Storyboards Used in Extras on Jason Lives DVD For Sale

I found this news on Scab’s Horror Blog. Crash Cunningham who is well know in the custom hockey mask world, was asked to create story board representations for Tom McLoughlin’s original ending of Jason Lives. The original ending was never shot on film, so this was the only way the director could show his vision to the fans. Now, Crash has decided to sell his storyboards. Please visit his website for information on how to buy this once in a lifetime artwork.



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39 Responses to “ Storyboards Used in Extras on Jason Lives DVD For Sale ”

  1. one of the worst friday films,storyboard some cat turds would be the same.friday the 13th part sux jasons lame.

  2. Why don’t you tell us how you really feel? :) You are in the extreme minority as there are not many that think Jason Lives is a bad entry in the series.

  3. Rocky
    easy now. part 6 is good- not great but good! Plus it was filmed right now the road from me. “ONE of the worst Friday films”…? come on. You atleast liked a few sences right? Like where Jason is standing on the RV after it crashed? and where he take the girl’s face into the RV bathroom wall! Plus the soundtrack is one of the better ones. Well we all can think what we want to think.

  4. How could anybody hate on the ONE Friday the 13th film that ACTUALLY has a camp with campers ??? Plus, this film was really the one that kick started the extremely creative murder scenes imo. I know there was some good ones in 3-5 but i think it was after Pt. 6 that the fans started flocking to see these films for the sole reason of seeing a creative and riveting murder scene that they had not seen before. I have always been a big fan of this particular installment !

  5. OK, i feel that the series is strongest in 2-4 but, part 6 was always my favorite as a kid and its definitely far superior to 7, 8, jgth,X. you just cant say otherwise. Ive never been a fan of Kane as jason compared to the “Alive” jason of 2-4

  6. I agree with you Jason T … while i do like 6, my particular favorite Friday is Part 3, with Part 4 a close second. Part 2 is excellent as well.

  7. I don’t like Crash, his ego pisses me off. But he does do good work.

  8. Part 6 is good.

    Where can you get these F13th books? They seem impossible to find in bookstores.

  9. part 6 is good my fv is part 2 luv when jason awackes stands up and puts his hand thru his chest taking out his heart

  10. part 6 is a good one if you want to pick one pick freddy vs jason they made jason to stupid in that film to slow and he still kicked puss boys ass.

  11. Sorry ROCKY but your’e way off on this one.I more or less cut my teeth on part vi so it holds fond memories for me.I’m not saying it’s the best one but it’s certainly in the top 5 category,(well mine anyway)…………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  12. hey rocko your a story board turd. 6 is great

  13. With a name like Rocky, your opinion doesn’t mean much.

  14. Hey guys, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Most everyone here slams Part 5 and Jason Goes To Hell, but you don’t get killed for it. That’s only because you’re in the majority.

    I say that if he doesn’t like that movie, then fine. I despise the people that come here and basically trash the whole franchise. My feeling then is what they hell are you doing on this website. Everyone can have at those people then.

  15. Part 6 was one of the better ones. 1-4 though is the cats ass.

  16. Part 6 is probably the most popular friday movie. Even people who don’t like the series it’s self, like Part 6… Personally, my favorite is Part 2. I know everbody likes different sequels, but you can’t really think 6 is the worst. Look at Part 8, Jason Goes To Hell, Jason X, Freddy Vs Jason and even the remake. None of those come anywhere near to being as good as the first 7. In my opinion, Jason X is the worst.

  17. didn’t know more people would respond to my comments rather then the article,but sorry too upset so many of you ,but remembering when these movies were coming out all the time and having seen part 3 in 3d and up in the theatre couldn’t help but feel that friday the 13th “sold out” for the quick cash of music videos on mtv and freddy as guest other complaint about the 6-10 movies is that their so overlit that they look like studio movies.i hate that in part 6 everyone was just so perfect looking like actors or models.don’t get me wrong i love the first five,3 is my fav,but the windows blowing open at just the right time could be absolutley hate 8,9,freddy vs jason was okay jason was a bit thin.the remake at least he was the jason from the first four which are the best.don’t care about the damn music score,it always gave away what was about to happen,which killed the suspense.if you say this person is about to die and then they do every time where is the suspense?

