Paramount Announces Part 7 and 8 DVD Release

part7Thanks to “fceurich” for commenting on this in a recent blog post. According to DVD Times, Paramount has  announced the Region 1 release of Friday the 13th Part 7 and 8 for DVD on September 15, 2024. Check out the specs and cover art below. Paramount still has love for the Roy hockey mask, except red is better than blue.

Friday the 13th Part VII – The New Blood

-2.0 Surround, Mono, 5.1 Surround
-English, French and Spanish audio/subtitle options
-Portuguese subtitles
-Commentary: – Killer Commentary by director John Carl Buechler and actors Lar Park Lincoln and Kane Hodder
-Jason’s Destroyer: The Making of Friday the 13th Part VII
-Slashed Scenes with Intro
-Mind Over Matter: The Truth about Telekinesis
-Makeover by Maddy: Need a Little Touch-Up Work, My Ass


Friday the 13th Part VIII – Jason Takes Manhattan

  • -2.0 Surround, Mono, 5.1 Surround
  • -English, French and Spanish audio/subtitle options
  • -Portuguese subtitles
  • -Commentary: – Killer Commentary by writer/director Rob Hedden and actors Jensen Daggett and Kane Hodder
  • -New York Has A New Problem – The Making of Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
  • -Slashed Scenes
  • -Gag Reel
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147 Responses to “ Paramount Announces Part 7 and 8 DVD Release ”

  1. and the boxed set will be released . . . .

    Cool features for these two, but I’m surprised they got more love than the 1st group of deluxe editions. So who is going to do the fan editions w/ reinserted gore footage?

  2. Whats the release date for this?

  3. i really wish part 7 would have a branching feature where the deleted gore footage can be seen reinserted to the film now all we need is the friday the 13th series 3rd and final season to be announced i recieved a newsletter from paramount saying it is also slated for september but no official confirmation yet

  4. 9-15-09 for 7 and 8
    also 4-6 blu-ray will probably come out also but paramount said they are waiting to see how sales do for 2 and 3 blu-rays i got part 3 because it has bonus features and the 3D is better than the dvd release

  5. Well crap, no teasers or trailers on these editions? I really love the teaser to Jason takes Manhattan. Would liked to have seen pt 7’s too.

  6. it is early so special features could change but i doubt it iwould of liked to see teasers or trailers but atleast the lost tales from camp blood saga ended at part 6 and no more crystal lake massacres revisited that ended with the conclusion of the TOMMY JARVIS TRILOGY

  7. Well the teaser to part 8 was clever in that it almost makes you think its Michael Myers takes Manhattan until Jason turns around. Loved that

  8. They better release 4-6 on blu-ray! It’s the only reason I haven’t bought those DVDs yet, and I’m dying to! I ordered 2-3 on blu-ray, darnit.

  9. LOVE the covers!
    CANT wait!

  10. No part 7 uncut, what the f@#k.

    The slash scenes will probably have all the uncut stuff, but like fceurich said, all the “deleted footage should be reinserted to the film”.

    The uncut part 1 was better with reinserting of deleted scenes,
    The killer cut of the reboot was way better then the slashed theater version.

  11. I can’t wait to get my hands on the manhattan DE. I however am letdown that the trailer will not be included. Nice covers though.

  12. Why on earth do they keep using the Roy mask?? Don’t get me wrong…I’m probably Roy Burns biggest fan…but I don’t understand why they keep putting that mask on every DVD release.

  13. I love the Manhattan cover. I think its the best of all the re-releases so far.

  14. So when is the boxed set comming out? Is it comming out? I love the covers. Part 7 is my favorite Ft13 movie. I hope they do release a box set, and do it like the Freddy box set (where all the spines make a picture of Jason). I need to replace my VHS’s.

  15. WRONG CHEVRONS! WRONG COLOR FOR RAYS CHEVRONS! WTF! Absolutely unacceptable. They need to stop this crap. It almost looks like they shot new images for these covers.

  16. The film elements for the gore effects in Part 7 were destroyed, so all that exists is VHS footage of the deleted gore scenes. Same with Part 6. I’d still be okay with the VHS footage being spliced in, though. With some color correcting and tweaking, I think it would work out fine.

  17. I am so happy to see a deluxe edition for Part 8. It’s my favorite of the series after Part 2 and let me tell you why. Rob Hedden, the director of this film, knew how to keep things fresh and interesting after the series took a dive with Part 7. He saved it by expanding the mythology of Crystal Lake. I can’t believe it took eight films before fans discovered that there was actually a water way between the lake and the Atlantic ocean. Also, the make-up effects for Jason sucked ass in A New Blood. I never thought of Jason as a rotting skeleton. It’s unrealistic that he would be able to slam a girl against a tree without more meat on his body. His strength could only be justified by muscle mass which Hedden made sure to pack on. Jason looked like the Michelin Tire Man from Hell in hockey mask. It was brilliant! Also, no director before Hedden was ever bold enough to give Jason speaking lines in a film. Hedden did. Until Part 8, all we ever heard from Jason were grunts and heavy breathing.

    Thank god for Friday the 13th Part 8!

  18. for some reason part 8 has always been my least favorite of the looks, i always prefered parts 3 & 4 and i really loved the look of Jason in part 7

  19. So………I guess we are not getting Director’s Cuts

  20. I never realized there were slashes scenes for pt.8. Very interested in what they are even though pt.8 is by far the worst Friday in the Paramount Fridays. 9/15/09 huh? I’ll be buying that day.

  21. No, JayWood, you are wrong. Part 8 is the best Friday film after Part 2. You can’t just come on a baord and offer two lines on disagreement and expect people to be sold on your ideas. Come on, man! Where else do the make up effects justify Jason’s strength? Where else do we hear his voice? Where else do we see the water way that takes Crystal Lake from an inland camp ground to the Atlantic Ocean. Mosat of the other movies are stale next to Part 8!!!!

