Killer Cut: Waste of money

I can’t speak for the rest of the team on the site but this fan is pissd. Thanks to the guys on the imdb boards we have the details on the killer cut additions. This is what you can expect.

-the bear trap/burning sleeping bag scene is longer
-you see Jason sharpening his machete after finding Clay’s backpack
-Whitney escapes, makes it all the way to the house where everyone else is, is about to bang on the window where Bree & Trent are banging but Jason catches her before she can.
-Aaron Yoo death is much more graphic
-Trent & Bree sex scene is longer
-Trent’s death is much more graphic
-When Clay & Jenna are running from the house they find Lawrences body floating in the hot tub, then they find Chelsea’s body in the woods. You also see glimpes of Jason’s face as a child and as an adult.

As you can see it hardly adds up to a viewing experiance akin to a whole new movie does it? I have nothing against Dunes but for future refrence I wouldn’t go about hypeing up a extended dvd which amounts to 6 or 7 min of new footage. Fuller wen’t out of his way to explain how the fans would be getting a whole plot line reinserted into the film, almost 20min worth. This aint that I’m afraid. Sound off in the comments. Peace.

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88 Responses to “ Killer Cut: Waste of money ”

  1. But is it really fair to expect a whole new movie with the release of this DVD in the first place? Would a DVD with the theatrical cut and a few more behind-the-scenes footage satisfy you more? Or would this?

    I, for one, think Friday the 13th (remake) was good enough. The addition of a few new scenes on the DVD make it slightly better. I say, if you want a whole new experience, just wait for the sequel to come out.

  2. It’s due to the fact Fuller stated we would get 20min worth of new footage. It would seem like a new film. I can’t be more direct than that mate. Thats why it’s annoying. The issue is, if it’s just gonna be 7min or so then say so. Why get people pumped if it’s not the case.

  3. One reason.


  4. Thats my point mate. It’s annoying. The fans. Us. We are not morons and will cotton on to the fact Dunes have pulled a fast one. Now. The idea of the killer cut is great. Im made up we have some more scenes and can’t wait to see it. Just don’t lie about it in order to get more £££ Lol. Thats why I did the blog. So peeps can make up their own mind and dodge potential dissapointment.

    Word is there is tons more footage that aint even on the deleted scenes so expect another edition down the line. Makes me mad.

  5. Maybe…but I wouldn’t always consider the Friday fans to be the smartest lot of people. They are more like addicts that will buy anything to get a fix on the franchise that they love. That’s why Paramount gets away with releasing crappy editions of these films time and time again. That’s why Platinum Dunes is doing it again.

    I’m not sure I will buy this DVD because I was never sure if the theatrical film deserved a DVD purchase from me to begin with. I will, however, probably buy the upcoming deluxe edition box set of the original 8 films if and when it comes out later this year…only because I have never owned any DVD version of any of these films before in my life. After that, I will probably never buy it these films again in DVD format…even if we get new features in the future. I just don’t see the point.

  6. Well, if you think about it this way, the cuts in the original Friday amounted to what? 40 seconds? And those were definitely an effective 40 secs. Honestly I can’t comment too much without seeing the new footage, but I’m exited nonetheless.

  7. Hey Walmart, watching the old ones in dvd or blu-ray is like watching them new all over again in a way. You can see so much more detail, no pan-n-scan. And since (I believe) they are all widescreen now you can see more things in the background and sides and what-not. Me being a die-hard Friday fan, it was like discovering them all over again. I LOVE my Friday dvds, but I can’t wait to build the Friday blu-ray collection!!

  8. I DO agree they should not be telling people 20 mins when it’s only 1/3 of that. That’s not right.

  9. I agree that they shouldn’t lie to people about what will be on the DVD. I just don’t think people should really expect a new movie out of this either.

  10. ha ha, ive seen it. but i can tell you that it’s a hell of alot better than the theatratical release.

  11. Like it matters.. the movie was a piece of shit anyway. Oh well. I was gonna rent it in hopes of a better cut.. now it won’t even get that from me.