  18. i don’t get Part 6 at all. I liked it as a kid because Jason was cool as the unstoppable cyborg, and I was psyched that he was alive again, but it does nothing for me now. I seriously can only laugh watching it. I guess that’s the point though, right? I am in agreement with Frank Mancuso Jr. that it “killed the mood”. People talking to the camera and sh#t. A lot of you mentioned Part 2. Here we have a parapalegic about to get laid having his face split in half by a machete and rolling down the steps, freeze frame and dissolve to two people having orgasms. Then they’re immediatley shishkabobbed.
    That’s what this series is about. Cold senseless brutality by a faceless killer. Who cares ‘who his father is’? Well, I certainly don’t. And a camp with little kids is a good thing for the story? It just adds a cuteness factor that we don’t need. Of course, when I say I don’t like an f13, I’m only saying that as compared to the rest of the series. They haven’t reached direct to video status status yet, although X came close, and 5 looked like a TV movie (…the best damn TV movie ever!!)

    here’s my rankings people


    X isn’t last because of Cronenberg’s cameo and the hotness of the women. I hate Freddy so forget that atrocity

  19. “Lives” is one of the better sequels of the franchise. For those who say it was seriously thee worst of the franchise need there eyes checked.

    I’d say it’s a toss up for most fans that 5,9 & X and possibly the Remake to say those are the worst.

    Here is my favs in order


    Im one of the few that thinks Jason goes to hell was actully ok. I appricate it for Adam Marcus trying to try something different with the franchise.

    X to me was just plain stupid.

  20. Part 6 was more of a Horror/Comedy, like Return of the Living Dead, Evil Dead 2, Night of the Demons etc… If you don’t like that kind of genre, then I can see how you wouldn’t like Part 6. But 6 is hardly the “worst” friday movie. Part 8, JGTH, Jason X FVJ, none of those are straight up horror like the first 4. Even the remake, that was kind of dark, wasn’t that great. Only the die hard fans liked it.

  21. Part 6 was top notch and had something for everybody to enjoy. It is the highest rated Friday movie on Rotten Tomatoes. My list from best to worst because everybody else is doing it.

    6,4,3,2,7,Remake,1,FvsJ,5,JGTH,8, and X.

    A few times a year I bust out all my Friday DVDs and will watch one a night until I finish them all, but it gets hard when I reach Friday the 13th Part 8. Part 8 is hard to make it all the through, JGTH is not bad, but Jason X is terrible as well. I am not sure which one is worse? I usually watch them before I go to bed and I usually can make through all of them, but I find myself often falling asleep watching part 8 and Jason X. I have purchased all of the Friday the 13 movies on VHS, then DVD, then the box set, and now the new released movies. I am still debating on buying part 8, or just burning the special features, or hoping they pop up on youtube.

    Great discussion!

  22. how did a sale of a dvd turn into a discussion about the franchise, its the same talk over and over again, 8 sux 5 sux 2 was the best 4 was the best. The same stuff over and over in a lot of these post. I love all the movies hands down even though some aspects didn’t make sense, i loved to watch jason do his thing no matter how he looks or where he is at, whether he is alive or dead. Jason is jason and as part six states JASON LIVES. Instead of arguing over what the series has done wrong, speak of what it did right. Instead of complaining, enjoy them for what they are movies that gave you a quick cheap thrill. Cuz one day hopefully not anytime soon we will no longer get jason and only have all of these movies to enjoy. If you dont like a certain one then dont watch it and stop whining. We as fans will never get a constant story or look because their are always different effects people, different writers and different actors portraying our favorite icon.

  23. Yeah, I agree…Part 6 is probably the best sequel after part 4.

  24. I like the storyboards. The guy has talent. They’re almost like a graphic novel.

  25. i havent gotten my hands on the new part 6 dvd yet, im trying to wait for the blu ray’s of 4, 5, and 6 to be released since i already have the movies on regular dvd, owning the storyboards would be lovely, im sure they are really overpriced or atleast too expensive for my blood :) i had to wait untill i could buy part 1 on blu ray used for 10 bucks before i was able to pick it up. :) hey anyone happen to remember the release date for the next slew of f13 dvds and blu rays? i think i heard september but not sure :)

  26. BrandEn,
    The DVD’s for Part 7 and 8 hit stores on September 15th. The Blu-rays for Part 4,5 and six have not been officially announced yet.

