Part 2 “Hillbilly” Jason Lifesize Figure

Wickedbeard and Sirbrad have shown their awesome Jason costumes to fans previously, and we all hope they continue making these great costumes for the fans to view. One Jason costume/figure that I have wanted too see more of is Jason from Part 2. Well, I recently found a spectacular rendition of the “Hillbilly” Jason on auction and thought our visitors would like to see. Read the creators’ description below:

This is a 6FT Jason figure i made from FRIDAY THE 13th Pt 2 ( this is a tribute piece and just my art) … head is latex with glass eyes… body is Fiber Glass / hands are made of a kind of plastic… this is a COLLECTORS ITEM FOR SURE….VERY …VERY RARE!!! stands on a metal plate .. Very VERY REALISTIC !! NO detail has been missed even down to the EYE LASHES .. weight is about 22 lbs .. you can also position the arms as you wish . sculpted and painted and finished by: Chuck Jarman.

If you are interested, check out the auction and try your luck at owning this visually accurate lifesize Jason from Friday the 13th Part 2!

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5 Responses to “ Part 2 “Hillbilly” Jason Lifesize Figure ”

  1. That’s pretty incredible! Nice work.

  2. Very creepy….well done.

  3. I wonder how many casual horror fans would even know that this was an incarnation of Jason from the series?

  4. Really well done!!! Looks fantastic!!

  5. Thanks for the shout. Awesome work man! Looks very cool! I actually have a part 2 in the works but it got delayed because I did not win a part 2 auction on eBay for the Demented from MMFX. I wanted that badly for my part 2 life-sized. But rest assured I got a sick one coming still. But yeah great work on this one, really inspires me to finish it. I agree that this is an underrated and overlooked part of Jason. Everyone likes part 6,7, and 8 or 4 etc, but this was the first adult Jason and has a very crude look to it. My biggest problem is whether I would display it like that or with a the sack! But who wants to cover up all that beauty?! :)

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