The “Friday the 13th” Game You Would Die For

I had never picked up on this game back when it was reported to be in development some years ago, but there was talks to produce and sell this “reverse survival horror” game, called Campfire. The premise is exactly what many Friday the 13th fans have wanted fromĀ a video game experience, no matter how morbid it may sound. Campfire was not developed to be a Friday-centric game, but more of a choose-your-killer situation to dispose of those sex crazed campers. Read the official premise to the game below:

What if you were the hunter instead of the hunted? What if your sole purpose in life was to cause misery, death, and pain to anyone and anything you encountered? Now you have your chance. So begins Daydream Software’s brutal “reverse survival horror” game, Campfire. Based on contemporary slasher flicks, Campfire allows players to choose from four different serial killers (Vincent Voucher, Mac Douglas, Louis Winterstorm, and Mannie the Clown) so that they may use them to wreck havoc on the unsuspecting populace of an out of the way campground.

The game was gaining momentum in the gaming community and then, poof, the concept and production came to a screaching hault. Some speculate that pressure put upon the Developer, Daydream Software, and the Publisher, Sony, by outside influences caused the sudden stoppage of this very promising video game. Take a look at some of the concept art of the characters in the game below. Who’s that hockey masked guy? Also, watch the preview trailer for the game that was created to pump up awareness of the game. Very cool stuff!

Imagine this game with the setting of Camp Crystal Lake and surrounding areas from the first couple of sequels and being able to choose the different versions of Jason to do some killing!

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19 Responses to “ The “Friday the 13th” Game You Would Die For ”

  1. I want a Friday the 13th very bad. I don’t know why there has not been one made since the NES but someone needs to get on the ball about this.

  2. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!I had never heard of this before and I can only say how sad I am that this will surely never become a reality. I also don’t think we’ll ever get a F13 videogame for 360 or PS3, which in my opinion totally sucks. How cool would it be playing as Jason and getting an achievement for 20 decapitations or something? VOORHEES JASON you will be getting a friend request on Live from cr8erh8er (me) very soon, I LOVE the gamertag bro.

  3. That game would be amazing

  4. 1. This game looks like the same premise of “The Babysitter Murders” I don’t know if thats the exact name but it was on SEGA CD/ Gamegear if anyone remembers. Completely disinterested in the way they would have made the game simple video response.

    Also, there is already a game which you thrive off of death and misery….Grand Theft Auto lol

    Speaking of which there are plenty of Mods (Modifications) that allow you to be Jason in GTA games, just a heads up.

    Now, developing a game for F13 would be a good idea. It would sell, and people wouldn’t give two sh*ts if it looked like hell(Case in point: Saw the video game). So should they, YES. Is it beneficial to whatever company develops it? Not exactly.

    Take a look at the 2k sports games. Next gen sales plummit and they begin to dismantle the company (there will be no NHL 2k11 for 360/ps3 this year) The reason being how it was marketed…or lack there of. If a F13-esgue game was to be developed there would have to be an awesome promotional campaign. Call of Duty, Blur, MLB 2k10,Battlefield, all had good marketing thus they sold.

    I think it’d be fun but I think you would have to find a way to make surviving Jason a part of it. I think you should beat the game to play as Jason in the game. How could this be done if all you do is run like hell? Beats me. Keep in mind the NES game falters mainly @ this point. Skeletons? Really? lol

    Anyway, sorry about the long post. I doubt it would happen but sure would be cool.

  5. Wow. Could only dream…

  6. It would be cool to see a game like this developed.
    As far as a F13 game is concerned, I have to agree with the Wafflenator about having “to find a way to make surviving Jason a part of it. I think you should beat the game to play as Jason in the game.”
    I think a classic Resident Evil-type game would work here. You’re trapped at a secluded camp, being hunted by Jason, and your having to solve puzzles and such to find a way out. And online multiplayer would be fun to, where you’re trying to help each other escape.

  7. Roadkill I don’t know if you play Call of Duty or anything like that online but there’s a game we play called “Michael Myers” Please excuse my spelling but I’m a F13 not a H-ween fan. but its a bunch of people running around and one person uses a knife to hunt and kill the others, THAT would be a great multiplayer concept lol

  8. Wafflenator – I do play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (on PS3). But never have I played it, or seen it played, the way you describe. Sounds interesting and fun.
    I actually thought about someone playing as Jason in a online multiplayer game. Trying to outsmart and kill the other players, setting traps, cornering them, etc.
    The problem would be \who gets to play Jason?\ The server making random choices after each stage is a good idea, but that can cause problems. Especially if someone gets picked two or three times before another player has a chance.

