Video Review Saturday: His Unlucky Day Bust

So, I mentioned Thursday that I would be reviewing James Mangrums “His Unlucky Day” bust and without further delay, feast your eyes on the video below. As I mention in the video, I have added some reference shots of the makeup for Jason from Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter below the video. Compare them and make your opinion of the accuracy.

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10 Responses to “ Video Review Saturday: His Unlucky Day Bust ”

  1. I must say that it is Perfect! Totally awesome! One of my favorite looks of Mr. Voorhees!

  2. That bust is absolutley brilliant. The detail is amazing. I normally would not seek to purchase a bust, but I would buy that in a heartbeat. It is truly a work of art that should be displayed proudly-without the hockey mask. Kudos to the artist.

  3. this is tuly a fantastic bust, but have you tried if a fright stuff part 4 mask fits the gasp?

  4. Thats freakin kickass!!! That is the most accurate bust Ive seen so far for TFC. Cool vid Bro, thanks for posting.

  5. Looks perfect to me too! Bet it would look nice with a Part 4 Hockey Mask on it.

  6. thats the gold standard of jason pieces right there. i love that he went with resin too.

    as far as faithfulness to the original design, you can’t get much better than that, i think he actually improved on the detail of the screen sculpt, adding pores and fine lines they didn’t need for the film. of the photos of finished pieces i’ve seen, you can seven see some gingivitis in his teeth and some tiny clogged pores in his cheeks. its truly magnificent.

  7. There are visible pores on the nose as well. I mentioned to James that I had to pause the film and look at the makeup as well as the behind the scenes makeup pics to compare as I could not believe how accurate this turned out. He did a great job!

  8. WOW. Just, wow. Amazing.

  9. Jasonsfury is there any chance you could post his email i really want 1 of these :)

  10. I really like it. The skin tone may be a bit off, but the sculpt is where it’s at. Now, did jason actually have hair in that movie? I could’ve sworn he was just bald.

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