Check out the Scare Fest TV Spots will full on Jason action!


The commercials for the Scare Fest Horror & Paranormal Convention are finished and available for viewing. The commercials are very well done and were shot in High Definition in Lexington, Kentucky at various locations. All three commercials feature well known Friday the 13th costume maker Wickedbeard (check out our recent interview), and one of them entitled “Blood Donor” features horror actress and Kentuckian Tucky Williams. These will air in the local and surrounding markets of the convention. Check out the commercials below and don’t forget to grab your tickets as soon as possible to avoid long lines on the day of the convention! There are very few Golden Tickets remaining, but the regular tickets will not sell out! Scare Fest takes place on September 11, 12, and 13 at the Lexington, Center in Lexington, KY. Be there and bring friends!

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Scare Fest Spot: Barber Shop

Scare Fest Spot: Pizza Parlor

Scare Fest Spot: Blood Donor

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5 Responses to “ Check out the Scare Fest TV Spots will full on Jason action! ”

  1. lol (oh u mesed up my berd) (:

  2. I hate when they cut it in squares too.

  3. I am still waiting for the day we start seeing R rated commercials. These commericals are good and probably the best quality cinema to come out of Kentucky since I saw some hand-held camcorder footage about the Kentucky Derby in 1999 (on Youtube).

  4. Love them!!! Jason is so good with people. maybe i should get my hair cut there! hahaha

  5. Ha, Jason cut the pizza in squares. He’s a Milwaukee boy!

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