Video Review Saturday: “A New Beginning” Home Video

A few months ago I posted a review of my Part 2 home video collection and received a great response to that video. So, today I will review my home video collect from ” A New Beginning”. I own all sorts of different media for Part 5, so the video for this week is a long one. Sit back, watch the video, and let us all know what you think this weekend’s edition o Video Review Saturday!

Again, if you want to see something reviewed, let me know and I will see if I have it. Next week will probably be the action figures I own!

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9 Responses to “ Video Review Saturday: “A New Beginning” Home Video ”

  1. You have a very nice collection there! Always nice to see the amount of items other fans collect.

  2. Beautiful collection as always bro. I have the US VHS copy somewhere in My Horror VHS collection. And I remember seeing the US laserdisc at the tower records in San Francisco, the day I bought Jason Takes Manhattan on VHS. Come to think of it, they had parts 1-8 on laserdisc so I had to look at them all. I think it was 20 years ago or something like that. Anyway thank You for sharing, and I would love to see which action figures You own.

  3. You forgot the DVDs…..including the special edition!! I know…..just messing with ya!

  4. I love how “knife” is mispelled on the back of the japanese laser disc. Awesome collection

  5. There are really a lot of mistakes of an English spelling of a Japanese version. It is shameful. (Though I often make a mistake, too. )

  6. Bumbaro means “bumblebee”. Not sure what that even has to do with anything in the movie, either.

  7. JasonsFury no Australian VHS version? :(
    We also have the cooler looking cover over here with Tommy on the front and the mask in the background, it’s very hard to find now, there were also 2 different versions, one is the bigger case which you would usually find at your video rental stores, and the other version is the smaller case which you were able to buy for your own private home collections.

    Either way both are hard to find, i have seen a couple on ebay at one time or another though.

  8. Just noticed this a couple days ago. But I remember you showing the different cover art for the part 2’s. I was looking on Playstation 3 at the movies you can rent/own and they have the whole series on there. But what was weird is they have cover art on there I have never seen before. Some I had seen but most I hadn’t. You should check that out if you can.

  9. I remember seeing the us tape way back when vhs were still sold and dvd was like kinda new

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