EXCLUSIVE – Killer Cut: Jason’s Face Revealed!


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  1. Hmmmm….seems quite reminiscent of Part 4, which is a good thing! I kinda like that it isn’t super clear. There is just enough for us to get an idea of how deformed he is, but it still keeps some of the mystery.

    REALLY looking forward to the killer cut blu-ray! I know I’m getting it for Father’s Day, so I’ll have to wait a few days extra, but it will be worth it!

  2. Looks like Warrington Gilette! The Best Jason EVER LOLZ!


  4. Yes would love to see more too!!!

  5. Just to let you all know, the “Wal-Mart Man” post above is not mine. It’s from an imposter. I am the original Walmart Man that has been delighting and gracing people on this board with my presence for a some time…not this two-bit, act-stealing hustler.

    Seriously, aren’t there any moderators here to keep people from stealing someone elses identity. This kind of stuff is insulting and it compromises the integrity of these boards. I am offended.

  6. A friend of mine obtained an extended version online yesterday. Apperantly it was posted online for all of the bootleggers out there. I have to say that we watched it last night and the movie is much better that the theatrical version. I dont know why they cut the scenes out of it but it actually seemed more like a Friday movie than Chainsaw massacre movie with the new scenes added to the movie. I will tell you that I will buy the extended version when its available on the 16th even though I already have it at home. I was not dissapointed at all. Its almost like watching the movie for the first time again.

  7. I love warrington gillette! part two is phenominal!

  8. Warrington Gillette!Warrington Gillette!Warrington Gillette!Warrington Gillette!Warrington Gillette!Warrington Gillette!Warrington Gillette!Warrington Gillette!Warrington Gillette!Warrington Gillette!Warrington Gillette!Warrington Gillette!Warrington Gillette!Warrington Gillette!Warrington Gillette!Warrington Gillette!Warrington Gillette!Warrington Gillette!I Love Part 2 and I’m a douchebag troll

  9. Just two more weeks until the movie comes out! I don’t have Blu-Ray, I don’t know what all of the hype is over it. All the good special features are being put on Blu-Ray which sucks completely. We get only one special feature, that’s all for the DVD. What’s so special about Blu-Ray? I was hoping to have all of the special features included on the extended killer cut. As far as Jason’s face goes, it’s very reminiscent of The Final Chapter. The make-up is well done. We only get not even a second shot of Jason’s face in the movie when the marijuana grower rips off the sack. We couldn’t really see Jason’s face that clearly in the water either.

  10. Id just like to say in public im aware of the fact that Warrington Gilette did not actually play Jason in part Two. He never donned the Sack, he only did one lame ass scene crashing through the window. This guy coming on here every f*cking day talking about how Gillette showed Jason\’s humanity, blah,blah, blah. These type of trolls sound so ridiculous. I love Part Two, but at least credit the guy behind the Sack, Steve Dash.

  11. The WalMart Man-

    Now that you’ve been called out, please don’t try to cover up your ridiculousness by calling me a troll and then justifying it by saying Warrington Gillette “never donned the Sack.” My act is funny…but as the case usually goes with repetition, you are watered-down and simply not as funny as me. No one is going to jump on your bandwagon. There is only one Walmart Man and its me, just like there is only one Jason for Part 2 and its Warrington Gillette.

  12. Correction:

    …but as the case usually goes with FORGERY, you are watered-down ans simply not as funny as me.

    …my bad.

  13. 1. I’ve seen you both referred to as trolls . To whoever is the imposter, use your brain and come up with your own name. No more non Jason/Friday talk on here either, please.
    2. More options/features on blu-ray because there is more space on them to do so.
    3. Jason is banged up looking!!! I need a better look to see if this face beats some of the old ones, though. At least when it comes out we can pause it I guess.

  14. You little bastards are soooo ignorant! I am the ral Walmart guy and I am sick of you all trying to be me. Can’t you all just get your own personality and identity you pussy hating troll assholes! As for Friday the 13th part 2! Steve Dash was JASON in 90% of that movie!!! morons! Stop sucking warrington’s dick already!

  15. that picture sucks

  16. the new friday sucked

  17. everyone here sucks

  18. go ahead losers….start calling me a troll. oooh I’m shaking in my boots. Start calling me names too…I love it! Oooh I will get so offended and I will never come back to this page again! Sarcasm morons.

  19. hey robohooker….eat me

  20. I hope the Killer Cut does make the movie better because it wasn’t all that great. Unless you like your Friday’s to be like Texas Chainsaw Massacres. And you like your Jason to be like Leatherface.

    Won’t be nearly as excited for NewLine’s/Platinum Dune’s sequel for the re-boot (or re-boo).

    …I’m trying to put my life back together and this is the only way I know how (poor Alice)…

  21. You guys are ridiculous. In a way though, I feel honored. It is as if I am building a clone army on this website because everyone is impressed with having a horror icon frequent a website that everyone knows and envies and is a fan of. I am both empowered and humbled by the attention I get here…it almost makes me forget about my day job at Walmart where I work in customer service.

    robohooker – I am only here to talk “Friday the 13th.” Its my purpose and the only thing of importance I have ever done. Friday Part 2 is my passion in life.

