Jason X Concept Art Shows Ambitious Sequel

For many fans, Jason X still does not sit well in their stomaches. After many people felt burned by Jason Goes To Hell, there was a lot of excitement surrounding Jason X and Jason Voorhees appearing throughout the entire film once again. The introduction of the Space environment left some skeptical, but most fans were willing to give the film a chance, if not just to see Jason on the big screen once again.

After the film was released, two years or so after principal photography wrapped, there was a general feeling of emptiness from the film. Set pieces and characters seemed rushed, but we would later find out that was due to financial constraints. In the years after the release of the film, Jason Voorhees die-hards have come to appreciate the film for the ambitious approach that was taken to the film for it being the tenth in the franchise.

Todd Farmers’ script was actually a very immerse story and is illustrated as such by the concept art that was featured exclusively on this website a decade ago. If Sean Cunningham and crew had more finances, there would have been a much bigger Jason X film to enjoy. Below are some of the concept art that visitors may or may not have seen already. For more concept art, visit the original, archived page created over 10 years ago!

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12 Responses to “ Jason X Concept Art Shows Ambitious Sequel ”

  1. I just wish the these companys that give money too make films, would just be a bit more loser, then they would see what they can do too make the film REALY good!!!!! ggggrrrrrrrr

  2. I LOVED JX right from the start…I hope for a direct sequal to it, even if it means its on dvd. It would make a nice side kick of a franchise…I don’t care if it “confuses” people either…if one got confused, then they’re not a fan. Everyone can say what they want about JX just like I can about JTM, but I liked the “what-if” futuristic approach!

  3. Yeah I remember those pics. I kind of get a Star Wars feeling when I look at them. Jason X is cool but it couldve been way better.

  4. I’d like to see Todd Farmer’s script, and these designs, incorporated into a comic book “Director’s Cut” (or, perhaps, “Writer’s Cut” would be more accurate). It would be cool to see how it was actually intended to be seen, instead of the finished product we got. Dark Horse comics was able to do this with Joss Whedon’s original script for the film of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and it was fascinating to see how the story the way Whedon originally envisioned it. Sure, it isn’t a movie, but the great thing about comics is that they don’t have budget or time restraints.

  5. The more I watch Jason X, the more I like it. For one, I haven’t seen Jason X a million times like all the others, so I still can’t remember certain parts. Another thing I like about it is that they show Jason! JGTH fell short mostly due to limited screen time by the man himself. Fuckin’ demon worm. I would take Jason X over JTM, or JGTH any day.

  6. I read Farmer’s original script, and it was even worse than the finished film, IMO. No matter how big the budget, Jason X was a mess and a terrible film. I’m glad many fans seems to enjoy it now, but for me personally, its the worst Jason movie ever made. I honestly wish it had never even been made…but that’s just my opinion.

  7. I liked a couple of the characters and a few scenes, but I think it could’ve been set in the future without a spaceship, and without having an earth 2. Didn’t care much for sticking Jason on a spaceship.

    I do love the poster art, however, and proudly have a framed theatrical poster of the film on my wall.

  8. Jason X was much funner than it had any right to be. Absurd concept. Absurd “upgrade” but it was fun. My main gripe with the movie itself isn’t any real plot point because quite honestly how much difference would tweaking a Jason in space movie do? Nah, my issue is the soundtrack. I think Harry Manfredini’s music didn’t fit that movie at all. They should have gotten someone else. It didn’t fit to a point of distraction.

    The trailer had music more fitting to the movie.

  9. Penhall, JGTH was the worst Jason movie. Jason X was good. IF we had a future with space and IF Jason had survived for that long, what other kind of film could they make? Jason X was smart and very good.

  10. I hope there will be a Jason X2..But this time have it taking place at Earth 2, and get him to battle some other unstoppable monster..make it a big explosive battle as Uberjason..it would rock!
    If this movie would end and Jason maybe dead…we can always go back to JTM of Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash

    Atleast the series has alot of open doors to get another sequel..and very different ones too….but for JX2 they really should get Kane back…

  11. Jason X needs a proper sequel, or maybe even a conclusion. Comics are nice, but the Jason vs. Jason X one was just dumb.
    This appears to be a great basis for a sequel, I mean with all the CGI and special FX advancements that have been made recently (Avatar comes to mind), this would work out perfectly. I mean, this is the last we’d see of the ORIGINAL Jason…
    Though, if they were to bring the original series back, they should probably aim to bridge the gab between Freddy Vs. Jason and Jason X first, since audiences will be slightly more familiar with that.
    My only doubt is how SCARY it will be, with such a scifi environment. I guess it all depends on the director, which Sean Cunningham is/was capable. Jason X actually could’ve been much worse in that department, for that matter.

  12. I agree with Penhall99. The movie was pretty awful. It’s still fun to watch now and again, but low budget or not, they could’ve made the last movie to feature the original Jason Voorhees a lot better. There’s a reason the studios had to reboot this series.

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