  12. I have seen the killer kut(private viewing) and have it on pre order on blu ray and dvd(too much of a fanboy but aren’t we all)I really enjoyed it the small added bits which i thought where plentiful added to the film quite well, the Trent kill scene is Crazy Great lol the sleeping bag scene was great to see her screaming longer and suffering more in the bag :) and also seeing Jason standing around more watching them was great any ways hope im not being a spoiler as there is much more in the film to enjoy just wanted to assure fans it’s great not a brand new movie but some added scenes and it does make the film much much better(maybe im being biased as i liked the theatrical version………

    Wait to see it to judge for yourself some of you will like the added scenes as i did and some will not…

    Look for the small things…like in the tub at the start and you will see the small things they added i found it to make for a more better scene….kills more graphic and longer and some great other scenes. hit dead on 40sec did amount to allot and great movie……this does the same

  13. I can’t wait. Pre-ordered the new one and parts 2 & 3 on blu-ray. I thought the new movie was good. Better than those P.O.S. ninth and tenth entry. I think the new killer cut sounds pretty sweet. The 16th cant come fast enough!!!!!

  14. So you’re basing this on what you read on boards over at IMDB.

    Did you watch it? Not that I think the movie was great to begin with, but those sound like some excellent extended scenes. (the exception being the machete sharpening FTL)

    So if you didn’t see it for yourself, I don’t really care what you have to say. 5 mins, 7 mins, 20 mins…who gives a shit…at least it’s longer.

  15. I am sick of these remakes. Make a movie people have not basically already seen before. Please!

  16. well some of that stuff sounds cool

  17. Ironically, every Friday the 13th is basically a remake, they just left off the roman numeral this time. Looking forward to the killer cut edition on blu-ray.

  18. Possible SPOILERS below – read at own risk.

    Trent’s longer death scene is absolutely vicious, so is Chewie’s. Overall the unrated cut doesn’t feel as rushed, the film is thickened out a bit and ends on a more quiet and somber note (won’t spoil it, you’ll have to see for yourselves). Folks also stumble upon at least three dead bodies, there’s more sex and gore, and Jason even has a little tantrum without hurting anyone. It’s not bad, just don’t go in expecting good views of his face (child or adult), or you’ll be sorely disappointed. The opening sequence plays better when we see Jason watching though, he’s seen more and is more present throughout that scene. I heard something about a scene with Jason surviving on his own in the woods, I hope that’s among the three deleted ones on the DVD.

  19. I’m still going to buy it. Can’t wait!!!!

  20. I saw the extended cut, and it made the movie waaaay better than the theatrical release, and you forgot to mention it shows Jason as a boy at the beginning.

    It definitely isn’t a waste of money, and for you to make this big story about it on the front of a website called Fridaythe13thfilms…kind of makes you look pathetic.

    If they had shown this uncut footage in the theaters, it would have made double the money it did at the box office.

  21. Either way im definetly buying this movie the morning it comes out. I loved it in theaters and cant wait to see the added footage, im not sure if the blu ray will be worth the extra 10 bucks, does anyone know if the blu ray had DTS surround on it? if so i might get it instead of the DVD which im sure only has Dolby.

  22. I didn’t care much for the Friday remake, I think the people who made it, fucked up a great opportunity, hell I could’ve done a better job. Even the Halloween remake, that I was completely disappointed in, was better than this… And the way remakes have been turning out, I’ve got a feeling that the Elm st Remake is gonna suck too.

  23. I also like the movie a lot and think that the extra footage can do nothing but make the movie better. Even for those of you that didn’t like the movie in theatres, check out the extended cut and see the movie a second time. You might actually like it the second time with all of the hype gone now.

    Maybe rent the movie and not buy it if you think the movie is not worth purchasing.

  24. Yeah, I probably will rent the uncut version.

  25. I can\’t wait to the 16th.I took the day off from

  26. i think the extra footage will inhance the movie to what it should of been in theaters death scenes dont need to be cut these days and to see jasons face will be cool

  27. It does enhance the movie. A friend of mine was able to get an advance copy of the Killer cut and it was a much better film in my opinion. All the gore is intact and the movie doesn’t feel so damn rushed. Its a better cut of the film for sure.

    The highlight though is Trent’s death. He get’s it so much worse in this version.