    The Real Walmart Man – I admire your rage. Not only are you are a true Friday the 13th fan but you are also typical in your ability to sprout profanity from behind the safety of a computer screen. I know this because I do it all the time from behind the safety of my own screen that sits in the lounge area of the Walmart that I work at.

  22. Wow…talk about hijacking a thread! I think the original Walmart Man -whoever he is- is pretty funny but this stuff is getting old fast.

    As for Jason unmasked, well, all I can add to this thread is that I think we should’ve seen this in the theatrical release. Putting it on the killer cut DVD as a bonus is just a way for the studio to take more money from the fans.

  23. There are several fake “Walmart Men” and they’ve been banned. Both hail from New York – but are five hours travel from each other. One in Ossining and one in Rochester. Their ISP’s are Verizon and Road Runner, respectively. And I’ve lodged complaints with both ISP’s this morning via their complaint phone lines.

    Unfortunately this isn’t a “board” – boards have security, this is a simple comments system. You’d think the fact that peeps have to take the time to type a security code would make them think a little harder about what they comment, but no.

  24. I loved the reboot! I cant wait to see the Killer Cut!

  25. Looks like a brownie boy. Just adds to the already ruined series.

  26. Thanks for taking the time to get rid of those pesky little troll’s Dusk! Now can I welcome myself back…The real Walmart Man! Anyhoo, as stated above from another imposter…(thanks whoever you are) I am honored and flattered that many of you have chose to honor me by pretending to be…ME! I am truly not worthy of your excellence in imposting! (Is that a word? haha) But yeah, you guys need to get lives and start swimming in the lives and identities that are your own. But I guess it’s nice to pretend to be me. So no hard feelings. Especially to the above Walmart Man who was so helpful as to let everyone know that I surf the net at work! Thanks Dude.

  27. i like it!

  28. hey i have some clear pics if anyones interested, i could email them to u,or “try” to put them on here

  29. walmart man is cool, but warrington gillete is not all thta cool, i met him, he kinda pokes fun at the idea of friday the 13th, like everything about it, but he also admitted he only did the unmasked scenes, and the ones in the beginning where they didnt even show his head at all, so get over it i love coming here and reading threads, but when some dipshits leave stupid comments it ruins it

  30. I don’t eat people anymore Real Walmart, and I don’t know who claimed the name 1st. Wasn’t there a good picture of new Jason unmasked on this site awhile back? with the cast hanging on him between takes? It was by far the clearest picture of his face I’ve seen.

  31. Okay, click the archives tab on the right, and go to February 2024. The pic was in the post called “Deleted scene: Jason unmasked”. It was posted on Feb. 17th. It’s a great pic of his new face.

  32. I don’t like the way Jason’s face looks in this. It looks nothing like Part 4, it looks more like a fuckin’ alien, something out a sci-fi movie…

  33. John, the “hype” over Blu-Ray is simply this: It is high definition, with more capacity on the disc. Simply put, it looks better on a High Def TV, and even on a regular TV you’ll see details you previously missed. The ability to put more information on the disc means less compression, so the movies don’t have the problems with distortion and digital artifacting that standard DVD does.

    The increased capacity also means you can include more features. Just look at this release: it contains both the theatrical and “Killer Kut” versions of the film on one disc, whereas you have to put those on two separate DVDs. Why are more goodies being put on the Blu-Rays? Because more can fit on there, simple as that!

    Oh, and the best part about it is that Blu-Ray is backwards compatible, so it will still play your old DVDs! Many of them have an “upconvert” feature, which helps the standard DVDs to get the best possible quality for that format. Hope that answers all your questions!

  34. Guys, if you want to know who the original Walmart Man is all you have to do is look at the icon to the right of my name. If you trace it back, you will see that its the same icon from my past posts. Case closed.

    So, to the FAKE Walmart Man that posted at June 5th at 1:24 am, that was a nice attempt to replicate something you think I would say…but you are just posing. The truth is in the green icon with the circular face.

  35. All Friday’s (I don’t care about pt 9) on Blu-Ray soon please.

    These players rock. Like The Gill-Man said; your DVDs on a blu-ray player look better than they do on a DVD player.

    And if you’re still playing music CDs a b-r player will play those too.

    I’m real happy about this technology.

    …you brought him on board?…

  36. any news on part 2?

  37. He looks like fuckin Pumpkinhead.

  38. ahh man they did the whole “troll” thing to u to walmart man the past 2 times i take a break from here and come back ppl r being jackasses on here lol but i know it dose get on ur nerves

    wtf happen to jason he dose look like pumpkinhead lol he looked cool from early pics i seen

  39. jason is hyrocephalic,thats y his head is like that

  40. His face is really weird… And the real Wal Mart man, I’m on your side, trolls suck!

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