“Man In The Lake” Teaser Trailer Online!

We have been building up excitement with behind the scenes photos until the release of the Southlan-Films’  “The Man In The Lake” on August 13th. Now, the producing company has released the very first official teaser trailer for the film. If the first trailer is any indication of how much fun this movie is going to be, then I  think all Friday the 13th fans are in for a big treat.

For all information that we have reported on this very special fan film, check out our past updates. Look for the “Man In The Lake” on Youtube this Friday August 13th!

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43 Responses to “ “Man In The Lake” Teaser Trailer Online! ”

  1. It looks ok, but seriously Camp Dead? And was that supposed to be Ralph?

  2. A really well-put together preview. I’m pretty anxious to get a hold of a copy of this movie. Let us know when we can get this.

  3. Looks better than the remake!

  4. Looks like a very good fan film. Can’t wait to see it!

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  6. the “Camp Dead” thing bugs me a little bit it just sounds too forced. However, looks awesome and can’t wait to see it lol

  7. Personally I think their Ralph character is a cool new look. Camp Dead? I can take it or leave it but I have to admit it looks pretty sweet to me. I want to know how to get a copy, or will it only be online?

  8. It looks like one of the better fan films I’ve seen in a while. Odd tho’ is that at least to my ears the vintage music seemed out of place.

  9. I am certainly looking forward to this. I love the teaser preview. The music fits perfect, and I love the old school 80’s feel it has. Great job. Looks perfect as far as I can tell. Nice work

  10. Looks realy good!! Looking forward to seeing the whole thing!!
    And love the kills too

  11. Definitely has the “fan film vibe”, but I am excited to see it.

    Hey – (almost) any Jason is better than no Jason, right?


  12. I think they should have left it camp blood, camp dead just cheapens the film.

  13. this looks great! cant wait to see it. i dont see how a word would cheapen a film, but thats just me. i think everything in place seems very awesome and i cant wait to see this one. pretty excited.

  14. Can they legally use the name Camp Blood?

  15. It’s a fan film, they can’t sell any copies, so yes they could have used Camp Blood if they had wanted to. I personally am glad that they took a couple of original liberties myself. When I first heard Camp Blood I thought that sounded stupid as hell, but it grew on me. So I am not gonna judge them for using Camp Dead. It’s no worse than Camp Blood, and it absolutely does NOT cheapen the film… is cheapen even a word? I think it looks awesome myself. I certainly could not do that good. Obviously the first guy to comment must be some master film maker. What a shmo. LOL

  16. Looks good..can’t wait to see the actual film.

  17. Here’s the way I look at it, these guys took the time to make this for us then who am I to criticize any part of it. I guess some people just have to complain about stuff to be happy. Makes them feel bigger. Me I just wanna see it. If it is good then cool, if it is not well I am not gonna bitch about it. I personally think it will be cool. I mean it’s a fan film, not a Hollywood production. Let’s be real guys.

  18. I think it looks just fine. Can’t wait to see it. Nice trailer too. The music mix is awesome.

  19. Too Tall- They say when you have to complain about minor things means you’re taken aback by how good it is overall.

  20. Ron is a great guy and a great movie maker
    I’ve seen his Haloween fan film and its sick
    this one is going to be 100 times better

    Ron has also work on alot of films
    he knows what he is doing

  21. oops *Halloween*

  22. Ha Ha, I think it’s funny that this Sid kid said that it looks okay. News flash dude, it looks 1000 time better than just okay. I just found that comment amusing. I want to see more

  23. I generally hate fan films, but this one actually looks like it was very well made. Nice trailer

  24. Hey, Southlan Films, can you let us in on WHY you may have changed the name to “Camp Dead”?

  25. Personally I don’t care that they went with Camp Dead. I really don’t see what the fuss is. I agree with the guy who said it’s no worse than Camp blood. The teaser looks really great guys, I wouldn’t sweat all the flak over Camp Dead. Maybe they did not want to completely copy the original series or something. I don’t know why but like I said. Who Cares! I.m just happy someone is making a decent fan film.

  26. I think the real question is why anyone cares that they changed the name to camp dead. I think that certainly falls into the who gives a damn category.

  27. I don’t think it is worth getting upset about everyone. Hey, if some visitors want to know why the name was changed to Camp Dead, so be it. It is a reasonable question to ask as it does change what they have known for 30 years.

    On the flip side, it shouldn’t really matter what the creators decided to call certain things within the film as this is a fan film and they are doing this for free for all of the fans! ;) I don’t think this will impact the worth of the film at all. Lets all see what the film gives us and go from there.

  28. I do have to say it looks pretty damn good for a fan made film, the teaser trailer was well put together and I do not think it matters any at all what the camp is called as the saying goes ” it will always be camp crystal lake to him.”
    I am looking forward to the full trailer if there will be one.

