Superb Jason Goes To Hell Costume Up for Auction

I have seen this costume’s pictures posted in other forums before, but it is now up for auction. I have not seen a hood made from JGTH before and I really love this look. The hockey mask looks spot on and if it is from Crash then I know it is high quality and accurate. Check out the pics below and know that the seller created this full costume for a life size halloween disaplay, but it can also be worn as a costume. I love this look from the movie and the seller has really created something special here.





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12 Responses to “ Superb Jason Goes To Hell Costume Up for Auction ”

  1. Wow!! never new what his face looked like! amazing! wouldnt mind having that for myself, but i’m not male!! :P
    Very well detailed!!

  2. Yeah, this is cool. I wish some peeps would get together, get a good outfit like this, and start making a series of decent/good Friday the 13 fanfilms and post them on the net. There are several good ones out there… but I want more. MORE! MOOOOOOORRRREEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. YO SOME NEW MOVIE NEW’S WOULD BE NICE !!! MAKE SOME CALLS !! POST SOME NEW NEWS ? !!PART2 WHEN WHERE HOW WHO..?? I SAW H2 THIS SATURDAY AND i did not want to but i did and there was much more gore then friday the 13remake but sad to say it felt more real then the new jason movie ,,and i did not like it much 1 was better but i hope they make the next jason movie at least have a friday feel not a T.C.M. FEEL THANKS NISPIL…

  4. guy I know on the FS boards made this, good work too

  5. that is the coolest costume ive seen outside of the ones for the movies,fuggin tits man!

  6. The guy who made this goes by SirBrad on a few forums. Pretty cool guy. Good costumes from what I\’ve seen.

  7. @cat
    don’t worry it’s cool to cross-dress on Halloween. . . I mean. . . uhh not that I would or anything. lol

  8. Amazing! I loved JGTH Jason! Probably the most scariest and ferocious Jason next to FC Jason.

  9. Great!

  10. Wow I did not even know this was there, thanks a lot it is an honor being mentioned! I made another one before this as well, and just made one more costume up for eBay as I received a ton of requests from people to make more. The new one I made has the parts latexed in so that it will fit almost anyone more universally. Of course the undershirt method looks the best but you need to custom make that to fit you, and this costume was made to fit my display as stated. I was going to customize to fit me but then decided to sell it to fund other projects.

    I will be doing more of these, but I am trying to find a cheaper alternative for the masks being they run about $300 for both. For me they are worth it, but it is tough to sell them with the costume and make any kind of a profit. But I do it for the love of it. You can see all my costumes on or the forum sites Nightowl, FrightStuff, and Horrorbid. I also just sold my New Blood Life-sized on eBay which I hated to do, but stay tuned, there will be a sicker/more gruesome one coming soon. ;) Thanks again for the mention, I hope to make another complete JGTH soon.


    I justy made another JGTH economy version costume, turned out great considering it was last minute being I got a TON of requests to make more. Just add your own JGTH hock and undermask and you are golden. Or use as is with a hock of your choice for a great costume. Thanks.

  12. congrats to Sirbrad and the costume looks great, I would only switch out the head piece for Jeremy Bohr’s version

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