Friday the 13th Collectors, Check This Out

For those whose hobby is collecting memoribilia, marketing materials or autographs from the stars of the series, this will be of interest to you. Erik Nash, a huge fan and collector of the Friday the 13th franchise is selling a ton of his private collection which consists of press kits, lobby cards, publicity stills and posters. A number of these items have autographs from certain stars of the franchise. Some of the autographs are from stars that have since passed away and are very rare.

Erik’s collection has been seen in the books “Crystal Lake Memories” by Peter Bracke and “Making Friday the 13th” by David Grove, as well as the documentary “His Name Was Jason”. These items and autographs are 100% legit, so if you are interested in bolstering your collection, please check out his auctions. These items are hard to find and some are very rare. Good luck to those who jump in and try grab a part of series history.

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3 Responses to “ Friday the 13th Collectors, Check This Out ”

  1. There is some crazy pieces of swag here. Wow! Man, it would cost a lot of money to own of this though. I need to think about what I would want to buy.

  2. I’m willing to work with anyone who is interested in purchasing several items at once. I won’t give it away for free, but I can knock a few bucks off and combine shipping.

    Erik | [email protected]

  3. Nice!!!!

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