  28. LOL thats cool chris i took a vacation day from work, the only thing better than watching jason do this thing is getting paid to do it!! :)

  29. I just heard from a guy on Youtube that Donnie’s original death by decapitation isn’t in the killer cut version, it’s in the deleted scenes special features! The question that I have is why is that?! That would have been a much gorier death why in the hell didn’t they put that in the damn killer cut version?! That just pisses me off!

  30. I bought Fridays parts 1, 2 and 3 the day they came out on DVD. Then, on a later date, parts 2 and 3 were released on blu-ray with more goodies. “Lost Tales From Camp Blood – Part 3″ is not on the DVD but on the blu-ray version of Friday part 3. The blu-rays have everything. Now I wish I had parts 1-3 on blu-ray instead of the DVD. And I was really looking forward to picking up parts 4, 5 and 6. I spent a full $9.99 plus tax on each DVD. Now what do I do?

  31. It’s brilliant that so many of you enjoyed the killer cut. No I havent seen it. But the information on the added scenes is 100% legit. I’m gonna post up a review when I get to see it. It’s not out in the uk till August. How messed up is that? Yet, I’m not sorry for the blog, even though I write for the site. I stand by my original point. Don’t mislead peeps Mr.Fuller. I think Jason Fury hit the nail on the head. Give it a rent if you are unsure and then decide if it warrants the extra dough. While you’re at it post up some reviews in the new review Killer Cut comments section which I’m sure will be on it’s way in a week or two? Peace.

  32. i personally could care less about them adding in more sub-plots and bad acting. that would just make the movie drag on for me. it looks like it’s mostly extended death sequences and sex. that’s what i want. that’s what i’ve always wanted with the video releases of f13th movies.

    i applaud them for knowing better than to add in a bunch of filler crap just to brag about how much longer it is. a director’s cut should be the original intended movie before the MPAA or any other authority made them trim it down. if there are subplot scenes that the director decided were annoying or not necessary, keep em out and we can watch them in deleted scenes.

    kudos on this one, platinum dunes. for once, i’m behind you.

  33. Dunes is probably going to have the 20 mins extra footage on a Super Delux Edition.

  34. Personally, the descriptions of the added scenes sound great! I enjoyed the film in theaters, but felt like it was a bit rushed (which I knew had to do with cuts to get an “R” rating). This sounds like the perfect balance.

    Fuller’s statement actually had me worried that a bunch of pointless crap would be added that would drag down the pacing of the film. Sounds like that isn’t the case, and that the extraneous things were put into the deleted scenes where they belong. This is the cut Nispel intended, and I like that. Don’t go putting a bunch of scenes back into the movie just to make it longer. Put in what the director couldn’t include due to constraints put on him by the MPAA and the studio.

    This blog actually has me MORE pumped for the “Killer Kut”! Looking forward to getting the Blu-Ray on Father’s Day!!!!

  35. Yeah, I’m with Gill-Man. I can’t wait to see this cut of the film. I absolutely loved the theatrical release. These additions can only make a great movie even better.

  36. The whole DVD package is disappointing. Before the movie even came out, Brad Fuller or whoever was talking about the DVD, even mentioning how it could be a 2 disc thing because they have been filming a lot of behind the scenes stuff. From what I heard, the “Rebirth of Jason Voorhees” featurette is only 11 minutes long. so, what in the world happened?. Fuller has some ’splainin to do.

  37. In the original series, scenes got cut so that the studio could avoid an ‘X’ or ‘NC-17′ rating. It seems like this film was cut so that people would buy an “uncut” version when it came out on DVD. It’s a gimmick.

    The cuts in Friday the 13th Part 2 were much more legit for that very reason. Those cuts NEEDED to happen. We are very far away from the magic of the old series people. Those actors have been replaced by hacks with big budgets and no vision to push this series to the limit of whats acceptable anymore. They go for safety within the MPAA these days.

    The talent that use to be part of the magic (Amy Steel, Corey Feldman, Crispin Glover, and of course, Warrington Gillette) will never be replaced. As a matter of fact, I just saw the Feld-dog hanging out in front of Del Taco that other day and we spoke about this in length. We both agreed that Part 2 and 4 were benchmarks in the series…mainly because of Warrington Gillette and the Jarvis boy from The Final Chapter. Then the Feld-dog asked me if he could barrow $1.50 to buy a burrito. I only had $2.00 in my wallet so we decided to just buy one and split it.

