Friday the 13th Reunion at Monster Mania

For fans living near Cherry Hill New Jersey, Monster Mania offers you a chance to meet some of your favorite Friday the 13th actors including CJ Graham and Betsy Palmer.  Some of the Friday 13th guests such as Camila and Carey Moore are making their first convention appearance.

Monster Mania will be this March 13-15

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8 Responses to “ Friday the 13th Reunion at Monster Mania ”

  1. damn why i live in Canada Quebec Saint-Jérome am to far away form thats shit.

  2. Hehe I live 45 mins away… I’M GOING!!!!!!!! This will be like my 6th or 7th one or something like that.

  3. Ahh dammit! I ‘m a huge The Final Chapter fanatic, and So would love to speak to Camila & Carey Moore (“Tina” and “Terri” respectiveally) and to hear they’re adorable English accents and to talk to’em for a bit. Oddly enough it would mostly be for them, as for the most part, Conventions truely don’t interest me(I mean no real disrespect for anyone who’s been tolke 10 or more; I have Asperger’s Syndrome and somethin’ has to interest me for it to truely perk my interest).

    Anyway too cool. Hopefully they’ll start doin’ more of these …

  4. awesome its finally close enough for me to go

  5. I wish they could have Bacon and Padalecki. That would be magic.

  6. Where it’d be cool to see all the F13 reunion.. I think It\’d be equally if not cooler to see the original Alice Cooper band reunion…

  7. I’ll be there!

  8. i’m def goin and girl from the craft and history-x is goin to be there forgot her name off the top of my head but gettin her to sign a copy of return to oz. lol

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