French Friday the 13th Box Sets

As US fans await the ultimate DVD and Blu-Ray box sets to be released uncut and remastered, I thought I would share some of the French box sets that are available right now for purchase. You can purchase these box sets by visiting

VHS Box Set Released October 2000.
This set includes Part 2 through 8 and excludes the original as Warner Bros. hold the distribution rights to that movie.


Original DVD Box set Released Ocotober 2005.
This set includes the first wave of Friday the 13th DVD’s that were also released in the US. The original 1980 classic was excluded from this set as well.


Remastered DVD Box Set Released October 7, 2009.
This box set boasts 8 discs, but I am not sure if the original movie is included as Warner still holds distribution rights in this region and the box set is a Paramount release. I have said before that I love the design of these DVD covers.


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13 Responses to “ French Friday the 13th Box Sets ”

  1. I love all the art for the remastered box set

  2. Wow these are cool box sets, far better than the crap UK box set I bought last year, with the horrible artwork

    Does anyone now when the Uncut DVDs will be released in the UK, So far Part 1 is availible on Blu ray, will the ultimate editions be released in the UK? if so when?

  3. i cant wait to hear the release date for deluxe editions being released on box set for blu-ray that would be extremely stupid to release part 1-3 on blu and not 4-8, that would not be a satisfying boxset.

  4. I love the artwork for the 2005 dvd box set.

  5. I do not want the only release of blu-rays to be in a box set.

    Please, Please release them all individually too.

    I don’t want Part 8 (or from NewLine, Part 9) of this franchise. And yes, I do consider myself a true fan :)

    But crap to me is still crap to me.

    …we’re weren’t doing anyhting, we just…

  6. wow what cool box sets why didnt we get these instead of having to try to advoid getting a SLP tape oh well thank god for dvd and blu ray :) but these have nice artwork

  7. Holy sh*t does the VHS box set ever look awesome!

  8. The french boxset includes “the last part of Friday the 13th chapter 12″ .. Which is the remake. I read the little tag at the bottom. ;)

  9. Thanks, Jenosis. You know, I put that phrase into a translator and it gave something similar to that, but I wasn\’t exacty sure. I should have known, however, since it does say Chapitre 12 in that description

  10. these box sets are awesome, i cant wait for the future ultimate dvd and blu ray box sets. :)

  11. Did you guys get the box set that we got in Canada in 2004? ‘Friday the 13th from Crystal Lake to Manhattan’. The artwork is a close-up of the goalie mask with a red landscape of Crystal Lake in the eyes with Jason as a boy standing on the dock. the artwork is okay but the special features are great.

  12. Yes, we got the same box set. The special features are great. I know that everyone wants more and the new DVD releases have delivered that for us. I think the last step is to see if they will incorporate the lost footage and cut scenes into the movie itself. In some instances it just may not be plausable to do so.

  13. I know. It would be totally awesome if they infuse some cash into excellent computer graphics to gore up part 5. I know that all of the edits are lost in the miles of un-marked footage in a Paramount warehouse but lets gore up what we’ve got! Just a thought.

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