Rare Part 3 Jason Bust On Selling Block

The “ITZ-U” BY DAHONE is number 13 of 15 of this production run. Very detailed and a must for fans who like to collect Friday memoribilia. The price will eliminate some fans from contention of buying, but the price is not too bad for this item.





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7 Responses to “ Rare Part 3 Jason Bust On Selling Block ”

  1. Yeah, not a whole bad of a price. I paid about half for mine though which is a great deal.

  2. If you put the skin colour of this one, on the bust that was on here last week, I think that would be the closest to the movie.

  3. Wow, that is an unbelievable deal, scabby! Which number did you get? You should post some pics on your site one day that shows how massive your mask/hock collection is.

  4. Is that a joke?? A grand for ITZ U?? I mean its pretty good but its not a thousand dollar piece. If any maybe the MMFX version is, but even thats a stretch.

  5. Yeah, is this an early April Fools Joke???? That is a God Awful price to pay. It is just an o.k. mask imo. I have seen masks that look the same if not better from 50.00-100.00. To each his own I guess…..

  6. Yeah, seriously – a grand is pretty laughable. Especially in the current “buyer’s market” for virtually all collectibles, thanks to the economically FUBAR’d climate we’re still firmly stuck in.

    The accuracy and detail on the ITZ-U certainly doesn’t warrant such a hefty price tag to begin with, either. The overall rarity due to the limited run, perhaps. But still – THAT price is just nuts. I think the fact that it’s a highly-desirable pull branded with the #13 is playing into the seller’s ego on this one as well. Just my opinion.

  7. For me it’s a little too expensive…

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