Jason Voorhees Grudgematch: New Blood vs Uber Jason

Posted 14 May 2010 in The Saga

A heartbreaker last week for a lot of fans. I think every single person would have voted for Reboot Jason if not for the fact that he was facing quite possibly the best Jason in the series. I really believe that Derek Mears could win a vote against practically any other Jason …… maybe not Brooker’s Jason, but it would be close. Well, this week brings us a very interesting showdown. Uber Jason is in the house. Will he handle New Blood Jason with ease or will Buechler’s creation upset the metal one this week!

New Blood vs Uber Jason
New Blood was indestructable. He could not be taken out, even by an emotionally disturbed psychic that literally dropped the roof on him. Would he really have a chance against a cyborg? That’s for the fans to decide. Uber Jason was one pissed off reincarnated serial killer who was on a mission and that was to kill everyone left on the Grendel. If he had to go through New Blood, could he do it?

Unique Weapons of Choice
New Blood:  Tent Spike
Uber Jason:  Space Machete


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  1. Corey (20 May 2010, 1:42)

    Alright cool! I wasn’t sure when the weekly fce-off challenges began a new bracket. I can’t wait for your choices for the next round. Thank you for the update!

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