Warner Bros. Head Willing To Entertain Friday Sequel

POSTER_Sequel3While reporting the success of the remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street from this past weekend, the Associated Press mentioned that the Nightmare franchise would have a long life ahead of it. Here’s what Dan Fellman, head of distribution at Warner Bros. had to say about that in regards to future sequels:

“It’s certainly something we would entertain, the same with “Friday the 13th”

So, as we mentioned the week before last, a sequel to the 2024 reboot is definitely something that is still in the cards and not dead. Keep an eye out in the near future as I am sure there will be more to come! Thanks to steiny69er for the heads-up.

Source: Yahoo Movies

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34 Responses to “ Warner Bros. Head Willing To Entertain Friday Sequel ”

  1. That’s good to know, but they should really get going with this movie, just don’t rush it either so that it turn out to be good.

  2. I knew it.

    Thank God

    So happy to hear this.

    Saw NOES and did like it very much.

    However, I loved the Friday the 13th reboot even more, Jason is my top horror icon, and this news makes me very happy.

    Thanks jasonfury for posting.

  3. Thanks for the update jasonfury. I hope they finally realize that there are people out there still interested and wanting more

  4. Well thats the problem right there. Paramount and Warner Bros are both interested in making the sequel to Friday the 13th. They need to come to an agreement together to make this happen which might take a very long time.

    The situation is different with ANOES. Warner Bros and New Line Cinema have always owned those rights outright without any conflict. They don’t have to run a new NOES project by anyone else before it gets the green light. It’s simple.

    My guess is that we will see a new NOES sequel before F13 Part 2.

  5. dunno. i still believe we’ll get f13th part 2 for january 2024. there’s a good f13 during the first month of that year!


  7. since when did Freddy over power Jason!?!
    do these producers watch Freddy Vs Jason!!!
    Jason won!!!
    “F” Freddy and concentrate on jason…


  8. i want Fvsj 2!!!

  9. That is great news!!!!! Glad to hear the sensible answer!!
    Well come on guys GET AGREEING AND START FILMING!!!!!!!!

  10. francesco May 3rd, 2024 at 1:43 pm
    dunno. i still believe we’ll get f13th part 2 for january 2024. there’s a good f13 during the first month of that year!

    If Warner Bros. wants to stick with releasing the movie on a Friday the 13th, that would be a pretty good date to release the film. January use to be a dumping ground for studios’ unwanted movies, but many films have proved successful in that month of late. My Bloody Valentine being one of the most recent genre offerings to succeed.

  11. Jason will never die. There will always be more movies, Jasons like James Bond or Batman.

  12. Hey just saw NOES, and it was pretty damn good. I’m not as attached to NOES like I am friday, so maybe thats why, but I thought it was a strong movie for platinum dunes (who I’ve criticized in the past, several times). A little light on story, but very entertaining.

    Its good to hear there will be sequels. I think we all know there will be, just a question of when.

    I wonder now that Platinum Dunes is stepping away from horror if many of us who were hard on them (myself most certainly included) will actually end up missing them. Regardless of what we think of them, they brought us a bunch of movies, and most of us did see them.

    Here’s a hat tip to the guys at platinum d’s. Nice work on NOES!


  14. “AND I HOPE THEY BRING HIM BACK” This will never be. Robert is done with it. He wanted to hang up the glove way before FVJ even happened. I didn’t mind JEH as Krueger, but the CGI make-up was a bit dull. (He looked like a demonic gerbil). As for Friday2, I hope it happens. I don’t ind waiting 2 more years-as long as it’s done right! On another note: JASONFURY, where is the “NEVER SLEEP AGAIN: THE ELM STREET LEGACY” DVD? It was due out today, but I called both local Wal-marts, and neither had it…do you know if it is officially out now?

  15. Yea, Friday the 13th will get another movie sometime very soon. There is always money to be made. ;)

    As for Elm Street Legacy, I could not find it at Target, Wal-Mart or Best Buy. It was not on their websites either. I did however find it available at their official website, http://www.elmstreetlegacy.com, and at amazon.

