Friday Conversation: Friday The 13th 2024 Ending, Dream Or Reality

Posted 12 Nov 2024 in The Saga

We have covered at great length how the filmmakers of original five films of the series, from the 1980′s, loved to incorporate the dream sequence into the ending of the story to throw the audience off balance. In the case of Friday the 13th Part 2 and A New Beginning, the audience is left without a feeling of finality. Were those endings reality or just a dream? The debate has raged on for decades in the case of those two films.

Lost amongst some of the hatred for the new 2024 film, which seems to have waned thanks to the Nightmare On Elm Street remake, is the fact that the Friday reboot brought back the jump scare/dream sequence ending. There have not been too many debates about this ending and it is a little surprising, considering how much fans like to pick these films apart and also like to reminisce about the old Paramount films.

Was the ending of the Platinum Dunes produced 2024 film a dream, or did Jason swim back to the dock and pull Whitney underneath the water to her death?

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Posted by jasonsfury


  1. barnhanger (12 Nov 2024, 16:18)

    I think the ending is real. If this movie was 5 minutes longer J would killed both those kids and dragged them back thru the school bus to the tunnel. IMO.

  2. WOLF (12 Nov 2024, 16:19)

    Dream. Nobody’s going to haul Jason’s 200+ lbs to the lake to dump him. What do you tell the police when they show up? It’s beyond retarded to get rid of the killer’s body unless you want to go to jail for the murders.

  3. bk w/ bloody sauce (12 Nov 2024, 16:38)

    i agree with Wolf…Dream

  4. digmadnes (12 Nov 2024, 16:51)

    Dream for sure as it is a tribute to the original jump scene

  5. washingtonbc (12 Nov 2024, 16:58)


  6. Roadkill1974 (12 Nov 2024, 17:34)

    Dream. Wolf hit the nail on the head with his explaination.

  7. Ben (12 Nov 2024, 17:34)

    I know there has been great debate about this ending and I think that since the filmakers were trying to keep the film in ther spirit of the first 4 films in the series that the logical conclusion would be that the final scene on the dock would be a dream. Also, it only makes sense as, in reality, I don’t see the point in them dragging Jason down to the lake because there was no reason for them to. They could have just left him in the barn.

  8. Wings (12 Nov 2024, 17:38)

    I go with dream, too. It didn’t make sense to drag Jason down to the dock and toss him the lake. What WOULD they say to the cops, then?

  9. SirMWK (12 Nov 2024, 17:41)

    The photo makes it kind of obvious. Mr. wood chipper turned the top of Jason’s head into hamburger and the top strap was detached. When he comes bursting out of the water, his head is magically back to normal as well as his straps. It’s a dream. Anyone who argues otherwise is wrong, as this is fact.

  10. TheRustyMachete (12 Nov 2024, 18:13)

    If this was indeed a dream sequence, then, who’s dream was it?

  11. barnhanger (12 Nov 2024, 18:13)


  12. Dachshund (12 Nov 2024, 18:30)

    It was a dream. For the love of Pete, she ran his brain into a wood chipper or whatever type of farm equipment it was. I cannot remember because I have tried to erase this film from memory :) Plus, the idea of dragging his corpse out to the lake was pretty dumb. It did have the absolute best tits of any Slasher flick though.

  13. st.nagornyy (12 Nov 2024, 18:50)

    A Whitney’s dream, for shure. Seems very believable considerng she was threatening by Jason for weeks and now she has these nightmares.

  14. JB Demented (12 Nov 2024, 19:31)

    I figured the ending was leaving the door open for the sequal. The way Clay and Whitney “killed” was kind of weak. Now if they went with the deleted scene where Jasons neck breaks, that wouldve been more convincing. Clay was too quick to just dump Jason in the lake. When I first saw the ending I immediately thought of part 1. In fact I was kind of expecting a jump scare. Which is probably why it didnt scare Me the way the jump scare in the original did. And speaking of which, the ending to part 1 may have been originally meant to be a dream. But I think it wasnt. Mrs. Voorhees was defeated, so it was Jasons turn to kill. And when Jason jumps out of the lake to pull Alice under, I believe that was Jasons awakening. The cops didnt find a body, so Jason was risen. Anyway, its kind of how I feel about the remake. In the upcoming sequal (whenever the hell thatll be) they should start off with the ending to the remake. Maybe Jason kills off Clay and Whitney somehow escapes. It makes sense because Jason held Her captive. He could of killed Her at any time. Why I think She should definately be in part 2. Shes a very important character to this new series. I figure if it were all a dream, Whitney wouldve woke up in the hospital. So in closing Id like to say I believe the ending to the remake is a reality not a dream.

