Jason Lives and The New Blood Mexican Lobby Cards

These are pretty hard to come by and I have not seen these around of late. I would really like to own the complete set of each movie’s lobby card set. The Jason lives card is in kind of bad shape, but still would be cool to own. I found these at eBay, but the auction has closed now.



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9 Responses to “ Jason Lives and The New Blood Mexican Lobby Cards ”

  1. Wait a minute, Martes is Tuesday not Friday. “Tuesday the 13th” lol. Maybe I’m missing something here I guess in some places the unlucky day is Tuesday but it should be “Viernes 13″.

  2. Sorry for the DP but I guess it’s interesting to know that last week was “Martes 13″.

  3. I love how we are all supposed to assume that Jason knows how to use that tree cutter or what ever that thing is. a great kill but come on. The guy is dead and it just doesn’t make sense. The deleted scene of the kill is great. to bad the footage of it is crap.

  4. Why shouldn’t Jason know how to use one? He’s not retarded, as some would believe. He used a harpoon gun in part 3, remember. Besides, this series isn’t about logic anyway. If you have no problem with a corpse being resurrected by lightning and becoming an invincible killing machine, this really shouldn’t strike you as weird.

  5. down the ecuator, the bad luck day is TUESDAY not friday.

  6. That’s not mexican…

    This is the mexican cover (VHS):



  7. Sorry:

    “Viernes 13 (Parte 6: Jason Vive)” MEXICAN VHS COVER
    (Friday The 13th (Part 6: Jason Lives)



  8. TomaCCo,
    I can see your point about the title, but from what I understand, there are regions in Mexico and South America that refer to Friday the 13th (Viernes 13) as Martes 13 due to their superstition.

    Here’s some info that Bruce in another blog posting responded with in regards to the use of Martes 13:


    I could be off on this topic, but the person who posted these lobby cards on ebay is located in Mexico and listed these as Mexican lobby cards. Any thoughts from a person from the region that could help with this topic would be appreciated.

  9. My guess is they just re-titled the movies when they were released on home video. If it’s because of region codes it must be region 4. I don’t think it could be from Spain because they have a different region shared with the rest of Europe that excludes them from the majority of Spanish speaking countries.

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