Jason X German Video Store Standee

Mario was nice enough to send me some photos of a Jason X standee he acquired a few years back from a local video store. I am impressed  at the size of the standee, it coming from a video store and all. I would think it came from a theater lobby. Very cool! Thanks, Mario.



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20 Responses to “ Jason X German Video Store Standee ”

  1. A truly awful movie. It was so bad, the franchise had only one hope, and that was to go in the direction of the “Reimaging” craze that is currently sweeping the movie industry.

    If I had it, I would put it up on Ebay for one of the uber fans, who think every Friday installment has been cash money.

  2. Jason X still is one of the best F13 to me (among my top 5)although it has Kane odder as Jason in it. Sure, it does not take itself seriously and had a lot of humour in it… but so did Jason Lives!

    I have the ifesize JGTH and the UberJason-standees folded up at my mom´s place since my new appartment isn´t that big. Since that standee in that picture is just the poster which is already hanging on my wall it´s not a “must buy” for me.
    Speaking of that image: I think New Line really messed up by spoiling Uberjason in the trailer and the poster. He was supposed to be the surprise in the 3rd act of the movie. Those japanese Jason X posters (where they only show regular Jason) were much better.

  3. The standee is in fact tall! It meassures 67? (170 cm) from ground to tip. It`s fun to hold the screen used mask and neck shackle against this display and match up every single mark and scratch.

    I will send pics of some other cool promo items over soon!


  4. Oh, and the text in pic number 2 means “Xtra bad and Xtra deadly”

  5. Love it! probably my favorite advertising pic

  6. Do any of you remember cardboard cut out Jason masks that were used for promotion at video stores? I can’t remember which movie it was that they used them for, either 4,5, or 6, but I’m thinking it was 6. I was really young, and my brother scared the crap out of me with it. I was a stupid kid :)

  7. Really neat piece of memorbilia. Jason X may not be my fav. movie in the series but it had its good parts.

  8. I like Jason X. But man, that scene when Jason is flying in space and then falls into the atmosphere….that could have been left out. And yea, Jason is “Xtra bad and Xtra deadly”.

  9. de*ad-fuck,
    If it’s the mask I am thinking of, that was a video store promo for Part 7. It also included an axe. I don’t own it, but I just saw a pic of it again recently. If I find it I will give a link to the pic.

  10. jason x is def xtra bad.

  11. Jason X sucked. Had some cool kills but it sucked. A lot of the franchise has sucked because they never change the story line and if they do they drastically change it and it’s dumb. There is no need to go to space, and there’s no need to go to new york. Those kids in part 8 never set foot at the camp so there was no need to go after them.

    Change it up, but come on, don’t change it so much that the dude is in space or something ridiculous like that.

    Cool poster though, I’d love to have it. Simply because it’s Jason.

  12. Bryan Gray,

    I agree 100%. I thought the change to Camp Forest Green was genius and just enough of a change to keep people coming to watch another Jason slaughter. Manhatten lost me, it just became a joke to most people and I remember all the laughter from my friends when I said I wanted to see it anyway. The remake had the right intentions and I still thought it was good, but part 3 & 4 still remain the champs.

  13. thats right Jasonfury, it was for pt.7. I wish I had kept that. I saw a promo for a rave a few years back that was going to be held on a Friday the 13th. It was a cardboard cut-out hock not unlike those made to promote pt. 7. I’m not a big rave guy, but I wish I’d have kept that too. It was a mask from the vhs cover of pt.5, and on the back it had all the DJ’s that were going to attend.

  14. De*ad-fuck, I own the cardboard masks and axes. They were for part 6. It says the title of the movie on the handle of the axe. They are double sided for hanging from the ceiling. I scared my brother with them too.

  15. haha! Got pics Puckbunny13? My mental image of them are fading :(

  16. No it`s not from a theatre lobby, i have the same in my room it`s really from a videostore in Germany. We in Germany also have some cool Jason stuff, he he

  17. …thought the fist hour or so of Jason X was pretty great…it’s when the non-stop gun fire came out and Jason turned into uber-Jason that it really started sucking…and yeah, that scene where they’re hurling through space was so laughable.

    The claustrophobic setting was great and Rowan and a lot of the kills rocked.

    …you brought him on board?…

  18. jason X rulez

  19. Sorry dude, they’re packed away in a box at my folks place. Let me see what I can do.

  20. Hey de*ad fuck, I found a very small pic on the net. Can I post it here? How do I do that?

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