Complete Unmasked Images (Barn Scene)

From your ultimate Jason connection, Enjoy!

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8 Responses to “ Complete Unmasked Images (Barn Scene) ”

  1. I gonna say it. I don’t think it looks good at all. It’s a good thing they shaded him up.

    …or maybe I’ve just been spoiled from viewing Tom Savini’s work for all these years.

  2. Wow! I am really not impressed. Why not just use a dogs head instead.

  3. …so uninspired and lame. In the original F13 films the unmasking of Jason was a big deal in the series. In the remake is just so blah & boring.

  4. he looks like elephant man or rocky from the mask. i find it pretty disappointing…it doesn’t fit any look jason’s ever had. but it seems they get more and more off-track with jason’s look, persona, etc. with each movie. this one improved in some areas but in others continued on the same track.

    maybe the right side of his head makes it look better. we may never know.

  5. check this one out!!

    i had this on my my space profile pic and some kid emailed me and asked me what happened! haha!

  6. sorry, i used the wrong code!

  7. not to good.
    should have made something more similar to part 3

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