor gash in Roy’s sternum and the chainsaw cut in Roy’s shoulder. The great thing is this is part of a diorama that is being created especially for this figure and it is the door with accompanying wall that Roy crashes through for our first glimpse of pseudo Jason. This figure comes with machete, axe, hedge clippers, road flare and Junior’s head! Check out the detail of the diorama, complete with door shards on the ground from Roy’s grande entrance. This is up on eBay now. Good luck to those who bid.










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19 Responses to “ Custom Roy Figure and Diorama Set ”

  1. That is one of the most awesome Jason figures I’ve ever seen.

  2. Very nice

  3. Okay, this is just awesome.

  4. Don’t you mean the most awesome Roy figure, Chris B.? Just kidding! ;)

    But I do agree that is a pretty neat custom figure ever. I wish the guy who made it mention what other existing figure parts he used to make it.

  5. KOOL..

  6. Not bad, not bad at all.

  7. this was a wwe fig the only thing prexisting on the fig would be the hands although they have been repainted everything else is totally resculpted from head to toe all weopons are from scratch as well as the display base

  8. i want that, he should give it to tom, its bad ass they need to do a part 5 figure on the big market im tired of stupid part 9 figs i want 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I think they have only made one pt9 figure besides the sideshow doll. And this figure is very nicely done with great accessories!

  10. I didn’t know the figure was a WWE figure, One’s. The way the mask look & the sculpted look of it, I thought it might be a Mezco Cinema of Fear figure. Not the smaller one that is like the size of G.I. Joe. Just the one like of Jason Live, The Final Chapter, etc. one. But still, that pretty impressive custom there. :)

  11. Holy shit he’s got Jr’s head that is just kick ass, that the diorama and the weapons.

  12. actually if u were to compare my custom roy mask to the part six theres a huge difference think of it as a smaller version of a real hockey mask its solid not like a piece of plastic and those of us who owns the pt 6 fig knows it doesnt fit the fig the way it should it bends in a akward shape when on and the surface just isnt as smooth or as clean as the roy one but just my opinion mezco rocks lol

  13. Nice if i see it i buy it…

  14. Love the JR head

  15. Wow, that’s extremely detailed! I love all the weapons, too, especially the shears. He looks vicious. It’s great!

  16. wow love it!

  17. Thanks for the explantion, One’s. I’m not a toy expert, so I just guess. Ha ha!!

    And I hope Roy’s head wasn’t Vince McMahon’s head. He look mean enough like Vince tend to look. ;)

  18. Roy’s not that buff he has the body of an old guy

  19. i actually dont think the fig looks buff at all look at his arms and roys mid section of the real pic is pretty wide

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