  22. horrible covers

  23. I also agree that part 8 is the worst of the Paramount era, mostly because of the end that suck so bad, I remember when I first saw it once released how pissed I was. And I’m also on board for the greatness of the makeup in part 7. The spine and cheek effect were amazing. I can understand that some people love part 8, but since everyone is entitled to his opinion, I stick to mine. But since i’m a sucker for those thing I will still buy it once released on blu-ray !

  24. first im not just comming on board i used to be on the originia. message board my name was AddictedToBase81 on there and i have been reading this one ever since that ended, and second of all chill out it was just a point of view just like yours was. and i fyou noticed i did not say i think part 8 sucked i was talking about Jasons looks no the movies.

  25. and if you noticed i did not say i think part 8 sucked i was talking about Jasons looks not the movies.

    (correcting my errors)

  26. says the release date for part 7&8 will release on September 15th

  27. The Walmart Man, why have a go at JayWood for stating his opinion? He didn’t hurt anyone with his comment. And at least he wasn’t name-dropping Walmart like you do with practically every comment you post!

  28. friday part 8 was a fun movie part 7 is my personel favorite, cant wait to see the extras on both!

  29. I will get Part 8 even though I didn’t like it to much. I think it would have been a way better film if they spent more time in New York. If they did that, there is a chance that instead of Jason being melted by toxic waste (Lame), he gets knocked off of the top of the Empire State Building like King Kong. That would be awesome.

  30. I’m just glad that we’re finally seeing a little love from Paramount on this series after how many years of groans? Sure, it’s at cost, but I don’t care. It’s new footage! Ok, it’s not everything… Love that there will be commentaries by Kane on 7 and 8. I’d like to hear him do commentary on the first 6 films as well.

    What I want to know now is… is there any uncut footage from New Line’s entries of the series and how about some new editions of those?

  31. Nice, now give jason X and jason goes to hell some nice treatment. put them togeather in a box set with the rest and the fans will finaly have a decent box set.

  32. Cool!

    Finally we get to see Roy takes Manhatten! The true uncut version.

  33. why roy from part 5 is on all the covers??

  34. I happen to agree with JayWood … There’s nothing better to me than Parts 3 and 4, and in that order. There was just a gritty, dark and suspenseful feel to those two films that none other in the series has been able to capture. Of those three aspects my favorite was the suspense; Those scenes where nothing would happen for a few minutes and you just knew that somewhere out there … Jason was watching and getting ready to attack his victim. Sometimes you would even just see him standing off to the side, watching what was happening in front of him as he plotted his next move. There was the eery, ominous music; the thunder and the lightning and the dark shadows. I don’t know to me, there’s nothing better than those two movies and those are the ones of the series i love to watch more than any others, and i do love them all … but nothing like 3 & 4.

    Speaking of this subject, part 3 on blu ray should be sitting in my mailbox, waiting for me when i get home from work today, yesssss !

  35. ok im a first time poster but a life long fan of the series. so be kind. i will have to agree with most of you that part 8 is probably the least favorite of the series. but it does have its charm, jason magically appearing wherever he wants and that killer song j.j. jams out to, anyone know that tune by the way ?
    the makeup of j for VII was decent especially the rotting back and bones look, good stuff. but my true jason look is the parts 3-4 look without a doubt.

  36. Part 8 is fucking hilarious….thats pretty much all I have to say about it.

  37. box set?

  38. I’m digging the box art for 7 & 8, but seriously WTF with the Roy mask?

    I fully expect Paramount to re-release these films in a few years with the Roy chevrons digitally added to the masks in 3,4,6,7 & 8. And probably on the burlap sack from 2 and Mrs. Voorhees cheeks in 1 as well.

  39. While I thought Deluxe releases for Parts 1-3 were decent at best. I thoroughly enjoyed the new commentaries and releases on 4-6. Especially 4 and 6 being my favorite entries in the series.

    Hopefully 7 and 8 deliver as well. Truthfully IMO there is not an unwatchable film in the Paramount portion of the series IMO. I like them all for their own reasons over others.

    Once you get to the New Line stuff, the series becomes less watchable mostly with X. As weird and unforgiving as JGTH was I thought it still was violent and kept most of the elements of the series outside of Jason body hopping and I thought it was Kanes 2nd best outing even if there was little screen time for Jason.

    It took re association no matter what the re association was with Paramount in order for them to get back to basics with the remake which I thought was a good mixture of all the Paramount films essence in the series.

    Hopefully a sequel set in winter time which is long overdue continues to deliver the goods. Right now is a good time to be a F13 fan because as far as im concerned the Remake stayed true to the series whereas Halloween went off course and TCM was a mixed bag. Who knows what will happen with Nightmare.

  40. It is such a tragedy that they still don’t release part 7 like Buechler wanted it.
    The slashed scenes in this one is fantastic:) Maybe some day Paramount will do it justice.

  41. Part VIII was the first one I saw in the theater so it holds a special place in my heart. Where the hell are the trailers though??

  42. The first four movies are the best. I still say the series should’ve ended after The Final Chapter. Jason Lives was okay, it could’ve been better without the comedic element. Part 7 was good, I saw Jason Takes Manhattan at the movies when I was a kid, my father took me to see it, the only things I didn’t like at the ending was the way he looked and his transformation sequence where he becomes a regular kid. That film went against what was shown before. Jason was born as this mongoloid, he wasn’t born normal looking. I wouldn’t be surprised if the cut footage was tossed away, Paramount didn’t think it would be worth that much back then to have it put into the vhs’. Now they realize their mistake they made by screwing the fans out of something that would be really worth seeing. The gore footage was nice, but like I said if they weren’t so afraid by the MPAA they would’ve left the extended gore scenes intact. But being the wusses that the MPAA are, they wanted the gore footage out. That’s why I hate censorship, they cut out the really good stuff for no apparent reason.