  16. Thank you JF for the udpate on this dvd 2 disk set. I think I seenit avil. online to, but there’s nothing like going to Wal-Mart, buying it (((in hand))), coming home, throwing it in and forgetting about the rest of the world…:( I guess I’ll give it another day or two before I break down and order one…I’ll let you guys know who are interested in buying it if I find a retailer that has them…

  17. ^ At least for me anyways, since that’s the only retailer around here…I hate southern OH…50,000+ miles of woods, but only 2 Wal-marts 1: 20 mins away, the other 30 mins…

  18. Just read on moviemikes.com Nightmare got greenlit for a sequel but the “Friday” sequel got cancelled last week???

  19. See, this is what is so frustrating about the Internet. Warner Bros. has not greenlit anything yet. All we have is some talk about how well Nightmare did and possible sequel details. The 3D thing got put out there by this one website and everyone ran with it the other day. Here is the quote from moviemikes.com you referenced above, Madgoalie.

    The remake of “A Nightmare on Elm Street” has already been greenlit by Warner Brothers, according to The Wrap. The film will most likely be directed by Samuel Bayer.

    Warner Bros.’ Dan Fellman admitted “We don’t have a story yet” for a sequel, “but this is the largest horror opening in the April-May corridor, and it just proves there’s a lot left in the franchise.” In February 2024, the remake of Friday the 13th had an opening weekend of $45 million, got even better reviews and got greenlit for a sequel, but just last week the sequel had been called off.

    Now I do not want to say anything bad about other blogs or websites as they all work hard to get info out to fans, but sometimes people are in such a race to get headlines out quickly that facts are not checked or researched. Just reading the above quote, Dan Fellman was not quoted as saying a sequel has been greenlit. In fact he has not been quoted anywhere nor has PD about a greenlit sequel. Does this sound familiar to Friday the 13th last year? A lot of hype on a sequel and then nothing.

    As for the Friday the 13th sequel being “cancelled” last week, we all know that is not true, because how can something be cancelled that was never greenlit to go into production in the first place. And, this is something that visitors to this website know has been in limbo for months now. In the top of my story above, I have a quote from Dan Fellman saying that they would entertain a sequel to both Nightmare and Friday the 13th. Now that is a fact to hang your hat on.

    Now, within the quote above, the moviemike website references The Wrap as their source for saying the sequel has been greenlit. So, I went to that website and found the following story that is the source.

    Penned by franchise creator Wes Craven, produced by Michael Bay, and featuring Jackie Earle Haley in the title role Robert Englund held through nine films starting in 1984, \Nightmare’s\ opening already has the studio committing to a 3D sequel.

    “We don’t have a story yet, but this is the largest horror opening in the April-May corridor, and it just proves there’s a lot left in the franchise,” said Warner distribution president Dan Fellman.

    So, reading this story, Wes Craven penned the script for the remake? Also, the same quote from Dan Fellman is used and nowhere does it say a 3D Nightmare sequel has been put into motion.

    Now that I am done venting on my frustration on the Internet ;), I just urge everyone to make sure the facts look good to you before you take what websites are saying for fact. Madgoalie, thanks for always visiting the website and for posting this question. It gave me a chance to get these things off my chest.

  20. Haha No problem jasonsfury. The reason I posted it was because I too thought it was bizarre that they said it was cancelled last week when it was never greenlit in the first place. Good post and great website!

  21. I called both local Wal-Marts where I live, Friends called/went to Target, Best Buy, and FYE…nothing. Wal-mart knew nothing of it either. I seen that Amazon has it for ?$18.00?,but it said I’d have to wait 1-3 weeks to recieve it. WTF? I’m a type of person whom likes to buy something right then and there…*IN HAND* Has anybody been able to pick this thing up at a store yet today,or know when they’ll be recievng them?

    ^ Never Sleep Again: Elm Street Legacy
    (Ebay has a few “ready to ship?)…But also mentions that is was “SCHEDULED” to release today…I dunno. I figured I’d keep the efforts up since Freddy is sort of in this topic.

  22. Mad goalie, read the above blog post, it clearly states, dan fellman quoteing a sequel is in the works hence thats y i gave the website to jasonsfury from a reliable yahoo movies source. Now in the works doesnt mean greenlit it just means its getting worked on script, and what not. I will guarentee u that Warner Bros will come out with the sequel to friday, and that they will do the same with another nightmare. It takes time to negotiate director, scripts, actors, production companies. No one said platinum dunes will be producing either of em either.

