Jason Voorhees Grudgematch: Reboot vs Space

Posted 10 Jun 2024 in The Saga

Last week we had quite the unusual matchup as a young Jason matched up against the Hillbilly. Needless to say, the adult Jason won easily. Yes, the matchup did not seem fair, but it was interesting to see how people felt about the possibility of the two facing each other. This week’s matchup will be a bit more even and will hopefully see a better result.

Reboot vs Space

Here we have a regenerative Jason squaring off against a true survivalist. Both look to posssess the qualities of intelligence and a superior stalking prowess. Space Jason awoke pretty pissed off and was hell bent on making the residence of the Grendel pay for awaking him from his sleep. Does Reboot Jason stand a chance against this mouintain of rage?

Unique Weapon of Choice
Reboot:  Bow and Arrow
Space:  Liquid Nitrogen

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Posted by jasonsfury


  1. jcravage (10 Jun 2024, 12:51)

    This, is a tuff choice. I have to think that Jason X being able to reginirate and almost back to his totally human form in the beginning of the movie, would take a twenty something year old young Jason. Experience being a factor and age too. I would have to give it to Jason X.

  2. TheRustyMachete (10 Jun 2024, 14:13)

    As much as I like the reboot’s Jason I have to give it to Jason X as well. He has more toys at his dispasal in X than reboot Jason seemed to have. Besides, Jason X can exist in space because he doesn’t have to breathe. He could launch himself and Reboot Jason into space for a two second fight.

  3. David (10 Jun 2024, 16:16)

    I vote Reboot as He is just as pissed off and Space Jason and I think that he has a little more skills to take out Space Jason

  4. Scott (10 Jun 2024, 16:50)

    Reboot Jason. way more pissed off and seems to be more intelligent hunter/killer

  5. Mark (10 Jun 2024, 17:15)

    Reboot Jason

  6. John F (10 Jun 2024, 17:25)


  7. TheWafflenator (10 Jun 2024, 17:28)

    Reboot hands down

    The reboot Jason would most likely give Jason X a swift kick in his crusty behind.

  8. babyface68 (10 Jun 2024, 17:37)

    Reboot all the way!

  9. Corey (10 Jun 2024, 18:06)

    Now you all know I love -JX-, but I vote in Reboot! He was the way Jason SHOULD be after the series sadly took a dive. He is probably the closest in similarity to the likes of Final Chapter, and Part 3…Reboot Voorhees all the way!

  10. evilekim (10 Jun 2024, 18:13)

    I pick Reboot Jason. He was smarter and faster. Jason X was broken down piece of meat that was on his way to being put down. Reboot Jason would’ve thrown X into outer space. Maybe the film itself should be thrown into space too ;)

  11. TurboMan (10 Jun 2024, 18:26)

    I’ll go with Reboot :)

  12. CaptainSubtext (10 Jun 2024, 18:33)

    Jason X

  13. John Robert (10 Jun 2024, 18:35)

    Jason X.

    …”you brought him onboard?”…

  14. washingtonbc (10 Jun 2024, 18:48)

    Reboot. Space was too slow and plodding.

  15. SHOTZ10 (10 Jun 2024, 19:14)

    I have to say Jason x all the way!!

  16. JB Demented (10 Jun 2024, 19:39)

    Thats a tough one. Space Jason seems stronger, but Reboot seems smarter. Not that Space Jason isnt smart. That opening scene in Jason X where He kills like 7 people at once including David Cronenberg, thats pretty tough. But Reboot is more like Rambo, the survivalist and hunter. I guess Im going to go with Space Jason. Im just picturing if they went head to head. Space Jason would rip Reboots head off.

  17. Brandon (10 Jun 2024, 20:10)

    I’d have to say the Reboot, hes just more pissed.

  18. D (10 Jun 2024, 21:05)

    This isn’t Uber Jason, and that makes a difference. Though he regenerates he can still get taken out by a skilled opponent. Reboot has the skill, smarts, and speed to take him down.

    Even if JX goes Uber, that didn’t last long and had a small kill count. We never really know what Uber J is capable of. Plus I hate Uber J.

    Reboot wins.

  19. randy sanders (10 Jun 2024, 21:18)

    reboot jason would kick butt and ask questions later!
    jx jason would try , but he would fail! even uber jason would fail. reboot jason would rip his arms off and beat him to death with them lol

  20. Avyel (10 Jun 2024, 21:48)

    Reboot Jason

  21. diz (10 Jun 2024, 22:04)

    reboot jason, much better:-)

  22. Michigan Brian (10 Jun 2024, 22:46)

    Reboot Jason

  23. Demon Jason (10 Jun 2024, 23:27)

    Reboot Jason

  24. Chris (10 Jun 2024, 23:59)

    As much as I hate to have to say it, reboot Jason.