  9. Project 13 was a Free Software GNU GPL licensed game that was going to allow people to play as Jason. While it is still listed on sourceforge, it looks to me as though it has not been updated in years.

    I would much prefer a Project 13 concept because then the fans could create their own content and make the game into something they would want. I don’t see why it couldn’t use Nexuiz as its engine and modify the game to tone down the speed and to use camp style weapons. At that point, much of the game design would be more map-making and model making. Anyone knowing how to use Blender should be able to do that as long as the file types would be compatible. (I’d have to check.)

    Really, the programing would not be as intensive as it originally sounds like it would be. And the fans would finally have a game they could extend themselves.

  10. For anyone who is interested in the concept f13ticket has mentioned.:

  11. The Sega CD game was called Night Trap and it was pretty tame by todays standards but then it was nuts. you literally stalked, raped, and murdered a group of girls at a slumber party. i say it was tame because it was primarily low res CD video clips put together in a “choose your own adventure” style more than a game. Also, GTA does not thrive off death and misery. Play GTA iv, play the storyline, its the best gangster movie you’ve ever seen, only interactive.

  12. Roadkill- Yea its a private match sort of thing where you get people together. randomly select one person to be MM the first time around and he can only use a knife. All other players equip Lightweight and marathon and can only use the throwing knife (or Malee knife in COD 4) if they are the last one alive. It is a lot of fun and great to play with friends for a few laughs and “oh sh^t I better run” moments lol. Also the first person to die becomes MM the next round. Obciiously MM is on the opposite team as everyone else. Also, 360 is better…just saying lol

    F13, commonly people use the Unreal engine as a base just for the power in it. THe issue with creating a game without professional developer tools is the “Doom Tournament Syndrome” in which everything is essentially pre-determined blocks causing a “WTF the knife went through him and he didn’t die” moment. I do beleive that it would be a glitchy and frustrating campaing if not done correct. There is one case to be made however, there is a game out there and I cannot remember the name right now but ti was a flash/java hybrid game where you could place as Jason. It was a sidescroller if I find it then I’ll be sure to post it on here to hold everyone over lol

  13. wasnt the manhunt games sort of the stalk and kill game f13 fans should like, suprised noone mentioned them yet, the first one had a guy in overalls and a hockeymask in to?

  14. Its no surprise the game was cancelled cause Parent Groups probably forced Sony to stop it for fear they game would make kids want to kill,but yet they still release those Grand Theft Auto games and now they release even more “mature” games with violence, sex, nudity and everything else offensive under the sun. Well if they are gonna do that then why not make a “Friday the 13th” game, rate it M for Mature and let us have fun using Jason from any of his films and go on a Summer Camp Massacre!

  15. The Unreal engine is not Free Software according to is wiki page.

    “While the Unreal Engine 3 has been quite open for modders to tinker around with, the ability to publish and sell games made using UE3 was restricted to licensees of the engine. However, on November 2024, Epic released a free version of their engine, called the Unreal Developer Kit (UDK) that is available to the general public. According to the current EULA, game makers can sell their games by paying Epic a lump-sum of $99 at the outset, and 25% of all revenue above $5000.”

    It seems there is a development kit that doesn’t cost anything, but you have to pay to sell the game. Plus, this does not give users the freedoms that the GNU GPL does.

    Nexuiz is Free Software. The entire source code is available to everyone no cost. And you are free to sell the game without paying anyone anything.

    For freedom and economic reasons Nexuiz seems best fit to me.

  16. f13ticket- There’s nothing the internet can’t solve haha

  17. Figures they would cancel it. Dammit We all need to start a petition for a FT13th game. I mean come on, look at San Andreas and the Manhunt series. Would a Jason game be any more violent?

  18. You didn’t kill people in Night Trap. Anyone truly familiar with the game knows your mission was to PREVENT killings.

  19. It would be great too have a f13th game, anoyed that it was never going to be!!

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