  23. Hmmm…. I tend to ignore the rumours as I’m in no doubt that it’s safe to bet on there being another F13 at some point! The question is when?? Don’t worry guy’s.. Jason will walk again!! :)

  24. I’m not even worried about IF there’s gonna be a sequel.I’m more concerned as to WHEN we get it.Sure it’s nice to have a new Jason movie to tie in with whenever Friday The 13th is on the calender,but it surely isn’t that important if it means holding back on the release date(unless Warners think it will lose money otherwise).Why can’t we get a sequel every 1-2 years?Like they did back in the 80’s when slasher movies were done properly and studio’s still had the backbone to release them so closely together.This franchise is a cash cow for any studio.You will always make a profit on these movies and that’s not to mention all the merchandise tie ins that we greedily eat up………………………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  25. Oh, without a doubt there will be another Friday the 13th movie…it’s a given. I’m starting to get the feeling though that they are not interested in continuing the storyline from the remake and maybe just making a new “Friday the 13th” every couple of years featuring Jason as a stand-alone story. The fact that the “Friday the 13th” remake outgrossed the Nightmare remake opening weekend will only solidify the fact that opening a Friday movie on the 13th is MONEY. I’ll also bet that the studio wants someone else to do it other than the Platinum Dunes team. Just my thoughts of course…

  26. Let’s just pray that Platnum Dunes and Shannon & Swift are NOT involved. WE WANT A SCARY FRIDAY MOVIE!!! Jason has sucked since NEW LINE, I hope Paramount takes full control and for the love of Jason its not KI KI KI MA MA MA its CH CH CH HA HA HA….

  27. My main hope is that they retain the services of Derek Mears in the role, as he proved his worth as a very intimidating and creditable Jason!!

  28. Give James Van dirrector’s chair to new F13 movie. And ask Tom Holland (Psycho II) write the script. :)

  29. Strangely, NOES ‘10 hasn’t had the same level of publicity that F13 ‘09 had, here in the UK. It opened here this w/end, so I went along to my local multiplex last night & was astounded that so few people were in the auditorium.
    When I went to see F13 on it’s opening night last year (that opened the same night here as it did in the US) it was absolutely packed & I subsequently learnt that it continued to play to packed houses throughout the w/end period, through to the early week.
    This is interesting as though Jason has a sizeable following over here, I was under the impression that Freddy was perhaps the more popular. I certainly enjoyed F13 more than NOES, but I think that has a lot to do with my being a Jason fan first & foremost.

    Though I guess that this debate will likely run for some time, it won’t alter the fact that, at some point, there will be a new F13 flick! :)

  30. Is anyone familiar with UHM.com (upcominghorrormovies)? There’s these little ghetto dumb ass kids-and I’m sure adults as well hating on the sequal to ‘09. They can’t even spell all that good for one, hating on Jason for no reason, and swear that it will never happen. Don’t these F**Kbags know it’s inevitable? They survived with JTM/HELL/SPACE/FVJ financially, and it’s the “13th” to be, not to mention FANGORIA wouldn’t have it listed in the FEAR FILM FORECAST if it would never happen. They know something. Tim Kepone would be the 1st to know.

  31. I just wish they would get on with it already! From what I heard,(maybe from this site) the script has been written by Shannon and Swift whom in my opinion, did an excellent job on the remake! I think the only flaws it had was how Jason got the hock and the end. If you watch the deleted scenes at the end of the DVD, they were a lot better than what appeared on screen. I think the producers should stick with producing!!!!

  32. hello

  33. The 2024 Friday the 13Th wasn’t bad,It made Jason look Smarter,It would be awesome if they made a Movie this year,The rumous of it are pileing up,I’m sure sooner or later a New one will come out,Theres a big chance it’ll Continue,Because at the end of the 2024 Movie -Spoiler- Jason jumps out and Grabs the girl at the end-End Spoiler-,So this could mean a sequel,I certainly Hope they continue Making them.

  34. Dude let’s like make a petition to get the movie made

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