  15. francisco (12 Nov 2024, 19:34)

    It might have been a dream but it could also have been a hallucination. I personally don’t think this ending was supposed to be rooted in reality, much like the original film, once Alice is dragged inside the lake by Jason, she then wakes up screaming in the hospital. Same happens in the reboot, Jason crashes through the dock in an attempt to pull Whitney down, only difference she does not wake up from her dream “implying” it happened in reality.

  16. John F (12 Nov 2024, 20:57)


  17. John Robert (12 Nov 2024, 22:59)

    Dream. Although I would have liked it to be real because then Jason would kill Whitney for saying “say hello to Mommy, in Hell.” Heck, I wanted to kill her for delivering that ridiculous line.

  18. Brandon (13 Nov 2024, 1:48)

    Why do so many people hate this film? I don’t think it was great but it was pretty good I think. Better than Jason X/Goes to Hell/F VS J… I think it was a Dream, I agree w/ Wolf. But SirMWK if you look at the mask the straps snap on, they wren’t torn or anything when the mask went to the bottom of the lake so Jason simply snaped the strap back on. I do agree thought w/ his head being all chopped up.

  19. SkaryMoviez (13 Nov 2024, 3:25)

    JB Demented, the ending to the original was a dream. I just can’t see Jason being a little boy 22 years after he drowned.

  20. MadWorldDesigns (13 Nov 2024, 4:30)

    I didn’t see it as a dream or real. I saw it as a joke. I understand they were trying to pay homage to the original films, but I honestly thought that ending was pure cheese.

    I know they like to build up excitement for a sequel, but they could done it in a more original manner.

    So personally that’s way I never saw it as either.. I just looked like a promo for the next film.



  21. Croc Master (13 Nov 2024, 4:42)

    I agree with MadWorldDesigns. The filmmakers couldn’t think of a good enough ending, so they came up with this. And SkaryMoviez, when you die you don’t grow. Jason drowned, stopped growing, came back to life, and then grew up.

  22. jay (13 Nov 2024, 11:19)

    lol it would be even more illogical to be a dream. Like someone pointed out, “Whose dream is it?” did the main characters fall asleep right after the wood chipper scene? Just as with the original series, the filmmakers weren’t thinking about continuity or logic, just scares. If it were a dream, why didn’t they take the F13 1980 route and have Whitney waking up in a hospital? Maybe these questions will be answered in part 2.

  23. evilekim (13 Nov 2024, 13:21)

    I think it’s a dream. His body was still in the barn most likely.
    In the 1980 film, Jason was believed to have drown. This new movie clears up some of that. If he would’ve drown in the original film, how would he have seen his mother killed. Also, he wouldn’t age quickly between the first and second film.
    Both endings(remake & original)were just dreams.

  24. Tonyloomis (13 Nov 2024, 15:10)

    Reality..Nothing in this film points to anyone ‘dreaming’. Is anyone ever shown sleeping in the film??? The original could be debated because even the main character seems somewhat puzzled about ‘the boy in the lake’. And i’ve never heard anyone really say that Friday 2 had a dream sequence….nothing about the end would make one think so.

  25. Corey (13 Nov 2024, 15:12)

    I dunno what to make of it, but that’s mainly b/c I’m distracted with the thought that Jason had his mask back on. There wouldn’t have been enough time for him to grab his mask, don it once more, and THEN come crashing through the docks….theres just no way.

  26. evilekim (13 Nov 2024, 16:17)

    Friday 2 definately does have a dream sequence. Remember at the beginning of part 3, Jason is still laying in his place in the woods. Yet at the end of part 2, you see him crash through the window and grab Ginny. That never happened according to the intro of part 3.

  27. Dead-Fu*ck (13 Nov 2024, 16:48)

    I vote Reality. Mainly cus I want as many characters from that movie to be dead by the end as possible. It IS reality…accept it as such. It will set you free.

  28. thevengefulmachete (13 Nov 2024, 16:51)

    hmmm…if it was a dream, then whose dream was it? Although someone made an interesting point about getting rid of a 200+ pound killer would be foolish (and backbreaking), I kind of think it was real myself. It never showed who specifically would be dreaming it. Although it just doesn’t make sense to want to dump the killers body. Ah, who the hell knows? Come to think of it, the ending makes no sense either way you slice it.

  29. Tom Gotti (13 Nov 2024, 19:29)

    It was Whitneys dream/nightmare/hallucination. I would assume Clay is dead. The sequal should start out with Whitney waking up in the tunnels chained. She quickly remembers what actually happened. But again, just like the first 2 original films the ending to the remake was a dream/nightmare/hallucination. If you think about it, the first time you actually see Jason Voorhees in the original Friday The 13th series is in Part 3. What do you think of that??

