Guest Blogger: What Does It Mean To Be A Friday Fan?

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Guest Blog Post By visitor thevengefulmachete

What does it mean to be a Friday the 13th fan?

I’ve been asked time and again, “Why do you like these films?” Truth is there is no simple answer. It goes way back to my youth.

I used to watch monster movies like King Kong and Jaws, until I discovered the hockey mask. I didn’t know a thing about slasher flicks, but I had to see this new hockey-masked villain in action. I remember my first Friday flick, Friday the 13th Part 3 on TV (heavily edited but I didn’t know any better). I barley saw any of it because I was too busy hiding behind my dad’s chair. I was, after all, only eight. Nightmares be-damned, I had to see more.

My dad would later open a video store for a brief period before being shut out by the Blockbuster down the street. But during this time I spent my after school days soaking up all the Friday the 13th flicks, watching them over and over again until they were committed to memory.

     “You’ve already seen these movies a million times, boy.” I just smile and think to myself, I’ll watch them a million more…


But why? Why would someone enjoy watching libidinous teens being slaughtered by a hulking deformed masked maniac? Most of us discovered these films in our youth, and enjoyed being scared. Instead of moving toward light sabers or white bearded wizards (no offense sci-fi fans), we hardcore horror hounds chose to watch Jason swing his machete. Some of us “grew up” and left these films behind, while others embraced them as being just another extension of who they are. To me, watching my favorite baddie in action is akin to a stunt rider jumping bikes from ramp to ramp (only safer). You get a similar rush (at least I do).

When someone asks me why I dig horror, I ask, “Why do you like action movies, or movies that make you cry?” These things generate emotion. For me, Friday relates to happier times during a tough youth, when I had something I could escape to. Plus Jason is the supreme slasher badass!!!

But how deep does this devotion go? Some of us are running out of room in our homes to store our massive collections of autographs, posters, figures, and other memorabilia. Some of us celebrate our favorite slasher with pencil, others with paint. Some sculpt busts and masks, or customize action figures. Aspiring filmmakers spend their own cash and time making a film strictly for the fans. Some run websites dedicated to the films. One thing is certain…we are all fans-none greater than the other, although some would beg to differ.

Today I’m a grown man and am more of a Friday fan then ever before. Maybe it’s a throwback from my youth when I used to watch these movies to escape an insane world. Maybe I just love to be scared and watch other’s reactions to these films. Maybe I’m curious about my own mortality and these “body count” flicks help to ease an otherwise solemn aspect of life. It doesn’t really matter the reason, I’m a fan. I was a fan yesterday, I’m a fan today, and I’ll be a fan tomorrow.

So, what does it mean to you to be a Friday fan?

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15 Responses to “ Guest Blogger: What Does It Mean To Be A Friday Fan? ”

  1. I have tons more stuff, I just couldn’t get it all together in time for this photo op lol! I’m one of those fans running out of room in his house. I must purchase more land lol!

  2. Great post, I think you summed up most of my feelings about being a friday fan.

    I too think it is a throwback to youth, and remembering a more simple and innocent time, not to mention the clothes and hairstyles from back in the day.

    I also think people can relate/feel sorry for ol’ Jason, especially if you’ve ever felt shunned, or picked on growing up.

    As long as there are Jason movies around,I can be happy for the rest of my life.

  3. Great job thevengefulmachete

    I agree that these films have only become more important to me as I grew older and most likely it does have to do with them being an extension of my youth when times were simpler.

    I think these movies resonated more with people that felt like outcasts growing up and i speak from experience that I felt out of place through most of my childhood. I was not very tough and did not stand up to being bullied. So the Friday films became an outlet for my frustration with my own insecurities. I never wanted to hurt anyone but to Hevymentl13’s point, you do feel for Jason and out of all the movie slashers, with the exception of Norman Bates, Jason is the most sympathetic. He was an outcast and he only took revenge on the people that treated him cruely once he and his family were wronged. So even though I did not run down my agressors with a machete, I did connect with the character and understood the rage he displayed and it helped me deal with my own anger issues.

    The film series, both paramount and new line, all hold a place in my heart and will forever be my favorite film series.

  4. What a great blog. The Friday series has the same meaning for me, I just remember back when I was 7 or 8 and the local channels would show late night monster movies, and it just so happend that Jason Lives was on. From then on I was hooked, that movie scared me (especially when youre 7/8 watching it a night by yourself). I remember after that USA used to play a marathon of the edited Friday the 13th films, then it evolved to collecting the VHS versions, then the DVD versions, the Crystal Lake to Manhattan box set to the “deluxe” editions out now. Again great blog!!

