Netflix Streaming Friday the 13th In December

Netflix made Friday the 13th 1980 through Friday the 13th Part 8 available to watch instantly for the month of September a few months ago and now the opportunity to watch these films via streaming Netflix is here again.

The films were only available for the month of September at that time, so the thought is that these films will only be available for the month of December. If you don’t own the franchise on Beta, CED, VHD, VHS, Laserdisc, DVD, or Blu-Ray, here is your chance to watch the legend of Jason Voorhees.

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7 Responses to “ Netflix Streaming Friday the 13th In December ”

  1. Nice. I thought netflix was only going to show the last couple of paramont films in Dec… but I would be more than happy to be wrong. Even though I own all the Friday DVDs, I watched ‘em in Sept with Netflix online. I wish they hung around longer though because I found them really nice to just have one when I cant sleep at night. Watching them then feels almost like hanging with an old friend… If i wanted to watch a Friday (or any horror) as a kid, I hate to wait till mom and dad were in bed… wait awhile till they were asleep, then get up and turn the TV on. I would have the volume turned low… and i was sit close to the screen. Haha… If i heard one lil sound, I would turn the TV off and race to bed in less than a heartbeat! lol I look back on those times with a large smile on my face. Hehe. Sorry about the rambling! Good times!

  2. Cool stuff. Not sure why they aren’t available all the time. I hope Netflix doesn’t turn into a glorified movie channel, where B or lower crap is the norm and the stuff you want to see the rarities.

  3. Typical, never over here!!!!!!!

  4. This is good to hear, I’m sitting here watching Jason Lives from my DVR which I recorded from FearFest in October and will probably watch The New Blood too!

  5. Anyone know if these are the Deluxe Editions? I only have the upgrades of 1,2,&4 and it would be great to see the others cleaned up.

  6. Just an FYI for everyone AMC plays a few F13th movies super late on weekends and apparently on last wed haha but yea look around they’re out there being shown to insomniacs across the globe!

  7. Man, I just want Paramount to get off their @$$e$ and release IV-VIII on BLU RAY!!! Sure, it’s great these are getting streamed, but it’s damned annoying that only the first three films are out in the Blu format.

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