  43. The mask Jason is wearing on the cover for the part 7 dvd looks a little bit like the mask from part 6.

  44. I would have loved cleaned-up copies of the original art work for all these new releases. They are great and classic.

    I do love Part 7 and do like Part 8 (too bad about that whole boring tunnel/dissolve stuff at the end and some kills had way too long a build-up).

    I’ll never like Jason Goes To Hell.

    I did quite like the first hour of Jason X – it was when they changed him to uber-Jason and that ruined the last half hour for me (and that frakin’ ending…hurling through space…booo).

    Speed up the release dates for Pt 4 – 8 on blu-ray, please :)

    OH, Joe – your last paragraph is dead funny. Cheers for the laugh.

  45. Why do they keep using that stupid mask from part five?! The killer in the series is Jason Voorhees, started by his mother with a stop off a Roy Burns, not vice versa!

    And John from June 19th, I totally agree with you on the evil that is censorship, turned the FCC into a useless organization and created two more useless ones: MPAA and ESRB

  46. 6-8 are a waste of money.bad acting, bad writing, bad lighting these films are so bad they make roy\’s part 5 look great.they had five examples of how to get it right and screwed it up for 20 yrs.buying these dvds gives the mistaken belief that these are good additions to the series.if i want to see a zombie it will be one of romero\’s not jasonzombie.i would be happy if jason takes manhatten was the worst of these films ,but no then we get jason goes to\’s night of the creeps jason instead of zombiejason.bad,bad,bad,sorry

  47. Bad lighting? What the hell are you ranting about Rocky? ‘buying these dvds gives the mistaken belief that these are good additions to the series’ Seriously, if you hate half of the movies this much why are you here?

  48. Jason takes Manhattan is underrated. The ship setting felt very claustrophobic and creepy. Imagine being trapped in the middle of the ocean and running from a killer through narrow, cramped hallways! I’m kinda glad most of it took place in a ship because it’s an original idea and was used excellently.

  49. Bad lighting in Part VI? I’d actually say that one has the best cinematography and lighting of the entire series. When McLoughlin said the film could easily be watched in black and white, he wasn’t kidding. It looks kickass that way AND with color. Also, it’s a fantastic film. The only one in the series without a dull moment.

  50. Hi Lammert,

    I tried to contact you trough your YouTube-page. Did you received my message?

    On topic: I actually do like the cover for Part VII!

  51. chris-just think they don’t look as good as the early films in the series probably look so bad because there not filmed in new jersey and look really fake.over lit.bad acting i.e. tiolet paper man in 7,everyone has their own opinion but when you see this series from the very 1st one the decline in the series is something that pisses me off.i wish their was 10 good friday films instead of only 5.just like nightmare on elm street these films started out great and just got was bad enough they made freddy a joke box with power gloves from nintendo,then they take a small budget movie like friday 1 filmed on the east coast and give it the hollywood treatment which made 6-10 awful but hate no i don’t hate them.just think that they bring the series down in every one wanted them to be good more than me.i actully had my money robbed at the theatre watching that crap.1-5 then that should’ve been the end.everyone after part 5 had me wondering what the hell paramount was doing they were losers then at that studio and those fridays were made for money and not for fans cause they would’ve been a hell of alot better.overlit yes the woods in 6&7 look like a walmart parking lot.


  53. Rocky, only the first one was filmed in New Jersey. The second was Connecticut, the third, fourth and fifth in California. They all had different looks. But why have ten films that all look the same?

    And with regards to the acting, they’ve all had hit-and-miss acting. The third has the worst of the series as most of them weren’t even actors.

    Aside from Kane Hodder, I find The New Blood one of the least satisfying, but they all have something which I enjoy.

  54. QUOTE: voorhees13 “looks good…but WHY THE FUCK IS ROY ON EVERY FUCKING ONE”!?

    The only thing that I can think of is since New Line owns Jason now that they also own the trademark mask and chevrons. There were never any RED Roy chevrons so maybe Paramount used those on the covers so they wouldn’t have to pay New Line any $. I could be totally wrong but that’s all I can really think of other than Paramount being complete idiots.

  55. Now that Part 7 and 8 have a release date I don’t think its too soon to start asking when the box set is coming out. Has anyone heard any rumors yet?

  56. Chris, how can you say Part 3 was the worst….its so fucking brilliant.

  57. chris-haha thanks for the reply and not ripping me a new a-hole,agreed part 3 does have a few elements that i thought were bad,dana kimmels over-acted the dream sequences and the windows blowing open like jason controls the wind r things that were bad but,jason being alive and running and feeling pain(leg stab).and stalking them in the day and attacking them at night made it one of the best in the series and i’ve seen it in theatres in 3d it was kick ass!!i’ve also met every jason with the exception of tom morga,was most impressed with ted white and richard brooker.thought they did the best jobs,not to take anything away from the others

  58. chris one last thing having read part 3 novel by michael avallone also makes part 3 one of my favs.great book !!

  59. That’s a good point about Jason still being alive, running and feeling pain, Rocky, that always made him far more scary instead of Kane Hodder’s walking quick. That’s why I never understood the fan hostility about Jason running in the remake as that’s what he originally did.

    And yes, the novelization is pretty sweet! :-)

  60. Whoever designs these covers needs to be shot.

  61. chris-your a smart man,he ran in 3 and 4,another complaint i’ve seen about the new friday is the music score.yes the score is a classic,but if they used it in the same old way then you would know that a kill was about to happen and if you know that where is any kind of days when you think a characters about to die they the old ones they didn’t do that you’d think their gonna die now ,but then they didn’t.and it continued to build on suspense of when and where because you know eventualy they’ll get it.jason needs to run he shouldn’t just walk that’s to much like michael meyers

  62. My biggest problem with the remake was the writing. The characters were one dimensional and boring. But Jason himself was pretty badass!

  63. Looks like some good features. I just wish they had done a better job on the Part 2 dvd as its the best one of the series.