  30. brooklynpsycho (14 Nov 2024, 2:15)

    I would have to say reality only because that’s what I felt when I first watched it. Is it a dream or reality? doesn’t matter to me, I still loved it. What made me love the ending even more was that it paid homage to the original film.

  31. arturo voorhees (14 Nov 2024, 3:07)

    este es un sueño la secuencia es demasiado rapida como para que sea real, jason aparece con la mascara y romple las tablas de un salto desde la profundidad…mmmm…. no lo creo… es de esperar que el secuela se explique el descenlace de la primera con los dos protagonistas….jason los mata!!!!

    desde Chile saludos.

  32. Bob Marshall (14 Nov 2024, 13:27)

    I’m gonna say a dream, I think that explains why he still has his mask on.

    Come on WB’s give us a sequel already.

  33. robert (14 Nov 2024, 14:57)

    I think if I had Jason incapcitated getting the fuck out would be my first objective. not dragging him with me. Dream

  34. Tonyloomis (15 Nov 2024, 0:37)

    Part 2 shows jason coming through the window……… thats after he gets up in the barn, obviously, which is shown in part 3. Evilekim, i don’t get what your trying to say.

  35. DrJohnMan (15 Nov 2024, 9:28)

    In my opinion, it’s a dream unless a sequel happens.

  36. jasonsfury (15 Nov 2024, 15:43)

    I do believe that this was an homage to the original films and the ending was a dream.

  37. jasonsfury (15 Nov 2024, 17:28)

    Part 2 shows jason coming through the window……… thats after he gets up in the barn, obviously, which is shown in part 3. Evilekim, i don’t get what your trying to say

    I think that Evilekim is trying to say that when Jason crashes through the window at the end of Part 2, he still has the machete in his shoulder. In the beginning of Part 3, Jason is shown taking the machete out of his shoulder and then sliding away.

  38. The Gill-Man (15 Nov 2024, 17:50)

    Personally, I think it was a dream…however, I don’t agree with folks saying that Jason’s “brains” had been run through the wood chipper. If you watch the film, that isn’t what happens. In fact, we don’t see any gore, and it appears the chain stopped by getting hung up…so at worse Jason got some skin ground off, but it definitely didn’t cut into his brain. No reason why Jason couldn’t still be alive to put an end to Clay & Whitney, even if it isn’t in the fashion shown at the end of the film.

  39. Cat (15 Nov 2024, 17:54)

    I’m not sure!
    I mean, if it was a dream, it would make sence the quickness that Jason came back up. But then it has cought me out before!

  40. Stricken (16 Nov 2024, 12:14)

    I am honestly torn on this concept. It is definitely a nod back to the original, in a sense. But… so hard to say which it is. A lot of this film was hard to take, really, even though it was, on its own, a pretty fantastic film. I just wish they had stuck a bit more to the original concepts, or done a sequel that was an actual sequel, not a reboot.

    Anyways, dream or not… I am going with dream. Unless they went off, got all better, and then came back and tossed Jason in, then I don’t think either of those were strong enough to drag him off, even working together. Also, a little confused by the claims that Jason had his head gnawed up by Mr Chipper — I haven’t seen the DVD yet, but I recall the chipper almost but not quite pulling him in. There was no gore, no blood, so I almost feel like it got stuck and didn’t even mar his flesh.

  41. David (19 Nov 2024, 3:10)

    How bout the whole fucking movie as a dream? Akin to the “What If” comic book series, like What If big Hollywood came in and fucked up a horror franchise?

  42. matt (21 Nov 2024, 4:33)

    I will clear this up. I think it’s real because when jasons head went in to the wood chiper the spikes didn’t cut his mask strap at all. Look carefully It was torn to the left with a flap of skin. His brain was not cut ether. If you phase and look It just rips the skin of his head and in to flaps. ew.. Meaning if you took him out you could lift his torn skin back over his head making the hole more of a line on the top of his head. and also when jason is first dumped in the lake the frist shot you can see the hole in is chest. Meaning it did really cut him or It was just a really detailed dream. And the undamaged mask has the strap cliped off. not torn off. So he woke up out of shock because he was unabole to breath. And he can smash the dock because he smashes his bathroom floor on his third kill! and finally clay and whitney knew no one would find out about the camp because no one ever did. so thay just wanted to forget it all.

  43. Wood Chippers (01 Dec 2024, 9:11)

    I do agree with wolf. Its dream or the imagination, that’s all.

  44. MLC (03 Dec 2024, 22:18)

    This end does not deserve any thinking about it cause it’s as simple and bad as it is…

    Good PD is out of the new F13TH project…

  45. Innocent Bystander (07 Dec 2024, 4:30)


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