  38. Branden, here are the specs no dts this time maybe on another release….

    Jason’s latest exploits receiving the BD-50 dual-layer treatment with 1080p/VC-1 video (2.39:1) and English Dolby TrueHD 5.1 Surround track. The disc will contain both the R-rated and never-before-seen “Killer Cut” versions of the film available via seamless branching.

  39. *SPOILERS*

    it should be noted that the machete scene is more than just him sharpening it on a grind wheel. it’s during the scene where we find that whitney is being held captive and the cuts are totally rearranged from the theatrical. but, more importantly (and i think this added alot of substance) you get a flashback of his point of view of what he saw that night his mother was decapitated. you can clearly see the pain even with the mask on and you almost find yourself pitying him.

  40. Wow I can’t wait. One of my biggest problems was that Trent’s death should of been way more graphic. I can’t wait.

  41. More often than not the deleted and extra scenes are a waste. The movie was fine how it was. All the extra stuff shouldn’t affect whether you buy the dvd or not. If I like a movie I get the dvd no matter what the extras are.

  42. I was just going to mention that cannib lol, for all those trashing fueller, that is the scene hes talking about just what cannib said as it does change the plot of the story somewhat and it is a great scene flashback, you get a feel for more human jason :), and so much more.

    I feel this thread is not fair to the killer cut, I mean “machete scene” it’s more than just a machete sharpening scene…..

    Scott S You will be Happy It does live up to the friday “the ass*&^% should get the most brutal death……..Trent death is gold :)

  43. i just saw the killer cut and was definitly better then theater release. the onely thin gthat confusses me is when she escapes n he captures here again hes in the area by the house killing peeps and somehow takes her back n puts her in cuffs again then goes back n finishes killing. that really dont make sense. it is about 8 min extra fottage but good.

  44. i want to know with all these movie places that puts the dvds in cases with all the security how they get the movies out of the factory they check u at all times when u leave.

  45. Yeah, but I would think that you don’t always have someone looking over your shoulder while you are working at one of those places either. DVDs get processed through computers before they go into print. They are saved on hard drives. I would imagine that they are just as easy to upload onto the net as music and youtube videos. You don’t even need to smuggle anything out of the factory to do it. I wish I could steal fame just as easily. Instead, success has been a bird that has been hard to catch for me. I did it once but that was in 1981…but that was already a long time ago. Now I am trapped, more like doomed, to an existance within the walls of a Walmart store.

  46. Bullshit….I’ve got to watch this Killer Cut edition online today in perfect 10/10 dvd. Got to say that the sex scene is hotter and there is much more gore in this movie. Yes people that machete scene is in this edition :)

  47. It\’s good to be blogging again,(been busy with family/work commitments).I\’ve gotta agree with Jasonsfury that watching the reboot on blu-ray/dvd again with extra footage and no hype riding on it may make for a more enjoyable experience to the doubters/haters still out there.When i went to see this back in February i promised myself to keep an open mind and try to block out knowing any history of this franchise and just appreciate it for what it is.It is supposed to be a reboot after all.I told everyone i know who was going to see this to think along these lines also.Surely most will agree that this was the best Friday The 13th since the 80\’S.Oh,Walmart Man tell the Feld-dog that baz says hi(LOL)…………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  48. Damn people. Wait til the damn DVD comes out before ya trash it. It might be great…some of you all need to get out more and away from the blogs

  49. The Killer Cut may only contain 7 or 8 minutes worth of new material…but to me, that is way better than nothing…and I beleive in paying money and getting my money’s worth.


  50. oh, and the score was a little better, too. as in, you get maybe a few more ki-ma’s and alot more mood setting music.

  51. You know what? F**k the Friday the 13th series. They are not getting another dime from me.

  52. Good, then maybe you shouldn’t come to a site called

  53. So, what are you complaining about? God forbid a “Friday the 13th movie,” is oversaturated with tits and gore. When the films are watered down people bitch. Here we have a film that is going to be total balls to the wall uncensored and people still bitch. What will it take to please?