  64. Those special features sound good!

  65. The least they could\’ve done was add the Twin Towers to the VIII cover. Then you\’d know it was Manhattan circa 1989.

  66. The least they could’ve done was add the Twin Towers to the VIII cover. Then you’d know it was Manhattan circa 1989.

  67. so all of the censored gore footage from parts 4 & 8 have been recovered. how many more years will we have to wait for them to edit it back in? i’m working on an edit of 4, and man its a pain in the ass using the low-end tools i have…especially considering there’s no audio, but there are tricks to get around that.

    the people who originally made these movies have the tools to slap something together fairly easily. i wish they would just do it already.

    oh, and to all of you who have been claiming for years we’ll never see any of this footage because it doesn’t exist. SUCK IT! i’m usually not one to say i told you so, but I TOLD YOU SO!!!

  68. Adding the twin towers would offend people, I guess. They were beautiful structures and I would love to see them grace that cover, but this PC society just would not allow it.

  69. The Part 8 cover makes it look like hes taking over Milwaukee or something.

  70. Unless Paramount decides to release part 2-8 uncut,the old franchise will never get the justice it deserves. They released part 1 on dvd uncut so what’s so hard,that they can’t do the same for the other 7?

  71. Eagle Eye, I would love that as that is where I am. Maybe in part 37…

    I absolutely love the part 7 cover, but I absolutely hate the part 8. And I’ve liked the other covers so far.

  72. once the next special edition series comes out, we’ll all refer to this one as the “roy collection”

    the part 7 cover is the best so far from a graphic design standpoint.

  73. fceurich says paramount is waiting to see how the 2 & 3 blurays sell to consider putting 4-6 on bluray. anyone know if they consider those of us that couldn’t wait for the US release and had the imports shipped over from the UK?? i have no reason to rebuy the US ones because the only difference is part 3 in 3D, which i could care less about…but i’d like to help the figures.

    these movies look soooo good in hi-def…i really want the whole collection on BD soon.

  74. why does everyone keep saying that these are the roy masks?? if the chevrons aren’t blue then it’s not roy’s mask.

    the masks that they’re putting on all the new dvd artwork are hybrid mixes of both styles. let’s not be too picky guys, lets be grateful that our beloved franchise is STILL pumping out specials for us.

    and by the way, part 7 had the most intnense jason battle easily by far (nobody ever gave him such a fight like tina did). and part 8 is extremely underrated. just appreciate it for the fact that the producers and directors wanted to change the setting after 7 straight same-ol same-ol settings.

  75. Yeah Kevin, considering Milwaukee never gets any recognition and it fucking blows, it would be cool.

  76. brett,

    I agree that Part 8 is underrated. It is the best Friday film after Part 2. Friday the 13th Part 2 is like The Godfather Part 2 in many ways. For one, they are both sequels to excellent films. Part 8 is like Scarface to me. In the Godfather it was just Michael Corleone and “the family” but in Scarface, they took Michael Corleone out of his element and took him to Cuba. It changed the whole dynamic of what a Godfather movie was about. The same is also true with Part 8 where they took Jason out of Crystal Lake and brought him to Manhattan. I was SHOCKED when it didn’t win an academy award for Best Horror Film in 1989.

  77. i can’t believe that their are fans to part 8-10,paramount hadn’t made a good friday the 13th since part 5.thought new line would be better and well can’t even go there.guess i expected to much from these suits.

  78. dude it’s the roy mask because it’s the only one with the oversized chevrons pointing diagonally toward the middle. there exists no other jason movie with chevrons of that style. just because they use photoshop to make them red does not make it a different mask.

  79. Personally, I think Part 9 is genious.

  80. watch in a year or 2 there will be a even more special edition boxset i think ill pass these and buy that lol

  81. I would love to have all these deluxe edition dvds, but after paying almose 80 bucks back in the day for the “from crystal lake to manhattan” box set, im not sure if they are worth spending around 13 bucks a piece to re buy each movie, i love the friday the 13th movies, and i got the part 3 DE dvd because of the 3D. does anyone know how much the new deluxe edition box set will be?

  82. That hasnt even been announced yet.

  83. brandEn im with you. im not buying these individual special edition dvd’s all over again.

    ill just wait for the next boxset to come out and buy that all over again lol.

    they’re actually very genius for continuing to release new editions of all these dvd’s. the manufacturing costs can’t be all that much and they know they have a big enough fanbase that are all addicted to collecting anything jason related.

    me included. bastards.

  84. you guys have the right mindset, because we will be getting another ultimate boxset, on blu-ray as well.

    i got a little antsy and had to get 1-3 on blu-ray cause i just couldn’t wait to see them in hi-def. and if you’ve been itching to see the censored death scenes for many, many years, you gotta get part 4 (and 8 when it comes out). aside from that, definitely hold out. you’re not missing too much with the rest of them.

    they did fix the aspect ratio of part 5 a little bit…the boxset version was over-cropped…but i can wait for the next boxset for that.

  85. I bought a used copy of the new Friday the 13th Killer Cut on Blu Ray but it has no cover.

    Does anyone have a link to a cover I can print out just to have SOMETHING besides the blue blu ray case?
    All of the places I have found with covers require you to pay, some just to LOOK at what they have?

  86. ill buy a 2nd boxset. im picking up the single deluxe editions but will grab a boxset as well, i grabbed the sub-par previous box set, even though i already had the films on vhs-twice and single dvd discs and on laser. gotta collect em all ! ha !

  87. I’m happy with the special features they’re giving us, but I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to get the trailers to put on these discs. About 10 years ago (or thereabouts) I bought a VHS tape from eBay that contains multiple versions of trailers for all the F13 films from part 1 through “Jason Goes To Hell”. Theatrical trailers, teasers, television promos, even a bunch of commercials for when the films aired on cable during movie marathons and whatnot. Whoever compiled that tape had to have gotten the trailers from SOMEWHERE.