  29. I hope Jason isn’t afraid of water in this. God I just hate that aspect so, so much. I hope Jason kills someone in water.

  30. looks very nice I will definitely be catching this when he releases on August 13th.

  31. Camp Dead? Well whatever it still looks awesome and Ill check it out.

  32. yay! it comes out on my b-day!!! Can’t wait to get it!!!

  33. I look forward to it! Hope it rocks!

  34. Okay watching this preview wants me to make my own Friday Movie. Lets see, who would I get to play Jason. How about my friend Jeff Wickedbeard. Next I would need to get a location. Done, a little secret place i know of in upstate NY, NJ, and PA. Next I would need a good story. Lets see what do I need. Lets try simple and over think it and change things. Hockey Mask Villian + victims + wooded area + curse = Friday Movie. ( A little tid bit on the Jason character) want to make him real scary, dont show the charachter. Make him a shadow show glimpse of him until you get to the cimax of the story.

  35. That’s cool that you were in inspired by a trailer Patrick, but What’s up with the whole thinking out loud about what you wanna do with your film thing? LOL Oh and if you are not gonna show Jason, well. What’s the point?

  36. What is everyone opinion on this matter….? Did Jason Voorhees Kill the Friday the 13th Franchise. Has Jason become bigger then the Curse of Camp Blood. Has the character of Jason become bigger then the Friday Franchise. I believe he has. He has become this “hero”. We know longer fear him. We root for him throughout the movies. We are heartbroken when he dies at the end of the movies. The reason the movies fail is because they have become one dimensional. Where is the antagonist. Where is the victim. Where is the fear of the curse of Crystal Lake. Has Crystal Lake become an Attraction. I started thinking about this when the poster for Camp blood came out and it seemed so one sided. The villain is only as good as the good guy. We lost all emotional attachment to the victims. In sense, we lost all emotional attachment to the story. We lost the true meaning of why Mrs. Voorhees went on her killing spree. We are as guilty as the counselors. We killed the Friday the 13th Franchise. In the end we killed what became out hero. We killed Jason Voorhees.

  37. I wonder when this is released will they have a dvd sleeve put together as well?

  38. I think that Roy, then Tommy Jarvis part five and so on killed the films because of the writers. Then in part 7, Jason comes out of the lake rotted, was just stupid, then they put him in manhattan and space. He swam half way to Manhattan in part 8 and and at the end was a little boy scared of the water. If I was scared of water I wouldnt have swam in the ocean all the way to manhattan. I have seen pornos with better acting than in Jason in Space. But, the people I would put the most blame on are The Writers, who just write crap, the greedy movie studio, and Sean Cunningham just approving anything, because he is going to get paid no matter what. If they could start off from part four, I think there could be some great material come out of it. The reboot sucked because of the script and none of the friends seemed like they even liked each other. I have said many many times, if they could have took the reboot and remade it like Sean Cunningham and Wes Craven remade the last house of the left, it would have been so so awesome. Because the remake was so much better than the original, that should be the point of a remake. I like a horror flick, that you have some compassion for the characters and want to see them make it, versus the reboot, where I was ready for them to die, so I could go home from the theatre.

  39. Jason continued on throughout the Franchise because the fans wanted Jason. That’s why part 5 was such a disappointment to the fans who felt ripped off over the fact that the killer was a paramedic and not the real deal. Just like Halloween III, which tanked because there was no Myers, and then when he returned in part 4 the ratings were excellent. I think those people who do not want to see Jason are in the minority as far as the fans go, and the producers are going to go with the majority. That’s why I am looking forward to this fan film. Looks like it is possibly taking us back to the good old Jason we love to hate.

  40. I honestly loved the name camp blood because it has history and a creepy past in my eyes. I don’t see the purpose of changing a name of such importance, because it has been referred to alot in the first few films. That is like changing Jason’s name to Steve or Ms Vorhees to Ms Beasley or Camp Crystal Lake to Camp Arrowhead. It just takes away from the film. I mean that is called simple marketing. I guess what bothers me about it, is when the actors say it, for me it makes me stop, and say do what? And then by then I have missed what they are saying in the moment. I have watched these over and over since they came out and there are just some things you dont change or you can mess up the formula. I mean ok for example what if in Halloween they would have called the Meyers house, the physco house. How stupid does that sound it it takes away for the past and horror of the house. So thats why I said it cheapens it(the moment) not the film.Ok I think I have made my point with enough examples! lol The film looks like it is going to be good, no doubt about it, so I guess we will just have to wait and see. I know it can’t be worse than the reboot crap they tried to feed us.

  41. Well I’m not gonna let the fact that the filmmakers took a liberty distract away from what looks to be a good movie. Personally I really could care less if they changed the name.

  42. I think this is about the best fan film trailer i have seen. I love the throw back look to the old school Jason. I want to see this really bad guys. Looks great!

  43. Honestly, I was hoping…. you know… something more from this trailer…

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