  25. 13thslasher (11 Jun 2024, 0:01)


  26. tj (11 Jun 2024, 0:30)

    we hate jason who evr director the last friday the 13th film tryin 2 copy halloween needz 2 get a better imagination. dude and wen did jason learn how 2 run like a track star and use his sword like a samari ninja. i agree to reboot jason i mean where do you get the ordasity to just change around a lengend i mean honestly ykou deserve to get sued. you have officially ruined a classic:( dude u made jason so lame i hate u 4 that who evr hired u shuld lose thier freakin job cus that shows they dnt no how 2 do there own freakin job :( lol ahahahahahahahahah BUT WE’RE TOTALLY SERIOUS IF U CANT DIRECT DNT DIRECT AT ALL:( CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING MOVE ON WIT A BETTER CAREER THAT FITS UR LAMENESS :) THNX

  27. NW (11 Jun 2024, 2:27)

    Reboot Jason. He’s much smarter & can set up some good traps that the Pre-Uber Jason wouldn’t know what hit him. Oh yeah, Reboot Jason is fast too.

  28. madmaxx1221 (11 Jun 2024, 3:15)


  29. kaijinu (11 Jun 2024, 3:45)

    Space Jason is just too powerful, in fact, Jason X gave Jason the most damage and yet he lives. Reboot Jason, though a survivalist, is just too human, and by the looks of it, lacks any of Space jason’s brute.

  30. Daniel (11 Jun 2024, 3:48)

    My vote goes for reboot

  31. MadWorldDesigns (11 Jun 2024, 7:20)

    Yeah, Jason-1000 would kick is a** all day long. He was hard core from the get go, but after the upgrade reboot would be toast.

    Too many Bay fans in the house ;)

  32. Tonyloomis (11 Jun 2024, 13:12)

    as relentless as Reboot Jason is you have to figure that after being fooled by Freddy that all these years later Jason would return to his Killing Machine self in space no less. Jason X!

  33. KnightShade (11 Jun 2024, 13:17)

    Hard choice, both versions of Jason are bas ass mofo’s,
    and in a fight i think it get pretty rough, and i was kinda leaning towards space Jason, but after much thought i’m going with
    the new Jason on the block, Reboot Jason.

    Think of it this way, look at the original Jason from part’s 2, 3 and 4 and then from 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, with each movie Jason pretty much got angrier, stronger, bigger, more evil and indestructable.

    Now look at the new reboot Jason, he is already a bad ass deadly evil son of a bitch and it’s his first movie, can you imagine the new Jason in like 20 years if he got to around 9 or 10 movies, he would be so much more hard core than the original Jason.

  34. st.nagornyy (11 Jun 2024, 13:37)


  35. JC Legion (11 Jun 2024, 16:32)

    Reboot, hands down… Although I did like the look/attitude of Jason in space (until he became a metallic gorilla at least)I didn’t much care for the plot/story… But the speed and cleaverness of the reboot wouldn’t have a problem with space at all!!

  36. Cat (11 Jun 2024, 17:16)

    Jason X for me, hes way more dangerous!!
    He doesnt take yes or not for an answer!!!

  37. mike (11 Jun 2024, 17:50)

    Reboot all the way!!!!! Jason X was a bitch

  38. Scott (12 Jun 2024, 1:03)

    reboot jason

  39. NW (12 Jun 2024, 1:53)

    I hope that “too many Bay fans here” is a joke, MWD. I’m not fan of Bay, but I like the reboot. He doesn’t have much power over the film despite his name as producer. ;)

  40. MadWorldDesigns (12 Jun 2024, 3:52)


    I’m always being sarcastic lol ;) I was shocked I guess to think anyone could possibly think a human Jason could beat the Terminator version so I figured their votes were based on liking the reboot over Jason X. (Which actually I did myself, not being a big X fan).

    So the Bay comment was meant to be funny.

    Never take anything I say too serious in these forums.


  41. Joliet Jerry (12 Jun 2024, 3:53)

    Reboot gets my vote.

  42. Mike S (13 Jun 2024, 20:48)


  43. Corey (15 Jun 2024, 5:19)

    I guess MWD created new slang; “Fan-Bays” anyways, how many more grudge matches are there going to be between the different versions of Jason/ Just 13 line-ups? or will it end only after every possible Jason has fought eachother? I hope this goes on for a long time yet-then maybe a survivors grudge round…or even just those who have died by “his” hands, but still had their personality that some did/didn’t like. I dunno, just a thought. I.E. “Tommy Jarvis Vs. Tina”, or “Alice Vs. Ginny”, “Trish Vs. Pam” Yeah, you all get the idea.

  44. jasonsfury (15 Jun 2024, 14:19)

    There will be one more coming this week and then I think this feature will be retired for the time being. However, we can visit your ideas for the future! ;)

  45. Corey (17 Jun 2024, 19:47)

    This was fun while it lasted, but te Survivor Vs. Survivor rounds seem like they would be a LOT more fun since some characters were iconic in thei own way. Oh yeah, btw, the pix of mine were taken-but now I don’t have correct memory card to fit dammit. I assure you I have the figure…don’t want to look like an idiot on this lol!

  46. David (02 Nov 2024, 9:22)

    Reboot’s a bitch. I don’t care if I’m late on this one. He’d trip whilst running. He’d be too busy sharpening his Cutco knife set to bother, or he’d get lost in his under ground layer…maybe he’d run into Michael Myers or Busta Rhymes down there and ask for directions. Not to mention, Space Jason: very rested.

  47. Rangerdave (14 Dec 2024, 2:11)

    Reboot Jason

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