    I really should go dig out that tape again, it had some pretty great stuff on there. Besides all the trailers, there was the Jason appearance on Arsenio Hall, a feature on Kane Hodder from some entertainment show where the reporter followed him around for a day, some tv news stories about the recalled poster for “Jason Takes Manhattan”, and some stuff with Leonard Maltin and Siskel & Ebert where they review the movies (although “review” is probably too kind a word, they pretty much skewer them).

  88. I know the guy who made and sold those. it had tv spots, trailers, ads for tv airings of the movies, ect. I have the dvd version he made more recently.

  89. Sick Nick, how can I contact this guy? I want also all the trailers, ads and tv-spots on a dvd. Thanks!

  90. do a google search for stumpy disks. he should have them listed as Friday the 13th Megadisk on his list.

  91. I like the cover for part 8 a lot. It is pretty interesting to me and very original. The only question I have for the voers from parts 4 up to now is why use Roy’s mask only with red coloring and the added mark above the head? Pretty dumb there but still love the artwork.

  92. they said they found pretty much all the footage left over from part 8. i hope there’s a lot more new york footage, because for ‘jason takes manhattan’ there is very little manhattan. when i work on my fan-edit to restore the deaths to what they should be, i’d like to extend the new york stuff as much as possible.

    anyone have specifics on what footage exists for pt 8?

  93. I was really hoping that the rumor of Part 7 being uncut was true, but I guess that’s Paramount for ya… They’re probably waiting to release uncut versions until the sequel to the Friday remake comes out, as a gimmick to make more money.

  94. A exclusive piece of the unpublished interview with Danial Farrands and me about Part 7 and 8 slashed scenes: “Everything that was logged under those titles or “Friday the 13th” was sent to us, no questions asked. Paramount did not withhold anything and I personally inspected every log sheet from their inventory database. One box did survive the Part 7 “holocaust” and we included those trims on the new DVD (to be released in September). Fortunately, Tom McLoughlin gave us his VHS transfer from an early cut of Part 6 and we pulled all of the scenes that did not make it into the finished film. And on Part 7, John Buechler gave us his VHS dub of his director’s workprint and composer Fred Mollin graciously provided us with his scoring masters, which had a few clips and scenes that fans haven’t seen before. Part 8 was well-preserved and we included tons of lost scenes, alternate takes and an entire “gag reel” that I think fans are really going to love. As I said, everything that could be found was included in these Deluxe Editions. Paramount is well aware of the fans’ interest in “Friday the 13th” and gave us access to everything and anything that still exists in their vaults. And to set the record straight, the commentary for Part 8 features Jensen Daggett, Scott Reeves and Kane Hodder — they were a terrific team and did a great commentary together.”

    More where that came from! :)

  95. he said in another interview that none of the pt 7 stuff that survived was gore…just character development crap, and the acting is pretty crappy in that one so i could really care less about it. there is supposedly one new shot of the bleach-blonde getting the axe to the head…aside from that, we’re just getting that awful quality stuff from the boxset. i hope there’s more. i’m anxious to hear more. i would love to edit myself a better version of pt 7, but the workprint stuff is absolutely unusable, and i won’t go to the trouble just for one axe to the head shot.

    part 8 will contain gore footage like part 4 did. that’s the money. i will be getting that. …and if there’s anything i can edit in to lengthen the manhattan segments (that isn’t completely lame), i’ll probably do that too.

    these are very fun projects!! my part 4 edit is like the highlight of my life!

  96. Fred Mollin provided his scoring masters…sucks that part 7 was scored after being censored. Part 2 was not though, so does Harry Manfredini have those scoring masters?

  97. Paramount also said that the cut gore footage for My Bloody Valentine was lost and gone forever, but as we all know now, that was a lie. Why the hell should I believe Paramount’s story about the Friday series? It’s a proven fact, that the people at Paramount are liars… Paramount doesn’t care about the fans. The only reason the Deluxe Editions were released was because of the remake. Paramount was just working a gimmick to try and make a little extra money off of the remake being released. Had the remake not came out, there would’ve been no Deluxe Editions.

  98. Tommy, I also have a new and exclusive interview with Manfredini. I will ask him that.

    @ Chad: Farrands said he could not speak of Parts 1 – 3 (so that footage can indeed still exist), but he was very very sure that Paramount is not holding out this time. There is also a new management that actually see more than simply business in them. The remake made it a good time to release it, but Anchor Bay did it too with My Name is Jason. I hear you about My Bloody Valentine, but it was released so enjoy it. And after all: you can’t deny that it is very cool to finally see cut footage for Parts 1, 4, 6 and 8. The workprint of 7 is indeed really crappy, but at least we saw it.

  99. sweeet, thanks thesmashing!!! give him my praise for being so freaking awesome at what he does!!

    i agree, at least we’re getting some stuff now. although i may beg for more (or even bitch), i am thankful for every bit of it.

    as for my bloody valentine, i don’t think paramount really lied about that one. it was mostly fans in forums saying it doesn’t exist (like some know-it-alls on here do)…but there were interviews with the director online for years where he was saying the footage was sitting in his office, but paramount didn’t feel it was worth putting back in. anchor bay of course jumped at the opportunity. i think different people are in charge now at paramount…people with brains. if they still had the rights at the time of the remake, they may have let him do it.

  100. Will do that Tommy! Mister Manfredini is very humble and kind man, because as I have learned that not every Friday-personality has the same eager as Manfredini to participate in a interview with a Benelux website.

    That was exactly what Mister Farrands said. That the fans are happy, but at the same time keep bitching. A very true statement, because who had ever thought that we would see an uncut Friday The 13TH? Now we have not only a unrated Part 1 (on DVD and Blu-ray), but have seen almost all the cut footage of Parts 4, 6, 7 and – in a little while – 8. It’s a pity that it isn’t more or that some of it isn’t in great quality, but we have seen it and some handy people – like you :) – can make great fan-edits. All of that would not be possible without the great work of David Kenny, the creative executive in charge of the “Friday” reissues and people like Daniel Farrands.

