The Other Jason Actor In ‘A New Beginning’

Posted 25 Jul 2024 in The Saga

Throughout the the Paramount years of the Friday the 13th series, each movie saw different actors/stuntmen play the part of Jason Voorhees. Back in January, we told our visitors about the circumstances that had another stuntman play Jason in Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6. C.J. Graham gained screen credit for the part for good reason as he did play Jason for pretty much the entire film. It was only the paintball scene in that film where Dan Bradley, who was originally cast, suited up with the hockey mask. Now, we are going to discuss another uncredited actor/stuntman that played both Jason and Pseudo Jason in Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning.

Tom Morga is the main man who received accolades for playing Jason Voorhees and Pseudo Jason, Roy. He did a great job and is a well respected stuntman that played other great slashers in the genre throughout the 80′s. However, there is another person that helped create the character for the film.

John Hock was a relative unknown in the Friday the 13th universe until most recently. His contribution to ‘A New Beginning’ is not to be ignored, however, as he portrayed Jason in a number of key scenes in the film. John is known most for his stunt where he played Pseudo Jason, Roy, falling from the barn onto the bed of pikes near the end of the film.

This, however, was not the only scene that John Hock portrayed Pseudo Jason. During one night of filming, Tom Morga was not able to assist in one scene, so director Danny Steinman enlisted John Hock to film a quick add-in shot of Roy entering the barn of Pinehurst during climactic ending of Part 5.

The biggest contribution to ‘A New Beginning’ from John was his work as the actual Jason in Tommy’s opening dream sequence. John Hock, Danny Steinman and crew set out to Corey Feldman’s back yard to film that opening scene the same night that Tom Morga was not available. The opening scene is looked upon as the best part of the film by some fans and now you can add John Hock to the list of many people that have donned the mask of the infamous Jason Voorhees.

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  1. NW (25 Jul 2024, 6:44)

    It crazy how the Internet is helping many fans know which guy play who in different scenes. We might never knew which part Steve Dash did in part 2, what Dan Bradley did in part 6, etc. It nice the Internet help some guys get credits after all these years. :)

  2. Hollywood News (25 Jul 2024, 6:57)

    [...] the rest of this great post here Comments (0)    Posted in Hollywood News   [...]

  3. Robb Hawley (25 Jul 2024, 8:11)

    Always wondered how the red triangle got back complete on the mask, but then again it is in Tommy’s dreams and imagination so Jason could look any way he wanted.

  4. voorhees213 (25 Jul 2024, 8:42)

    Robb Hawley – I believe the triangle becoming complete again (which doesn’t happen until pt VI) is actually very simple: The mask that Tommy brings to Jason’s grave in the opening of pt VI is a mask that Tommy made. Tommy is a mask maker, as we saw in pt IV; Tommy’s memory of Jason has a complete triangle on the mask, as we see above; thus, Tommy’s obsession, plus his hobby, create the hock that Jason sports in Parts VI & VII. At least that’s the only way it makes any sense to me.

  5. An old friend of the Christys (25 Jul 2024, 9:17)

    Thank you jasonsfury, as always. You would think there would not be much left to learn about a 30 year old franchise but somehow you are able to provide new information weekly (sometimes daily.) Much appreciated.

  6. Fredrik (25 Jul 2024, 14:32)

    Very interesting information.. Thanx Jasonsfury, keep em comin’ :)

  7. evilekim (25 Jul 2024, 16:03)

    John Hock seems to be an appropriate name for a guy that played Jason.

  8. barnhanger (25 Jul 2024, 18:09)

    Sorry to post off-topic put @voorhees 213, does it make sense that perhaps Tommy kept the TFC mask after Trish cut it off Jasons face? I always assumed it was supposed to be the same one (even tho it is easy to tell it looks different). I was always way more puzzled as to why Jim has a perfect Jason mask on the houseboat in Part VIII, right down to the axe cut. Thanks Jasonsfury for providing a fan space for all these little discussions, everyday is different here.
    In response to the original topic, the scene in which “Jason” enters the barn to the most effective scene in the film. The barn scene was very tense and was a great throwback to Part 3. I beleive that if Part V had the “real” Jason, we would all hold it very high in the series, maybe above Part 3???

  9. JB Demented (25 Jul 2024, 21:04)

    Didnt know that. And for years I thought Dick Wieand played the part of imposter Jason. But a few years ago I learned it was Tom Morga who played both Jason and imposter Jason. I noticed in the credits a few weeks ago when I watched part 5, that it says “Roys stunt double” and it says Tom Morga.

  10. Tommy_Jarvis_Guy (25 Jul 2024, 21:39)

    Gotta agree with An Old Friend of the Christy’s that indeed, Jasonsfury keeps this place quite well-rounded for the last two years that I’ve been noticing a lot more over all nicely discussed and always new and interesting topics are posted indeed sometimes daily.

