Teen Jason Television Series Coming Soon?

This past weekend was the Weekend of Horrors convention in Germany and site visitor Ph1b3s wrote in and provided some insight into the festivities and pictures from the event. Those pics will be in another post.

The interesting piece of information that was shared was that Ari Lehman is developing a new television series featuring a teenaged Jason. The story would take place inbetween the original 1980 film and Friday the 13th Part 2. Apparently, Sean Cunningham has approved the project, but the series has yet to receive a greenlight from a network.

It may seem very unlikely that such a series would ever come to light, but it is an interesting idea and one that could work with the right setup and network. Would the fans turn out and watch a series of a teen Jason haunting Crystal Lake?

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21 Responses to “ Teen Jason Television Series Coming Soon? ”

  1. Well, this fan would. But, I have doubts it will all come together. Such a struggle to bring something like that to the small screen, I think, unless some network (AMC, FX, Showtime, Starz) got behind it.

  2. That’d be awesome if this was made. I’ve always wondered what happened between parts 1 and 2 and how Jason survived in the woods. If they bring it back though, they MUST bring back the original music.

    A lot of people don’t realize how important score is when it comes to horror movies. Suspiria is a prime example.

  3. I would watch for sure and I do agree with Justin about the original music very strongly but what would they show? Him hunting,fishing,camping,building a fort?

  4. maybe they’ll show him killing animals and eating them alive so he could survive before moving onto killing humans! throughout the films there’s been various dead animals stumbled upon by the victims I wonder how they got there? this is an excellent idea that could definitely work if done right! but i agree with wings it would be much better if hbo or showtime or starz picked up the show this way we could see more gore! I just don’t see it living up to its potential with a TV14 rating

  5. Oh and in friday the 13th 2024 there was a hockey trophy in jason’s house. Maybe he played ice hockey over a frozen crystal lake during the winter in his younger years? my imagination is just running wild with this idea

  6. Any TV show featuring Jason would keep me glued to the TV to watch! I hope it gets the greenlight!

  7. Is that pic up top from the remake? If it is I never noticed him.

    I agree with Wings. One of those networks that will back the story and give it stability. Probably the perfect time for it as well. Maybe this will answer the question: Did he really drown in the lake as a child?

  8. Is that pic up top from the remake? If it is I never noticed him

    Indeed, that image is from the remake. In the extended cut, if you blink, you will miss it. ;)

  9. Oh hell yes. I always wondered what Jason did between parts 1 and 2. Hopefully the series will get a green light. Thatd make up for FT13th the series. Its a good show but it shouldve been called “Curious Goods”. If this new series gets a green light, I’ll definately watch.

  10. The only problem is Jason wasn’t a teen betwenn parts 1 and 2. He was in his 30’s during part 2, and part 1 was only 5 years earlier.

  11. Hunter already said what I was going to say. In order for us to see Jason in his teens this would have to take place in what, the mid-60’s?? That’s well before the events of part 1 even happened.
    And as much as I love these movies, I don’t really see what they could do with showing Jason as a teenager. If they try to play it off like he’s just the same killing machine as we know him from the movies then that is going to destroy everything we already learned about the lore Crystal Lake since there was never any mention of grisly murders at the lake until part 1 really. IDK, on paper the idea just sounds cool because of us all being huge fans. But logistically, and logically, I don’t think this would work unless we’re supposed to just forget everything we learned from the movies.

  12. And I don’t mean to sound harsh…but can I just put out there that I’ve always found Ari Lehman to be kind of an odd person? Ok, I understand that he was “the first Jason” ever…but in all reality, the guy who played Officer Dorff had more screen time than Ari did, and he’s not out there trying to milk every bit of fame out of his role as he possibly can. Ari just sort of reminds me of that one person who told one funny joke 20 years ago, and wants to come back all the time to remind you of how funny he is because of that one joke. Like, we get that he was the first Jason and all, and that the franchise took off because of the character himself, but his role in the first movie really wasn’t all that significant in the grand scheme of things, and if it wasn’t for a very last-minute decision, his scene wouldn’t even have been conceived. Sorry, I just needed to get that off of my chest.

  13. I will be honest here and this will annoy many fans but it wouldn’t work and more likely than not would ruin the mythology of Jason and the series itself. NOBODY cares about teenage Jason but us, and the avid fan will watch an episode and say “WTF?” Jason wouldn’t kill because that isn’t noted in any of the films. Maybe its best served in a future reboot of the series guys but definately not for TV

  14. I don’t like the idea. The whole backstory is what ruined RZ Halloween for me. It would just kinda dispell some of the mystery for me. And also, how much could there actually be to make a show about?

  15. Not a fan of the idea. I’d rather look forward than look back especially when there really isn’t much of a story to tell. It would only make sense if they base it off the remake where there he wasn’t really dead to begin with. The surrounding community in the remake seemed aware of Jason and would prefer to leave him alone.

    MAYBE a story based off that could work but it would be a short story. I always found from interviews that Ari has been trying to find some way to cash in on his Jason past. From the music project he mentioned in the Friday box set years ago to this now. I want to see prime Jason on the big screen not hillbilly overalls Jason on the small screen.

  16. I don’t think this idea would work, like someone else said! He would have been a teen in his late 50’s and for most of the 60’s, which takes place before the first movie. But if they still want to do a t.v. series with him in his 30’s during the events between parts 1 and 2. Then i say make it happen!

  17. I’m not too big on this idea either. It’s like Smallville, but an anti-hero instead. I think that Friday the 13th could be a mini series, but only if it’s the Jason that we all know. Unveiling too much of a back story just kills the character. I don’t need to even imagine Jason as a kid. It seems kinda silly.

  18. Great concept. It’s good that he’s keeping the original series alive as well, and since the events that occured between Friday the 13th and Friday the 13th Part 2 are the most mysterious to the viewer, this would definately explain a lot. Let’s hope it shows us how Jason encountered Alice and his dead mother, because that was probably the most confusing aspect of Part 2.

    With the right mood, this could work. Jason wasn’t quite a cold-blooded killer yet, as Alice was his first kill, but dealing a lot with psychology, this could help explain some of Jason’s motives.

  19. I dunno… he obviously cant be killing peeps or it would go against the orginal movies. Of course… they could also just rewrite everything. I don’t know. It isn’t making me hungry, thats for sure.

  20. That doesn’t make any sense. How can Jason be a teenager between 1980 and 1985 when he was 11 years old in 1957?

  21. this will be Awesome if it ever happens

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