  101. Why didn’t Paramount release uncut versions of Parts 4, 6 (and 7 in a few months). The reason some people use to give was, the footage was lost, which turned out to be bullshit. The only reason Part 1 was released uncut was probably because they just remastered it from the old warner oversea print. Paramount could’ve released all of the Fridays uncut. The fans are totally right to “bitch” about it. Part 4 was the only good Deluxe Edition! Everyone knows that Paramount could’ve and should’ve done a lot better… Part 2 (my favorite) wasn’t uncut or had extras that had anything to do with the film it’s self.

  102. Well Brooke apparantly it isn’t that simple. Here is another sample of my interview with Mister Farrands:

    “Question: Fans seem to be very happy with the Deluxe Edition of Part IV. It amazes me that the slashed scenes are in incredible shape. Wasn’t there a possibility to add them back in the film? I am aware that the sound is lost, but there are fan edits out there that did a great job adding sound effects and music.

    Farrands: There was some discussion about adding the lost scenes (especially in Part 4) back into the picture, but there are a slew of legal issues surrounding a revised version. It mainly has to do with the guilds — the Writers Guild and Directors Guild — who have strict rules about making changes to director’s and writer’s work. That said, of course there could be a way to create a new or alternate version if the director and writer were to come to terms with the studio, but that is a long road and we honestly thought it would be best to show fans all of the trimmed gore sequences with multiple angles and director commentary than trying to reinsert pieces of these trims into the actual film. If we had done it that way, we would have been accused of not showing everything that exists — so really, can you ever win?”

  103. TheSmashing, that’s bullshit… So now it’s the writers and directors fault? Do you really think anybody is gonna believe that? Your defence of Paramount is so weak and one sided, it makes me wonder if you either, work for Paramount, or are just one of those internet trolls that makes up lies then pretends to be someone with inside knowledge about it.

  104. Mail to Danial Farrands and ask him the same question and you will get that exact answer. I don’t see why I come here to tell bullshit.

    I only copied and pasted out of the interview. If I get the opportunity I’ll post the complete English interview here. Then you will see that I’m not defending Paramount at all. I am also sceptical about all the deleted stuff and I asked a lott of question about that! I just asked questions to people involved with the films and DVD’s. That is my job as a journalist. I’m alo a fan so I asked a lot of questions that other fans also would ask or like to know. If that makes me a troll, then I’m a troll. Thanks for that nice reply Brooke :) Farrands answers a nice question about fans like you.

  105. Like the Jason Take manhattan cover a hell of a lot better then the old one that one also looked like a ghetto not crazy about the Sleepaway campish cover of part 7 Im just happy we alteast have beautiful copies of each film in beautiful 5.1 and 5.1 truhd on the blu ray I just hope they keep going with the blu ray releases also down the road I would Like a better edition of the new movie in my opinion the remake is a hell of a lot better then 9 and 10 It was Nice Seeing Jason In his original Killing grounds even though Jason Looked more like leatherface then Jason

  106. I have to agree with TheSmashing. He was just relaying information. Brooke, why the hostility? At least we are starting to get real answers to our questions from the people involved in the process.

  107. Thanks Jasonfury!

  108. thesmashing we really appreciate you relaying this stuff. it’s very good info. dan’s definitely not BSing us about the legal issues… and if the plan were to make a new cut, we’d be waiting quite some time for it, probably until next year…so right now we have our fan edits, and maybe in time, we’ll get an official version. i’m sure zito would agree to do it.

    i’d rather they get what they can get to us now…i’ve been waiting half my life to see this stuff!! i would hate to hear that it’s finally been found, but we have to wait until next year to see any of it because they need to work out legal issues and go thru a bunch of shit to make the final cut.

  109. Exactly Tommy! That\’s why I\’m grateful for the deluxe editions. Because without them I would never saw a uncut Final Chapter.

  110. Jasonsfury, what hostility?

  111. TheSmashing, I never called you a troll. You need to read the comments a little better. I said that your comments make me wonder if you either work for Paramount or are a troll etc… I’m not the type of fan like you described, but I’m not naive either, I know bullshit when I see it. Do you really think Paramount did the best job they could on the Deluxe Editions?

  112. Read your own last post Brooke. Or do you call everybody a internet troll?

  113. Okay scratch my last post then. I was a little fast, but I still didn\’t find it a nice comment. Only want to bring info. The best they could do was never destroyed the cut footage. But it has happened and Dan Farrands said that they didn\’t hold out. I did find The Final Chapter Deluxe a very fine DVD, but I was also dissapointed by Part V. But there where some time-issues and some extra\’s were axed by Paramount. Everything could be better, but everything always could be better. I hope they do newer versions of the first three. Those were lacking in the extra\’s departments.

  114. TheSmashing, I’m sorry if my comment seems mean to you. That wasn’t how I meant it. I didn’t call you anything, I said your comment makes me wonder… There wouldn’t be any legal issues over an uncut version. The directors and writers have no say so what so ever. Paramount owns the rights completely and can do what ever they want to with the films.

  115. The directors and writers guilds are just labor unions. The only rights the directors have, are to the concept of one director to a picture, and the right to prepare a directors cut. They have no rights over how the film studio wishs to use the film or the cut footage, that the studio owns. Here’s a link to Wikipedia

  116. Thanks for the info. I did not know that. But I find it hard to believe that Mister Farrands would speak out bullshit.

    @Jasonfury: is there a way that I can post the full interview?

  117. Seeing as how what fans like my self are asking for are unrated directors cuts to be released on DVD, I don’t see the problem. There are no legal issues, that reason for Paramount not releasing uncut versions is bullshit… Didn’t Buechler say in past interviews that he’d be willing to work on a directors cut if Paramount wanted?