    And interesting that John Hock would do the Pseudo-Jason/Roy Burns imposter enterting the barn shots, which indeed is also very Part 3-ish (my favorite of the serie by the way, as many already know) as well as the opening zoom-in shot on the dream sequence with the real Jason Voorhees coming out of the grave and entering the full view of te camera, after the words fall off of him and we now see him in greater relief. Always thought for SUCH a b-level and yet overly mainstream SLasher/Explotation film directed by a former adult film director & editor, it was such an oddly effective and over all nice looking sequence.

    And the barn scene is indeed a nice “old school touch” since it was co-written by Martin Kitrouser, who of ocurse co-wrote Part 3 (1982) as well and also helped as scrit supervisor from Parts 1-through-5 he’s credited.

    Anywya I learned about the name John Hock (and I agree, it’s interesting that name since he played the Psseudo-Jason in a few scenes) last year surfing Jak Cook’s site of (the blog section tat starts with a B to the side; the one that is all old school Slasher film and perdominately Jason-related). BUt Mr. Tom Morga, whom is also of big interest, of course was still the Pseudo-Jason as well as the real Jason during the dream sequence at the end of the dream/hallicination that Tommy has back at the local Crystal Lake (or closer to Pine Hurst?) hospital.

    Also of interesting, Tom has actually breifly played ALL three of the big 4 Major Slasher Villians: He started off playing Michael Myers (The Shape) in Halloween 4 before George Wilbur of course took over for him because producers didn’t like his over all body or somerthing. Plus, he was the puppeting of the Nubbins corpse (aka: The Hitchhiker from part 1) during 1986′s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 as Leatherface kills the two preppy, yuppie boys, although the reveal and the violence form the chainsaw action as well all know now is then Bob Elmore. The credited Bill Johnson is actually only Leatherface so much in the cult classic Part 2.

    And, of course, we all know Tom was mostly Jason in Part V: A New Beginning. ;) So the only other Major Slasher Villiam that he wasn’t was Robert Englund, and only a few times in that series that wasn’t hin: The stuntman in Part 2 who did the Coach Schneider kill, which was before of course they had signed Robert to a contract, and the glove from the trailer to the uber-lame Part 5 was of course writer David J. Schaw, and then there was Super Freddy in dream/comic-book form form a victim’s dream that was that Smith guy. beyond that, the series is really Robert’s baby. Just thought I would throw out some more of what all Mr. Morga has played Slasher-wise. ;)

  11. Tommy_Jarvis_Guy (25 Jul 2024, 21:40)

    Oops, I accidentally him an ‘n’ up there for “that wasn’t him:” when I wrote an obove sentence. My bad! *lol*

  12. JoeyCypher (25 Jul 2024, 22:42)

    voorhees213- The best explination of the mask from 6 I have EVER heard.

  13. Tommy_Jarvis_Guy (26 Jul 2024, 6:47)

    I agree. I remember many years ago now (damn now FAST time flies, eh?) listening to the ’04 boxset’s solo writer/director commentary around Christmas time from Tom McLaughlin and he mentions only very breifly how he was using the Tommy Jarvis character to get Jason’s mask back to his graveside, that way, he can have it immdiately from the very quicky start of the film.

    I always just personally assumed that him and Hawes swiped it from a Forrest Green (of course the re-named Crystal Lake) evidence locker, but since the Part VI mask that Gage Bartalos is unfortunately a bit too round plat looking, I guess you chould also say since Tommy IS an excellant mask maker that he indeed made a new one. I actually agree that I like the explainaiton that Tommy made it once he got out of Pinehurst as well! Very cool story for that particular installment. ;)

  14. 13thslasher (26 Jul 2024, 10:35)

    Thanks for the info Jason’s Fury. I had heard of John Hock before, but was never sure what scenes he played Jason/pseudo Jason in. I had entertained the thought that perhaps John Hock was an alias, perhaps used by Part V stunt coordinator Dick Warlock. Thought The Shape from Halloween II got to don Jason’s hockey mask! LOL!

    Off topic: Hope you have recovered from the basement flooding. I can relate. One of my former residences was flooded due to a broken pipe (under the slab). Definitely an inconvenience.

  15. johnryder1981 (26 Jul 2024, 14:56)

    Awesome Post Jasonfury!!!
    Can anyone tell me how one could contact Dan Bradley and John Hock
    to sign pics to add to my what I thought was complete Jason autograph collection…….lol!!!!

  16. st.nagornyy (26 Jul 2024, 16:53)

    John Hock… Awesome last name ;

  17. deadbyday (26 Jul 2024, 22:01)

    I’m glad John is getting the credit he finally deserves. I hope he does more conventions!

  18. Fredrik (27 Jul 2024, 10:24)

    Would be nice on some other info about this guy and maybe some pictures of him also..

  19. J. Michael D (11 Sep 2024, 19:08)

    He definitely deserves credit, so I’m glad they’re giving it to him.

  20. Serial Killer (14 Mar 2024, 14:00)

    John Hock will be at Monster Mania ( in June 2024.

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