Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: Nightmare Warriors #5 and #6

I know that #6 has been out for a couple of weeks, but we were finally able to read and review the finale to this new comic series. Thanks to DC Comics for supplying us with the comics for review. From a fan’s perspective, I thought the Jason character was handled well througout the series. I was a little taken back that in #4, #5 and #6 Jason is a normal person again and not a member of the undead. However, within the story it does make sense.

I would recommend that any fan of Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and Evil Dead should check these comics out as the writers do bring in elements from the previous entries in the respective series.

Nightmare Warriors #5

Washington is burning. An army of Deadite horrors has turned the Capital into a city of the dead, and Freddy Krueger is one step closer to his ultimate goal: control of the waking and dreaming worlds! Ash Williams and his band of survivors are all that stands between this nightmare reality and the last shred of the real world. If they can’t find a way to stop the supernatural storm, there won’t be enough of the world left to save. And as their losses mount, the power of these special souls continues to strengthen the monsters at the door. But with the dark horses of Jason Voorhees and his family lurking, an already nightmarish scenario is about to get even worse…




Nightmare Warriors #6

As the bloody end nears, Ash must lead his remaining forces against the amassed titans of terror. Washington has been leveled, and the odds are stacked against the motley crew of survivors. The vicious battles that end this series are legendary – Tommy Jarvis vs. Jason Voorhees, Ash Williams vs. Freddy Krueger, and even the army of the dead against the ghosts of victims past!




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7 Responses to “ Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: Nightmare Warriors #5 and #6 ”

  1. I was not all that impressed with this series. The first mini-series was great, I loved it all. This one is good, and has a nice story, but the ending pissed me off; it barely made sense

  2. I myself am not a huge comic reader, but I thought this serie started well and the only thing I was a little disappointed by was that Jason was turned back into a living, breathing person again. But I still liked that characters were brought back from older movies in the respective series to be part of the story of this comic.

  3. …. heres my one big question, putting aside all of the other problems with the story…. WHY DOES JASON HAVE HAIR?!

  4. In issue #4 Freddy regenerates Jason and apparently he has flowing locks afterwards. No mongoloid of any kind.

  5. jasonsfury, i must agree with you on bringing back all the past characters. that added a lot to the plot and gave it a great flow and action. especially how each survivor was tied together in one certain way

  6. …. Jason was bald even as a child. How did how did him getting reanimated give him hair?… Yea I liked the first battle between Ash, Jason, and Freddy. This one seems more stupid.

  7. “…. Jason was bald even as a child. How did him getting reanimated give him hair?… ”

    True, but even in Part 2 Jason had very long hair, so they may have borrowed from that interpretaion? Every person who tells a Jason Voorhees tale puts their stamp on he franchise.

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