  118. The cut footage is not always in ideal quality (VHS-dubs, workprint footage or no sound) so I think it would also cost too much money. About Buechler, he indeed wanted it but al the footage of 7 is gone so that’s also not a possibility. Farrands also commented on that, so I hope I can post the interviews here. But I also expected unrated prints, and still am dissapointed, but I am at least glad to see the footage and wizards online can make nice fan-edits. That is more than we had before with the dissapointing box.

  119. if there’s anybody from paramount looking at this blog, i’ll make your unrated cuts real cheap!!! my youtube cuts were premature…i have a much better sample i can send you!!!!!

  120. I think Brooke hit the nail on the head.

  121. If fans can make uncut versions of Part 4 on their home computers, then you know damn well that Paramount can.

  122. And I don’t believe that the cut footage from Part 7 is lost. That’s what was said about all of the friday movies in the past. A few months ago when the info for Parts 4-6’s Deluxe Editions was posted, someone left a comment asking why Paramount didn’t put the slashed scenes back into the films. Then someone replied saying that the slashed scenes weren’t the ones cut by the MPAA, that they were just TV scenes. Which as we all know now, wasn’t true… Paramount also said that the cut footage for My Bloody Valentine was lost, but when Lions Gate bought the rights they released an uncut version. I guess that lost footage magically appeared.

  123. TheSmashing,
    Send me an email to and lets discuss getting your interview on the website.

  124. yeah you know, i’m big into conspiracy theories…they’re probably just over-staggering the way they release them, and telling people like farrands to keep their mouths shut or say this, say that…hell, we had to wait how many years just to see what we’re seeing now.

  125. Since when, is seeing through the hype of a sales gimmick considered a conspiracy theorie?

  126. uh… a conspiracy is a secret agreement to deceive, in order to get something unjustified, which is exactly what we’re describing. and since we have no concrete evidence, but substantial reasoning, it’s a theory.

    conspiracy + theory = conspiracy theory

  127. I agree with Chad. That’s not a conspiracy theory, that’s common sense. Everybody knows that companys lie to sale their product.

  128. What happened with My Bloody Valentine, is “concrete evidence”.

  129. nope, the director of my bloody valentine had been saying for years he was preserving the cut footage by keeping it in his office. everytime he went to paramount and proposed to put it back in, they refused him. i remember reading interviews with him as far back as 6-7 years ago. he was actually talking about making a sequel where he would add in the footage at the beginning as a recap. look it up. i’m sure you can still find the interviews in google.

    this is different. no one has claimed to have snatched this stuff up and kept it, aside from the workprint of pt 7, which hodder snatched from the vault when no one was looking.

    everytime beuchler has been asked, he says he thinks the footage is in the vaults, but no one will let him get to it. now that we have someone providing us footage from select movies and saying the rest has been destroyed, i’d say that’s pretty persuasive on the other side of the argument.

    yes, it could be a lie, but look up some older interviews with the director of MBV…you’ll see that is definitely not evidence…and the fact that companies lie, true, but still not evidence.

  130. That fact that Paramount lied about MBV is evidence which proves they’re liars. The fact that large companys like Paramount use sales gimmicks and low cost overhead to make money, proves that they don’t focus on individual products. They group them together and hire people to come up with marketing strategies. The whole idea is to make as much money as possible, which means the lowest overhead and the best sales gimmick. They’re not gonna waste time and money to take an individual look at each sequel. They just hired somebody to glance over it and turn it into a profitable idea… What happened with MBV is proof of the type of marketing strategies Paramount uses.

  131. dude, i’m in complete agreement with you on all of those points. you’re preaching to the choir. but nothing you said there is any more proof that it does exist than anything farrands said is proof it doesn’t exist.

    do you have any proof of them saying MBV footage did not exist? because i distinctly recall them saying several times that the “cult” popularity of the film “did not warrant the work involved” and that they “just weren’t interested.” like i said, 6-7 years ago i was reading those interviews with george mihalka, and the fact that he had the cuts was common knowledge among the horror community.

    i want you to be right, but there are some major questions that come up…like why would they give us the footage 4 & 8, knowing that 4 & 7 are the most popular of the sequels gore-wise and 8 is one of the most hated in general? i guess i’m just saying it’s coming out in an awkward fashion, and i think they’re just rushing to get it out there, maybe not leaving every stone unturned…saying things without being 100% sure just to sell this month’s product.

    note that nobody will give a direct answer on 2 or 3, which means they are absolutely stashing that footage for a rainy day. as for 5, 6, & 7, i think the vaults are tapped out and someone else needs to take the reigns and figure out where else it might be.

    now if you want proof farrands is a liar, well that’s easier. he worked on ‘haunting in connecticut’ therefore is claiming it’s a true story.

  132. ["now that we have someone providing us footage from select movies and saying the rest has been destroyed, i'd say that's pretty persuasive on the other side of the argument."] that is just plain naive. it’s that someone’s job to help sale the dvds, why on earth would you take their word. do ya think they’re going to come out and say (“yeah, the footage was there. but we didn’t think we’d make enough extra money for it to be worth messing with?”) how business works, is a proven fact.

  133. naive, my ass. trends and tendencies of business are in no way proof of one isolated incident. that is called a “hypothesis.”

    you don’t know me. i’ve been a player in the business world for a long time…i KNOW probably better than you what kind of shit goes on and i get just as furious about the tactics of american businesses. but it’s clear you’re clinging to an idea to get out your frustration on the subject, and acting like it’s proof of something you want to be true.

    first of all your argument that “we didn’t think we’d make enough extra money for it to be worth messing with” is absurd. putting the cut footage as an extra is the easiest, quickest, cheapest part of any of these. they don’t do any mastering. everything else costs time and money…shooting new things, assembling cast members (that need to be paid), remastering the movie itself, etc. the cut footage is transferred to a digital medium and it’s done…an afternoon’s work. and it’s FREE.

    let me tell you something about business. it’s about profit. the sales of 4 have been great, 6 a little less great, and 5 absolute shit…completely in line with what we got as new cut gore footage.

    there is no way they would hold back something now seeing those figures, know why?…

    1 – job security is at an all time low, plus the next set of releases of these entries will be worked on by someone else. so why, knowing the sales of the last few releases and knowing the new cut gore is what makes the money, would they turn down that money so some other douche-bags can cash in on it in 5 years?

