Warner Bros. Pulls Freddy And Jason From Game!

Thanks to a heads-up from site visitor DrJohnMan, we now know that Warner Bros. has officially asked to have Freddy and Jason pulled from the very popular Terrodrome fan videogame. The creators of the game are going along with the official request from Warner and Freddy and Jason will no longer be apart of the game.

On Oct 25th, Orion pictures officially asked to have the Ash character from the Evil Dead movies removed from the game, but now having Jason and Freddy pulled put two more big nails in the coffin of the spectacular fan project. The creators of the game mentioned on the official Terrordrome website that they are seriously contemplating stopping work on the video game with major characters now removed.

This is a real shame for genre fans who just want a good experience in a gaming world with their favorite slashers in cinema. When Trancas International went after the mask making community to cease all sales of custom masks with the likeness of Michael Myers, it put a huge dent in that community. Not long after, it was revealed that Trancas was creating their own Michael Myers mask for sale. Could Warner Bros. and other companies be gearing up to create their own video games of our beloved slashers? Only time will tell!

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18 Responses to “ Warner Bros. Pulls Freddy And Jason From Game! ”

  1. Aaaah that’s crap :( Has anybody downloaded that demo? Because that’s also gone, I want to play that. Looked really fun and professional. Sorry to hear that the hard work from those guys is lost because the studios care only about money…

  2. That is total rot!!!! All that hard work!!!!! Id sue them if you can!!!! Taking those big names away!!!! is just stupidity!!! I dont care whether they MIGHT be doing a game with them in, the guys have done way too much!! gggrrrrrr!!!!

  3. Thanks….

    I wish they were creating games based on the franchises, but I really doubt it. Im sure its one of those things where somebody is sitting in an office and doesn’t have anything better to do…

  4. that’s sad. I highly doubt we’ll get to see Undead Jason that was already finished by the same moment Warner Bros. asked for Jason removal. I can’t even tell how silly all this is

  5. Well, done Warner Bros! (that was sacrasm)
    Stopping a FANgame that one guy spend YEARS of his life creating wothout any monetary gain. If this guy charged for anything it would be different, of course… but he didn´t. Heck, it would actually be different if Warner Bros offered an official-licenced aleternative that would have suffered from a fangame-release. But since they don´t offer games witzh their characters their sales won´t be affected by a \rival\ fangame.
    SO it seems you can only create fangames if you use crappy graphics with paint.

  6. Typical! Unless WB has something planned, they can go to hell. They have mostly sat on these licenses + plus no money was made off these characters. They have nothing to gain from this but criticism.
    Sorry to the people that worked there asses off on this game.

  7. One has to wonder why Warner Bros. would even care about this project. Perhaps it did become too big, but it truly was not going to make any money. There must be another reason for this. Keep your eyes open everyone.

  8. Yeah might as well not make it now. Taking Freddy and Jason out of the game is like taking Ken and Ryu out of Street Fighter. Thats a shame.

  9. Awesome! They might FINALLY be making a game!

    Too bad I won’t be supporting it.

  10. But seriously. He should just leave the characters in and change the names. I don’t think Warner can ban any bald guy in a hockey mask.

    Whats next? Asking goalies in the NHL to stop wearing hockey mask?

    Cooperate greed.

  11. Well.. WB won’t be investing ANY money into a movie anytime soon so how the hell do you expect them to invest in a video game? Note that the two SAW video games were ravaged by many critics so yea thats not a very good pre-curser

  12. I wouldn’t be so sure about Warner not investing money into a movie soon. As for the game, it would be a tough sell, I agree.

  13. WB has invested BIG money into videogames. They purchased Midway not long ago and they’ll have a new MK game coming in 2024. I mentioned before that they have everything they need to make this game possible, so why not. I bet a game with all of our favorites monsters dueling it out would sell well. Especially if Ed Boon and his MK team are behind the project.
    I really hope that WB saw Terrordrome and said, “Wow, fans want this game so bad that they have made it themselves.” If that’s the case, the guys behind TerrorDrome have made all of our voices heard. And yes, there jobs are done :( Now MAYBE we’ll finally get a good quality game.
    I’ve played this game before, and it has a lot of potential. Unfortunately it can’t stand toe to toe with other fighting games, but if WB produces a polished version…$$$$$$$

  14. Ok, i have a lot to say here. First off this is a real shame and a backhand in the face to horror fans and to the fine people who created this game. The simple fact that they asked to have the characters removed from a fan-made and non profit game is absurd. If money was being made off of it that would be one thing but it is free and made for the love of horror. secondly it really urks me when these big companies pull things like this because it really makes them out to look like selfish, greedy people who truly do not care for the horror fans. I know we all would like to see a horror game like this or atleast ones based on our fav movie. Sadly we have to look back and see the last time any horror franchise got love in the video game world.
    We got texas chainsaw massacre, halloween, nightmare on elm street, evil dead and friday the 13th on such consoles as the commodore 64, atari 2600, the nes, pc and playstation/xbox, but that was back in the late 70’s early 80’s and just the evil dead over the last several years.. we are talking 30 years ago for most games. I honestly don’t understand why nobody has wanted to make a better game in all aspects for newer consoles. I have been dying to see a new and fresh friday the 13th game for a long long time and basically have been holding my breath since. Also as a side note they can’t say it has to do with violence factor, look at alot of the games made today such as call of duty, halo, gears of way, god of war etc…. They seriously need to take a hard look at what they have done by doing this and realize that this will just piss off long time fans and lose profit in some way in the long run. If Ljn could release several crappy games of our fav horror icons why can’t somebody do something good with them.

  15. Without Freddy and Jason terrordrome is Nodrome.
    Really, is the guilt of the copyrights that we cant see cool projects.

  16. We should protest, either they make a game or we let them know our displeasure, not that they would really care but if enough people annoyed the crap out of them maybe something could happen. I say e-mail the bastards until they can’t stand it. I shall start daily e-mail today, definitely won’t work if I’m the only one though.

  17. Complete and total BS. It’s NON PROFIT!!! All the work they put into that. It promotes their characters. It’s not taking away money from them.

  18. Wow, this is really just sad. And worse, I doubt that there is a game in the works, this is probably jut Warner Bros being greedy and demanding their property be pulled because they fear donations being sent to who makes this.

    Honestly, I’d rather have games made by fans. They’re going to put the best work into things that other fans will more likely enjoy, rather than some paid monkey suit at EA or Activision that doesn’t have a drop of passion behind the work.

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