Video Review Saturday: Friday the 13th Nintendo Fever

That’s right, Nintendo had Friday the13th fever towards the end of the 80’s and the fans of the franchise were the direct recipients of the desire to jump on the franchise bandwagon. We have featured this game a few times on the website in different blog postings, but I figured that I would show a video of how I display my NES game and show off a few things that maybe the fans may not have seen before. Sit back and Destroy Jason If You Can!

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18 Responses to “ Video Review Saturday: Friday the 13th Nintendo Fever ”

  1. Pamela’s floating head always annoyed me with that game–among other things, obviously. You have a great collection dude, keep it coming.

  2. That was a trip down memory lane, I remember owning this and the “Nightmare on Elm Street” game. Even though both were crap, for some reason, I enjoyed the NOES game more.

  3. The F13 game gets a bad rap (especially from the angry Nintendo nerd), it was annoying at times but you could get some pretty badass weapons like the pitchfork and the torch and there was an element of exploration to it, like the cabin in the woods you had to search for that had a secret message in it… it also had some pretty decent multi-plane background graphics for its day. I just don’t get why they made Jason purple.

  4. I love this game!!!! **%$ the haters!!! I actually beat this game!!! and was the Envy of my friends because they all thought it was too hard!!! Kill Jason 3 times than you can talk about how bad it is!! GREAT GAME!!!!!!

  5. One of the worst games ever made. Same with the Nightmare On Elm Street game (same company). LJN never made a good game until they teamed up with Acclaim in the early 90s. I just wish some company like Rockstar or Activision would finally make a kick ass FT13th game. Theres already a Saw game, and a sequal in the works. And as much as I love FT13th, the Saw movies are way more brutal and bloody. So why cant We get a new Jason game? I bought the NES game back in 1988. I want My $49.99 back.

  6. What is the saddest thing about this Friday the 13th game? (And the Elm Street game?) The fact that they haven’t made a better one, nor much less ANOTHER ONE, since the late 80’s when these games came out. I honestly can’t believe this.

  7. Nothing lame about that! That’s a kick ass display! I wish I still had the box it came in & the instruction manual. Still have the game though & I agree w/ tonyloomis, it’s a good game! Crappy ending though & I needed game genie to beat it. Angry Video game nerd’s review is F’N HILARIOUS!!! That guy is AWESOME!! It’s worth buying the AVGN dvds, yeah I know you can watch them for free online but you get some cool extras on the dvds & your supporting the guy’s show! Back to F13th, they seriously do need to release a new video game for F13th on the home consoles of today. I still would like to see a tournament fighter style game of all the famous horror icons duking it out Mortal Kombat style in one kick ass fighting game!! Jason (of course), Freddy, Michael Myers, Leatherface, Chucky, Pinhead, Tall Man, etc. Obviously licensing will prevevnt from ever happening but hey I can dream. :(

  8. awesome display!

  9. Great display. But i’m not sure if Jasons mums head is anything to worry about!!lol

  10. i love this game, i still play it whenever i can!

  11. I used to work with the angry video game nerd, and we used to talk about f13. So it was great to see him actually make a video about it. I actually like this game just for the fact that its a f13 video game. Also, it had a classic nintendo score which was creepy and got you really involved in the game. It wasn’t until i used cheat codes to actually beat the game lol. So until i have a more updated f13 video game, this is the best one!!

  12. cool. very interesting. great to see some of the booklet art with CH-CH-CH Roy!

  13. Thanks everyone for the compliments on the display for the game! I’m glad that there are some of you that enjoy the game. I agree that the nostalgia that is part of this game definitely lends some fun to the experience! :)

  14. I actually thought that the F13th game was one of the easiest games on the NES. I can breeze throught the game w/out losing a counselor or a child, yet for the life of me I still can’t beat the original mario brothers game. And NOES is a lot harder than F13!

  15. Everyone always says how bad of a game this was but I honestly thought it was a good game, especially for it’s time.

  16. i remember playing this game with my brother when i was like 5. it seemed to be a bad ass game back then, but now when i play it, i see all the errors that annoy the hell out of me and probably everyone else. zombies, bats, werewolves and what not…where do people get their ideas?

  17. I think the display is pretty cool to be honest.

  18. everytime I play Friday The 13th NES, I keep thinking how awesome it would be if they would create a modern day game for ps3/XBox …. having the option to play as Jason or Camp Counselors, unlock characters like Jason X, Mrs. Voorhees, Crazy Ralph …. I read that idea one time and thought it was amazing, don’t they realize how well that would sell for horror fans …. wishful thinking!

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