    2 – the economy is shit, the writer’s guild kicked the asses of the movie companies, and they need every penny they can get right now.

    to say that “how business works” makes this a fact…is kind of like how christians say because there is more to the world than meets the eye, the existence of god is a fact. how exactly does the fact that there is SOMETHING mean that without a doubt an all-knowing all-seeing supernatural being that something? it doesn’t. it’s a “hypothesis” and it’s missing crucial proof in between the two ideas. another example would be 1+1=3.

    pipe down, and consider that maybe this ONE HYPOTHESIS is not the only one.

  134. i didn’t mean to offend you, i just call it like i see it. some of your comments come off a little naive. and clearly, i’m not the only one who thinks so.

  135. did you even read my last post? i have written all this shit backing up my point and tearing down yours, yet you give these couple sentences as if it justifies name-calling.

    naive means showing unaffected simplicity – hmmm… now who in this conversation has proven to be that?

  136. yeah, i read your comment. it didn’t back up or tear down anything. it’s just a rant… you can’t stand to be wrong about something, can you?

  137. Naive also means deficient in worldly wisdom… Which is mostly common among rich and middle class people who grew up in the suburbs. It’s not an insult. People that grow up poor have life experience that others don’t… I agree with Chad, Sarah and Terry.

  138. wow, that’s a bold assumption to make about someone you know nothing about. guess what? i had to work my way up from rock bottom to get where i am, so don’t tell me about rich and middle class.

    and no i don’t lack worldly wisdom because i’m not willing to say trends and tendencies are proof of one isolated incident. proof requires at least one substantial piece of evidence, and no one here has offered that.

    and no MBV is not evidence…ignore my comments on that all you want; even if in some alternate universe they did lie about that, it isn’t PROOF of this because different people are in charge of these releases. and the fact that companies lie is not PROOF of this because, once again, it’s a trend and tendency….you must offer something substantial to back it up, such as “john buechler saw the footage in the vault 2 weeks ago.”

    naive is believing without seeing. having worldly wisdom is considering all sides to an argument and not committing unless one offers something overwhelming.

  139. i think i need to stop responding. looking at these posts, i think i’m arguing with the mentally handicapped. plus i’m not poor enough anymore to know anything.

  140. What isolated incident are you talking about?

  141. I never said you didn’t work hard to get where you’re at. And I don’t know you. But tell me, did you grow up middle class in the suburbs, or poor in low income housing around violence and drugs?

  142. O yeah, we all know how hard it is growing up with financial stability in the suburbs… tommyblah, you’re full of shit.

  143. oh my fucking god, RETARDED. i grew up LOWER middle class 2 blocks from low income housing, violence, & drugs, but yes we had a house with a roof & my dad had a job, so i guess i’m an asshole…i wish i had gotten shot in a drive-by so i could be as hardcore as all of you. i was taught to pinch pennies and never let anything of value slip thru your fingers. violence, yes plenty. drugs, yes everywhere you turn, including flowing thru my system, including today. so make your comments about how that qualifies me as an asshole. nothing was handed to me on a silver platter. i worked my ass off to get out of that neighborhood. so i’m sorry that my dad had a job and that isn’t shitty enough to qualify me to have an opinion on anything.

    once again i don’t know what i’m arguing for, because none of this has any relevance to the argument. it’s fucking retarded.

    ugh, one isolated incident…the whole argument was whether farrands was lying. the lie is the incident. my point is, he might be, he might not be. maybe paramount is lying to him and he believes it himself. for about the 10th time i’m in complete agreement with all the points made about this, but until we walk into their vaults and dig through it all ourselves, we don’t KNOW. and i’m not gonna sit around and sulk over something that can’t be proven. it’s a likely possibility it’s true, but i prefer to consider all possibilities rather than just the one i want to be true. that’s not naive, that’s called realism.

    we’re getting more than we’ve ever gotten before in these releases, so maybe you need to try some of the weed in your hardcore drug and violence infested neighborhoods and chill the fuck out.

    kevin, we all know you’re rich. suck-a-bag-a-dicks.

  144. i love how i’ve been painted a naive know-it-all, yet you think you’re so slick & clever with your profiling based on anonymous blog entries. it’s sooo cool the way you did that…i’m jacking off to it right now. you’re like some bad-ass mental-profiling detective from a primetime CBS drame. please don’t let me hold you up and go masturbate to your post again before your spouse gets home. just call me a liar so you can still feel slick about it. i love to go on anonymous blogs and lie about who i am so other anonymous people will think i have a valid point on a completely pointless argument.

  145. About the isolated incident, not one person on here said that it was a fact that Farrands was lying. They said that it was a fact that companys like Paramount lie. So, why should any of us believe anything Farrands has to say, givin’ the fact that he works for Paramount.

  146. And “weed” isn’t a real drug, it’s more like alcohol. It shouldn’t even be illegal. Drugs, would be cocaine, crack, meth, oxy etc… And, you either grew up in middle class suburbs or you didn’t. “Two blocks” doesn’t mean anything. There’s rich neighborhoods that aren’t very far from poor ones. Define “lower middle class”. About how much did your parents bring in, in a year? When my uncle was murdered, the woman who did it, only got 4 years and only pulled 2 and a half. While the murders of the rich, middle class and minorities got around 20 years… Regardless of what some people wanna believe, poor whites are treated alot different than rich people, middle class and minorities.

  147. Hey guys,
    Since this has been going on for something like 3 or 4 weeks and there is no resolution, I am going to disable the comments on this post now. Tommy has even admitted that this is now pointless and you guys going back and forth on a topic that isn’t even related to what this blog is about just doesn’t make any sense anymore.