    I mean, we are still getting all those deleted scenes.

  54. Glad cannib touched on the score in the Killer Cut version of the film. The score for this re-boot is one of my biggest beafs with it. It was mechanical and not suspenceful/moody like the Manfredini days. I look forward to possibly hearing some mood building pieces and a few more KI-MAs.

    I’m getting the blu-ray so I’ll be getting the Killer Cut.

    Although I am happier about parts 2 and 3 getting the b-r treatment on the same day as the re-boot release!

    …It’ll be easier for you, then it was for the others…

  55. Thanks digmanes! i think i might actually buy the bluray after all…

  56. madgoalie, oh man! You are right. Part 2,3,4,5,6,7, and 8 are remakes of part 1. I cannot believe I never notice that before. F**k you!

  57. hevymentl13, maybe you should not stick your nose in other peoples business. F**k you!

  58. you can say fuck on here.

    but yeah, what’s the deal with “fuck the f13th series” comment…please list your reasons or you’re likely to get criticized for it. you never know, many of us may agree with you.

    i for one am looking forward to this release. i don’t care if they cut the gore just to do an uncut video release…they know the history of the MPAA censorship and are trying to cater to the long-time fans a little…maybe it’s somewhat deceptive but it at least shows that they’re not completely oblivious to what we think and bitch about…more than you can say for the makers of the past couple movies.

    And the MPAA does still request trims on these types of movies…obviously not as much; they’ve eased up on impact shots and stuff like that, but they do require excessive scenes of torture and overly gory stuff to be trimmed.

  59. Fuck the series. That makes as much sense as ordering a salad at a steak house. Did your computer trick you into coming to this site.

  60. It’s actually just a little over three minutes of new material. The other five is the end credits. It’s still a very mediocre film though. The new scenes don’t do much to enhance the theatrical version. I did like the inclusion of the scene with Jenna talking about her dislike of camping however, showing her and Clay explore the camp ground just a second more. But the ending, and the ‘say hi to mommy line’… mind numbing.

    See it though, hopefully you enjoy it more :)

  61. Either way I’m still buying it along w/ the pts 4-6 reissues.

  62. wait a minute, ‘the other five is the end credits’…is that a joke? i don’t sense any sarcasm in the rest of the post so i assume you’re serious. can you explain that further?

  63. Sure thing tommyblah, the length of the original release is 97 minutes, the length of killer cut is 106. The end credits run about six minutes, I just checked. Do the math my friend.

  64. I just want to make it clear to everybody here I love the Friday the 13th series. But, I really wish they would just move away from the remake idea. I could care less for it. I would also like to apologize for the fuck you comments. Sorry guys. I am a real dumbass sometimes. I don’t know about anybody else, but I became really interested in what was going to happen after part 8. So, I guess after waiting this long for some kind of continuity and getting nothing but a remake and movies that are completely oblivious to the continuity, you get fed up. I would also like to thank Tommyblah for not being a dick. Thanks.

  65. Friday the 13th has never been continuity! It’s a series of remakes! That’s why I just don’t understand why people hate this remake.

  66. I have a theory.The best Jason movies came out in the 80\’s and the worst came out in the 90\’s onwards(right when New Line bought the rights).The kids that grew up watching these(myself included) in the 80\’s knew that they were not old enough to be watching these horror movies and therefore may have seen them at friends houses in secret away from mum and dad.I\’m beginning to ramble on here,i guess what i\’m trying to say is that for a lot of fans that were into these as kids got desensitised early in life and therefore bacame harder to shock.Though to be fair the passing of rights to New Line was the death blow to Friday The 13th and is only beginning to show signs of recovery just recently with the reboot.I remember watching A Nightmare On Elm Street for the first time aged about 8 at my friends house and having to walk back home in the dark past an old derelict launderette(well i can tell you that my feet didn\’t touch the ground until i got home that night).Then i discovered Jason and thought he was just the coolest thing ever.It was then that i became an avid fan of Friday The 13th and hated what New Line would eventually do the series.Truth be told i don\’t really hate any F13 movies,i just prefer some to others.The 80\’s to some are a decade best forgot but i think that it\’s the best decade ever.Some of the greatest rock and metal came from the 80\’s and it truly was the golden age of the slasher era.I often wish i was the age i am just now(i\’m 29)but back in the 80\’s.We should feel proud that after all this time Friday The 13th still manages to captivate us and still draw the audiences it does.For the first time in years(well the 80\’s anyway) i feel positive about the future of Jason.The reboot has paved the way for another endless amount of sequels and it can only get better all the time.I think that there is plenty of room for improvement and with Derek Mears donning the hallowed hockey mask,it can only get better all the time(can\’t it).LONG LIVE JASON AND VIVA LA 80\’S…………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  67. I didn’t hate the remake, it was actually pretty good. But, I would still rather see a different approach to this series. All they really did is tie up loose ends in the series storyline. I also think baz is onto something with the shock factor involving people that seen these movies as kids. And I hope he is right about the series getting better. It’s that, or I have became impossible to please. Freddy vs. Jason 2 would make me happy or a sequel to Jason X would be good too.

