Setting Up The Scene: Ted’s Death, The Final Chapter

We have been examining how scenes are created by showing pictures of crews setting up certain shots throughout different films in the franchise. Check out all of our previous looks in the Setting Up The Scene series. Today we’re going to take a brief peak at how the death scene of Ted’s character from The Final Chapter was executed.

Ted’s character is one of the most recognized in the series. His sexual drive, drug use and constant bashing of friend Jimbo set him up nicely to be gruesomely dispathed by Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. For Ted’s death scene, a head was cast of actor Lawrence Monoson’s head and propped in front of the movie screen. Tom Savini then thrust the butcher knife into the dummy head through the movie screen and then with the use of good editing, the effect gives the appearence of the actor getting a big knife to the cranium.

The Special Edition DVD shows the extended death scene with more blood running down the front of the screen. This is one of the more underrated scenes in the film as it has the least amount of gore and blood involved, but it still a favorite of many fans!

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10 Responses to “ Setting Up The Scene: Ted’s Death, The Final Chapter ”

  1. Great kill and awesome movie! I always like finding out how effects are done in movies and this is pretty cool. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Very cool

  3. Tom Savini is the master! So innovative in his time and responsible for training some of the best in the biz today, KNB effects.

  4. “Let me put it in the ol’ computer”

  5. “Ya Dead F*ck!”

  6. The Final Chapter: Along with the Steve Miner sequels, it’s my second favorite out of the original quickly shout out over usually a year & a half very early on Paramount-era sequels to the franchise. I prefer Part 3 to it, but The Final Chapter is probably my next favorite. It has many of the “Party Film” elements that make it such a great film. Part V following it was okay as a guilty pleasure, and I still quite like many parts and chunk/set pieces out of it, but it has probably oddly enough aged worst then even some earlier installments, which is quite odd (fashion choices and music & all).

    Never the less, the first five are my perenial favorites. In closing: “And Jimbo, don’t be such a (*puts hand through old button-fly jeans* … DEAD FUCK!” (and cut the asshole laugh and fade out! lol). :D

  7. I def have to agree with TommyJ. Most people laugh at me, but it really creeps me out in part 4 when Jason, is killing Rob and Rob is screaming, “run, he is killing me, he is killing me”. Just something very cold, very psychological disturbing to me. But, alot of f13th fans laugh about that. I also think it would have really added something to the 4rth film if they would have included the morning after dream sequence. When the camera was moving up to the house, then through the chopped down door, blood everywhere, it really struck a nerve in me. If you have ever seen photographs from the crime scene of the Sharon Tate murders and her friends it reminded me of that. Very horrific and terrifying You actually saw the horror in the day time, when the day time is suppose to be safe, throws you for a loop. I have said this many times before in post, but I wish the next Friday movie, would have more psychological connections with the audience. I refer to The last house on the left remake, because when I first saw the movie, I thought the location would be great for the location. I loved it because you cared for the poor girl, her parents, friend and the wacko’s son. At the end when they are leaving in the boat for help, the music, the way the camera is looking straight up while the boat is making its way through the boat house, the water, the whole beauty of the elements combined. I guess the feeling I am trying to compare it to is almost to the Carrie, shower scene at the beginning of the Carrie film. If the script could build the psychological connection with the characters and the audience, add the 80’s period,(no cells or ipods) then add the camp and the lake, maybe a sex scene or two (we dont want to watch a porn scenes like they have done since part 5) but just regular making out, you want drugs? thats cool (we don’t wont to see more of a scene where they are hunting for pot to start a cash crop, or worshiping a bong, it distracts from the movie) I mean just smoke a joint if you have to, without it being so distracting. Then add Jason, (not superman) but a human Jason, then say, “I am going to chop you up my little bitty friend (formula), and then we will have made the best God damn stew! lol (movie) we have seen since 1984! I think alot of hardcore fans of the first few films, will def agree with me on this. Horror movies can have beauty and horror in them, like the old school films. And Ted was so sexy in part 4! on the subject of that! lol

  8. *location for a new F13th location

  9. Big thanks for the reply, Kiah!

    And I agree: Nothing too spoofy, like a Bong tookin’ Chuck from Part 2 from ‘82 taking overly long, deep bong hits the way Freeburg did in Freddy Vs. Jason. That was beyond super-silly. A regular joint as well and no retro late ’70s/earily ’80s (even though I LOVE that music) timeframe of “arena rock” or new-wave rock stuff like the Sister Christian song in the ‘09 Friday redux.

    A lot of great points there, as always! ;)

  10. I just bought The Final Chapter deluxe edition, and I got to say that I enjoyed the slashed scenes. Tom Savini was a big piece of that entire movie. What I always loved about Teds death scene is He actually looks stoned for real. Which on the His Name Was Jason DVD He admits He got stoned in His trailer right before His scene. He said He was very paranoid, and doesnt recomend it to other actors. But that kill scene, that was awesome and it was one of the unpredictable kills of the series. In fact The Final Chapter had the most unpredictable kills in the series.

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