  27. i agree with jasons buddy, couldnt said it better.

  28. Hey Lazarus….I live in Roswell GA. I actually spent a weekend at the resort next to where they filmed pt 6 in covington GA in a cabin w/my gf watching all the fridays with a fire going and the forest all around us!!

  29. Here’s an idea…Wildstorm should commission Scratch to help them put together an “alternate cut” ‘Jason Lives’ graphic novel, utilizing these storyboards as a jumping-off point. Just have them proffesionally colored, add word balloons, etc.; then build the rest of the graphic novel around an early draft of the original screenplay and/or the novelization by Simon Hawke! Copies would fly off the shelves, guaranteed!

  30. While I disagree with ROCKY’s opinion, he has just as much of a right to post his opinions as the rest of us do. We all have different friday movies we like and dislike. I don’t see anything wrong with talking about that here. I don’t think anybody should be told to “stop whining”, there’s no reason why we can’t respectfully disagree… My list would be 2,3,1,4,6,7,5,remake,8,JGTH,Jason Vs Freddy and Jason X.

  31. Wow, ROCKY doesnt like part 6 but likes FvsJ, yea his opinion counts LoL.

  32. Brooke’s got a point, there’s no reason we can’t agree to disagree… My list is 4,3,2,6,1,7,5,8,Remake,JGTH,FVJ and then Jason X. Part 7 might have ranked higher if it were uncut. And I still can’t believe they made a Jason in space movie. I guess that’s Hollywood for ya.

  33. i’ve never seen anyone call part 6 the worst. i know some people that only like the first four, and don’t care for the campy direction the series went after 4. but how can anybody think part 8 or Jason X is better than 6? anyway… my list of best to worst 3,2,4,1,6,7,5,JGTH,2009,8,FVJ and then X.

  34. jasonsfury,

    thank you good sir :)

  35. Fish-
    I am in Marietta now! How did you get your gf to watch all of them. I can only get my wife to watch the first 6 and after 5 and 6 she said No MORE! she liked 1 and 4 and thats it! also the new now!

  36. Its funny what some of ppl fav Friday the 13th movie is and isnt! Call me crazy but I really like part 8. B/c it was the first one I watched and can remember. I think its good for what its worth.
    All of the films are fun or good for a good jump! You can make fun of me thats fine. I am a fan of all of them!

    I might dislike a few like JGTH, X and FvsJ. But I know in each of the 3 I dislike- I do like a sence or two in that movie. I know most ppl like 3 or 4 the most. Well Hell I met one guy that loved Jason X! yes he was a little weird but hey arent we all!

    Its fun to watch the films. Yes I believe most of us stop like after 7 or around then- but has long as Jason is still in movies (new movies) I will watch. I am a Fan! I dont care if someone like 5 more than 2. Who cares…? I dont care if ppl hate all of them!

    I just know that a lot of us like Jason and most of the films! But hey, if someone just likes One out of the 12 films- thats cool!

    the middle of my fav is hard…
    1,4,8,3,2,new,6,7,5,JGTH,FvsJ and X

  37. Lazarus….its called a bottle of wine….we actually split the 1st 7 over 2 evenings so it was bearable…..between the wine and her smoke breaks……she made it through. Although now that I think about it…i didnt get laid for a month after that trip…hmmmmmmmm.

    Where in Marietta? My folks live off of Johnson’s Ferry Road in East Cobb several years back.

  38. I’d say, from best to worst. 1,3,2,4,6,7,5,the remake,JGTH,8,Freddy vs. Jason, then Jason X.

  39. Fish-

    on Lost Mtn… its really kennesaw/ marietta area. off of hwy 120/ dallas hwy. Been over here for a few yrs now or i guess i can say moved back over here. I grew up around marietta/ kennesaw area. it has changed a lot! same with Roswell. i went to harrison high school in the mid and late 90s. You?

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