  68. much agreed with the last few posts, but i have to come back to this credits thing…i’m shocked and kind of offended by that. what would be the purpose of longer credits? it’s supposed to be a director’s cut…so the director wanted the credits to run slower? so he could jerk off to all the places it says his name? how exactly does that interest anyone buying this movie?

    obviously they did it to scam us into thinking the killer cut is much longer, when it’s just a little longer. that’s offensive. we don’t require it to be a shitload longer…as long as the kills are more graphic, we’re sold.

    god, all i do is bitch. that’s the last i’ll say about it.

  69. I really dont care. longer Jason killing on screen = Happy for me.

  70. It could be that there is extra footage in the credits or after the credits as that is the oh so fashionable thing for film makers to do nowadays.(here\’s hoping)……………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  71. It’s seven more minutes of movie not credits, relax. Those seven minutes definitely make it feel more like a Friday movie.

  72. Wow, some people on this thread really need to get to grips and grow up. So there’s an extra few minutes footage? If you liked the theatrical release be thankful of whatever they offer you. Some of you whine like little bitches!

  73. Just got my copy today of the blu-ray. Some stuff I liked more, some less.
    I really liked the gorier kills. Especially Trent! Not so sure I liked the escape sequence because it brought up a problem of how he was able to turn the power off and go back and forth so quickly.
    The extras shots not in the killer cut were interesting also.

    For those who want to know.

    Alternate kill sequence where Jason gets his mask. Donnie’s original death sequence has him waring the hockey mask and getting his head chopped off.
    Cops taking the call from Clay Miller. Responder doesn’t take the call seriously.
    Alternate ending/ Clay Miller fight where Jason gets his neck broken.

  74. Why does everyone think this “Killer Cut” thing is UNRATED? I have it, since it was cheap, on Blu Ray and I have to say it is R RATED. Nothing UNCUT is on the DVD aside from a few “slashed bits” they cobbled together and the lack of real extras is lame. I wish they would stop all this playing around and just do the right thing. Stop cutting films for an R in the first place, just watch it and give the film a RESTRICTED rating if it is gory or whatever, without asking for cuts to an artist’s vision. It is ridiculous that the Japanese fans get full versions and we get crap, so I order my films from there. The way they did the TAKEN DVD is even worse. It was confusing and dumb. Blockbuster and all rental chains got ONLY the PG version at the studios choice, some stores got UNRATED, some only got UNRATED on BluRay while the DVD owners suffer. Geez.

  75. just got my BD today…yeah the killer cut passed with an R-rating – it didn’t need MPAA cuts apparently. i think they just dug up any additional angles or shots from the cutting room floor to add into the death scenes.

    HOWEVER…i officially take back much of my bitching of how shitty this movie is.

    1. watching the bluray in the privacy of my own home right off the bat had me in a better and more receptive mood. both my trips to the theaters were full of people talking loudly (followed by dozens of shushes), squeaking chairs, crinkling snack bags every 5 seconds, and wet, open mouth popcorn-chomping. one time some wacko (eyes-crossed, literally wacko) kept talking to me and i had to shush him more than once. it was like a nightmare. i was too pissed throughout to enjoy ANY movie.

    bitching aside…

    2. the continuity problem at the beginning was necessary. for this movie it was better to sum up pam vorhees’s story for the intro, and you can’t have a movie called ‘friday the 13th’ without mongloid child jason. i no longer have a problem with it…it’s just a movie–who really cares?

