Good Looking The Final Chapter Jason Hood

Since Halloween is just around the corner, there will be more posts on hocks, masks and costumes through the next month and a half. First up is a hood from The Final Chapter. This looks pretty good, but the seller claims that this came from the original mold from the film. I cannot confirm this, but if somone can confirm or dispell, please let us know. Read the description below.

“Acquired this years back from an independent mask maker on a movie prop message board. This ‘hood’ is especially an interesting rarity as it’s casted from the original sculpture used in Part 4 from Tom Savini’s original movie mold. Casted in heavy, durable rubber that’s slightly transparent to simulate the appearance of deteriorating flesh. The paint on the piece is remarkable and captures numerous, intricate details that make this the Best Jason ‘hood’ I’ve ever seen. I’m told this piece is long out of reproduction independently online again and is uncommon to come across.”


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12 Responses to “ Good Looking The Final Chapter Jason Hood ”

  1. Very well made!!

  2. Looks exactly like the one I got from Ruste Dowg.

  3. Yeah bullshit, that’s a ruste dowg hood. Doesn’t mean it’s not good :D , it’s just not made by Tom Savini.

  4. scab is right, that is ruste dowg’s hood he sold, made by rubber gorilla, not from the movie mold

  5. Thanks, guys. I was pretty sure that it was not from the original mold, but stranger things have happened. ;) It does still look good!

  6. part 4 THE BEST , i hope see tomy jarvis again

  7. nice stuff.

  8. I have a Ruste Dowg hood as well and that is indeed a Ruste Dowg hood. It\’s not taken from any original mold whatsoever. But Dowg does make one of the best hoods out there and I highly recommend it. You can find pics of his hoods in my interview on here.

  9. Interesting tidbit. The seller has since removed the part about it being from the original mold from his description on Ebay.

  10. That is indeed interesting. Either the seller visits this site or someone from here must have mentioned his error to him.

  11. Halloween is right around the corner, wish I had me the extra loot to go all out on a Jason costume this year. All have is a fairly decent FvJ “Killer Replicas” from a seller on ebay but I’d like to go with either a part 3 or 4 Jason look this time around.

  12. Wish I had the money for this! That is a great looking hood!

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