The New Blood Japanese Lobby Cards

Posted 02 Aug 2024 in Merchandise

Lobby Cards for the Friday films have different incarnations between the different countries that produce them. That’s why I like to collect lobby cards from different counties as you get to see different images or angles of images that you may not have seen in either US lobby cards or magazines.

As some may have noticed, I have quite the affinity for Japanese Friday the 13th merchandise. Their artwork and layouts for the VHS, Laserdisc and DVD releases of the franchise are unique and inspirational. Japanese posters are also very well conceived. While browsing such items I came across the lobby cards for The New Blood. I think these look great and find Jason in some poses that you don’t get to see him in very often. Special thanks go out to daizab for sending me info on all things Friday the 13th from Japan.








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Posted by jasonsfury


  1. Sinz86 (02 Aug 2024, 8:54)

    Busting through the window, one of my favorite Kane stunts.

  2. cat (02 Aug 2024, 10:58)

    love the cards!!! perfect images!!

  3. Hevymentl13 (02 Aug 2024, 14:03)


  4. Blickem (02 Aug 2024, 17:19)

    Those are aesome!!!!

  5. daizab (02 Aug 2024, 23:23)


    I am glad to be able to help it.

  6. The Gill-Man (03 Aug 2024, 15:42)

    LOVE the shot of Jason coming through the window! Such a great still of a fantastic stunt!

    Also really digging the pic of Big J coming up the stairs. Really captures the creepy, crawly feel of Kane’s Jason.

  7. jasonsfury (03 Aug 2024, 16:13)

    I too love the window crashing lobby card. The blue tint makes it look great. I know there are a lot of fans out there that love this movie, and I am one of them. However, you must admit that the set up for The New Blood is a clone of The Final Chapter in regards to the two houses next to each other, one a party house, the other has adults and then Jason stalks the party house first before turning his attention to the other house. Just an observation that I made and I believe may have been mentioned in the Crystal Lake Memories book?

  8. Kirk Magnum (04 Aug 2024, 4:16)

    I have this set as well. These were made by using a film print instead of either slides/transparencies or stills.

  9. Rich (04 Aug 2024, 16:45)

    I like the second one where he is busting through the wall beneath the stairs.

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