“Jason X” Director To Take On Apocalypse

Director James Isaac has been cursed early in his directing career. First, he had the arduous task of taking over directing duties on “The Horror Show”, aka House 3. Then, bad luck struck again when his Jason Voorhees romp, “Jason X” was shelved during a shakeup at New Line Cinemas. Isaac has been on the rebound of late as his newest feature, “Pig Hunt” is debuting as part of Fangoria Fright Fest:

Fresh off a successful run on the festival circuit (and winner of a Fantasia Audience Award), JASON X/SKINWALKERS director Isaac’s film follows city friends on a backwoods hunting trip who encounter a killer 3,000-pound black boar. “Like it or not, PIG HUNT is an unusual film,” Isaac says. “It was always meant to be. Most people feel it’s much more unusual than I do, but that’s because I grew up in Northern California—cult girls, rednecks, pot fields and strange disfigured beasts… and that’s just the school field trips.”

Next up for Isaac is “The Death Of Teddy Ballgame”, a film where the entire story will be set in a coffee shop after the apocalypse. The film was written by “Pig Hunt” scripter, Robert Anderson.

“It’s actually a play he wrote for the stage,” Isaac tells Fango, “and we’re adapting it for film. It takes place in one location, and it’s about the end of the world. It’s going to be very much like a TWILIGHT ZONE episode. It’s really cool, well-written and funny.”

I say good luck to James Isaac! I always felt like he got the shaft with his experience on Jason X and I am glad he is getting great opportunities now to showcase his talents.

SOURCE: Fangoria

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6 Responses to “ “Jason X” Director To Take On Apocalypse ”

  1. I love this guy, I feel like Jason X could have been much better if he would have put his foot down a bit more during production, nevertheless you can see he’s got talent. He’s done some good effects stuff for Cronenberg as well. Talented guy with some bad luck. Looking forward to his new stuff.

  2. i always felt that Jason X was good directing-wise, it was mainly the studio and the writing that brought it down. And best of luck to him, I think he has a bright future in the business if he sticks with it

  3. I really like Jim Isaac. Thought he did a good job with what he had. For the type of movie they were making, the budget was very small. Lots of credit goes to him for pulling it off.

  4. Yeah I just watched the trailer for Pig Hunt earlier, looks like it might be good.

  5. Wow Issac worked for David Cronenberg? Then I’ve got high hopes for this guy’s Pig Hunt. Putting it in my Netflix account ASAP. Sept. 28th is gonna be great.

  6. Yea, that’s how Issacs was able to get Cronenberg to play the small part in the beginning of Jason X. I think Isaacs is a good director, he just got put into some unwinnable situations in the past.

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