  5. Nice post! I’ve been a fan all my life and always will be. The first time i saw the original Friday was when I was about five. I know that’s crazy but my mom loved horror movies and she would let my brother and i watch just about any horror film. I remember seeing it on cable in 1983 in a Las Vegas hotel room. It was also the first time i saw the original Halloween, Poltergeist, and Star Wars. All i can say is that Friday and Halloween scared the crap out of me(along with Poltergeist). I was never the same again. Once my mom realized i liked scary movies, she opened up a whole new world that i openly embraced. I mean don’t get me wrong, there were some she would not let us see, like Pieces(which i finally saw when i was in high school)and others. Looking back, I think it’s kind of funny that when i was kid, i could watch someone getting hacked up but when there was nudity, I had to turn my head. As far as escape, I completely understand. My teenage years were very rough and i would use Friday and Halloween as escape from what might had been going on in my life. All i can say is that if it wasn’t for Jason or Micheal, I probably would not be speaking to you now. I’m not crazy or anything, nor do i want to get into my personal life of yesteryear. All I mean by this is(in a strange way) these characters and their films can have a positive affect on people. They never made me want to kill anybody. I love these characters as much as I love the universal monsters. They helped me through some very rough patches in my life. I’m married now and have two small children. My oldest is 3 and he is aware of Jason and Micheal because there is toys and posters all through my house. I explained to him that they are for adults and I did tell him that Jason and Michael doesn’t hurt little kids so he wouldn’t be scared. I don’t plan on my kids seeing these films as early in age as i did. Honestly, I really don’t know what age to show them these films. Every child is different. My son just assumes that they are villains like the Joker from Batman or Darth Vader from Star Wars. Although he does keep asking me if he can watch them and i keep telling him no! Anyway these films hold a special place in my heart. They mean more to me then most people know. My wife completely understands what they mean to me intill I spend $300 on a staue from sideshow. :) I don’t know if anybody feels the same way for the films as i do. I know they mean a lot to people but i mean the reason why they are important. Everyone has a story. I guess the character of Jason can help people too…. in a strange way.

  6. Im a huge Ft13th fan for the same reasons. The first horror film I ever saw was The Exorcist on TV when I was 5. I watched with My Brother and even though it was on TV, I was still scared shitless. That movie basically unlocked the door to My love of horror. Not much later after that, My Mom rented Ft13th parts 1-3 on VHS. And My Brother, Mom, and I sat and watched all 3 back to back. The one scene that sticks in My mind is the jump scare at the end of 1. I loved that part 1 had alot of suspense, mystery, and blood. And then parts 2 and 3, I loved both of Jasons masks. Lets just say after watching parts 1-3 back to back, that finalized my love for not only Jason, but my love for horror in general. Life was pretty rough for Me too as a kid, so I really loved watching horror movies to escape especially FT13th. I always looked forward to the next chapter, and saw the remaining chapters on screen 4-the remake (2009). People used to tell Me I was going to grow up to be a maniac, but as Ive said before movies dont make people kill or hurt others. Hitler wasnt a horror fan I dont think. Its just good old fashioned entertainment. The FT13th films will always have a special place in My heart, and if they make 20 more movies I swear Ill go see every single one. Awesome topic Mr. Machete, and congrats for winning the contest.

  7. Glad everyone is enjoying his post. There will be more oportunities for our visitors to express their own thoughts in the near future. Stay tuned for that!

  8. Thanks a lot guys.

    Yeah, I agree that a lot if us can kind of relate to Jason in a sense that we were outcasts outrselves. I wish I’d made that point in my blog, but it’s great to hear from the folks, and that’s an excellant point to make.

    Most of us can agree that we relate to the character in one way or another because we were either bullied or flat-out ignored by the “esteemed”, and like it or not, we’ve all had to cope with our own internal anger that a lot keep bottled up inside. These films provide an escape from an otherwise insane world. These films provide a visual sense of what some of us would like to do when the going gets tough. Thank God we just watch these films instead of acting out, which brings me to an interesting debate: Do horror films and violence in pop culture encourage people to commit violent crimes? I don’t think Jack the Ripper was inspired by Friday the 13th, do you? Obviously, it wasn’t even around back then. Just an example. Bad things have been happening since the dawn of man.

    I think horror films are a way to channel that negative energy we all have inside us into something positive. It takes education, imagination and creativity to pull off a memorable flick. If anything these films are a release, a simple 90 minute escape from a much harsher reality. Everyone has their own reasons for loving Friday the 13th. It’s why we stand in line to buy tickets to a new sequel that (chances are) won’t live up to a previous favorite. It’s why we collect figure after figure, poster after poster. We may not know how to put into words why we like these films, but we can feel it deep down. To me, that’s all that matters. ;)

  9. great post man

  10. I’ve gotten the same question as you. Why do I watch “that stuff?” I answer with “When shit goes down you don’t see Daniel Craig cutting off his own hand and sticking a chainsaw at the end of it now do you?”. That usually leaves them speechless.

  11. Your last paragraph got me..very well written..thank you.

  12. @ Lester Romero

    Love that answer, hell yeah!!!

  13. Hey guys,
    I meant to put this in my post yesterday. I want to point out how the times have changed. When I wear my Friday and Halloween shirts, I get more complements then you might think. I know when i wore my Jason Goes To Hell shirt back in 1993 people would give me looks like i was wearing a image of the devil on my shirt. They would look at me weird and ask me how could like that garbage. Skip to now and everybody ask me where i got these shirts. Even one of my college professors was asking me where i got them and he went and ordered one off the net. I really think people are coming out to the shell and are accepting what is going on around them. Anyway, I don’t know if anybody has gotten the Revoltech Jason figure yet, but I got my on friday from bigbadtoys. WOW!!!! I wished i had bought 2. The package is beautiful and the figure is probably the best looking jason i have ever seen. The only complant is I wish the figure was a little bigger like the neca figures. later guys

  14. Great job thevengefulmachete!!!!
    i like reading other fans reasons as to why they love JV so much!
    Well done thevengefulmachete, enjoy ur prize!!

  15. Very good articulation of what it means to be a horror fan. It really is a throwback to my youth, but also strikes a nerve at something deep within me. Its hard to say what. Maybe its better not to ask. But a horror fan til death without a doubt.

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