    3. watching in hi-def on a 40″ LCD rather than a theater screen so massive that the picture looks overly grainy with faded colors + no possibility of making out the shaky cam scenes, makes for a much more engaging experience.

    although the extended kills weren’t much more to look at, the prolonging of most of the death scenes makes the overall movie more effective. trent’s was pretty awesome, and much needed for his character. the extra nudity was LOVELY!! thank you very much!

    and the other stuff that was added…HOLY SHIT! how dare they cut some the most effective scenes? do you really have to cut a horror movie to 90 minutes for people to be willing to see it? especially one from a legendary franchise?

    so many other movies in the theaters are 2 hrs, 3 hrs, etc. some of them are so dragged out and boring, everyone complains about them and half of the audience walks out (watchmen)…but this movie actually DOES engage you so it’s okay! christ it was only a few minutes! is this like a rule for horror movies?

    you get more development of jason’s character, which is priceless. very well done. **SPOILER** you get whitney’s escape scene which i thought brought in more suspense and made it more exciting. you get an ending that isn’t 30 seconds long that actually feels like it ties up the movie.

    BRAVO! next time, make the killer cut the theatrical cut. spend a little more time in the editing room and think about these things.

  76. anybody else have issues with there blue-ray version playing on there blue-ray player, mine is freezing up right after it the R-rated preview screen. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  77. I just saw the killer cut on blue-ray and i’ll admit that after watching it in the comfort of my own home, it was more enjoyable than in the theater. But I still have issues with certain things but i’m warming up to them. The thing I wish they would have went with, was the way Jason gets the hockey mask. I’m not gonna spoil anything but the deleted scene is more effective IMO than what the used in the movie. I am starting to respect what they were trying to do with this new movie. I also agree with everyone that says this film should’ve been released like this in the theaters. The clips of young Jason were good and added alot to the opening. The scene of Jason sharpening the machete was priceless. Pissed off Jason is always good. I didn’t see anything that would’ve made them delete those extra scenes other than the mere fact of putting them on this DVD. My complaints are still the fact that Jason kept a prisoner!!! That still bugs the hell out of me. But I’m starting to warm up alittle to it. I can see what they were trying to do with that. The other thing is, the score… or lack there of. Other than that the killer cut adds alot to a movie that felt very rushed and confusing in the theater.

  78. Newt, your player may need a firmware update. This tends to happen with newer discs. Go to your players official site and check if one is available.

  79. i agree deadman13, the deleted version of him getting the mask is much better. i understand they wanted more buildup to it and all, but lots of kills had no buildup. at least with the redneck wearing the mask, you knew jason was about to get the mask by killing him…buildup enough for me. the shot of the sack and head dropping was really well done.

    yeah newt that sounds like the fw upgrade. it can be a real pain in the ass for some players. good luck.

  80. I thought that the difference between the killer cut and the theatrical release was huge!!! The kills are gorier and u see Jasons face and Jason when he was a kid. It made the whole movie make more sence

  81. Can someone clear this up for me. Does the Killer Cut version come with a Directors/Actors commentary ?

  82. I Betcha they do the same thing that happened to the halloween remake we will get a better edition down the road im pissed there is no commetary

  83. I really liked the new reboot. I thought they did the original films justice, and they took it in a new direction. I also agree that the killer cut should have been the theatrical. My only grip about the DVD’s was the lack of a commentary. Being a filmmaker myself, I love listening to the directors talk about the films. I hope they come out with a two disc DVD like they did for the TCM remake.

  84. hey any one know about the faces beside our name is 4 and 7 mins is one of the bigest uncuts we got beside jason gos 2 hell all masterd and stuff

  85. sg

  86. butt

  87. really, if somebody is a fan of the gore. this is the version to buy. sure, it’s just a couple more scenes, but it was worth it. and whitney actually escapes before being saved my clay. that didn’t really affect the story to much. but it certainly did make it have more of a back story.

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