‘The Man In The Lake’ Giveway Winners Announced

We had a spectacular Friday the 13th this past Friday and want to thank everyone that visited our website. The amount of people that visited us and participated in our discussions was extraordinary. The festivities were concluded with the premier of the fan film, ‘The Man In The Lake’. Reviews have been positive and to thank everyone for supporting their film, Southlan-Films provided us with a box full of DVD’s to give to our loyal visitors and we have now picked our giveaway winners. Below, we have listed the winners with their screen names. Winners will receive an email requesting their mailing addresses. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours and your screen name is in the list, send an email to [email protected].

Also, keep a lookout in the next couple of days for something very special relating to ‘The Man In The Lake’!


JAS0N VOORHEE5 (360 Gamertag)
Mike New
Steve G
Ron Oliver
Joe goodrum
Croc Master

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28 Responses to “ ‘The Man In The Lake’ Giveway Winners Announced ”

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  2. Congrats to all of the winners! ;)

  3. Awesome! I can’t believe I won! I can’t wait for that email

  4. sweet i cant believe i won :)

  5. cool didnt think I would win

  6. Sweet. Thanks.

  7. Awesome! :D

  8. Sweet!

  9. Wow this is the first time I won something on this website. I am stoked!

  10. Congrats to all that won. That was a pretty cool fan film. Im just wondering if there will be a way to order it. I wouldnt mind having that in the collection.

  11. WOW!! I can’t believe I won!! Thanks! very much, jasonsfury
    and crew, for the chance to enter your giveaway and for hosting it.
    I’ll be keeping a close eye on my inbox! Again, Thanks guys

  12. Wow! I’m totally floored! Many thanks.

  13. This is AWESOME! This is the first thing I ever won of the internet and I’m pumped to let everyone know what I won! I’ll def. be showing this to a my horror friends!

  14. I loved this film and know I own it. Thank you Friday the 13th website!

  15. I sent an email, I didn’t know if I accidently deleted it from spam or not.
    Thanks again,

  16. congrats to everyone who won. I honestly can’t believe i won one of the dvd’s. I am a very happy camper. Thanks a bunch and can’t wait to see it.

  17. if you have one more to give away I would love to have one.

  18. i still havent gotten an email and i emailed yall and still nothing :(

  19. For some reason, the night I emailed everyone who won, nobody received my mass emails. I have since been getting emails from the winners, which I appreciate. I will be contacting back everyone individually via email to confirm I have their address. Sorry for the problem with the email.

  20. Glad I won. That truly is my favorite quote. My friends & I laughed for hours at it as teenagers and still do to this day.

    I haven’t received any notice. I’ll watch my e-mail.

  21. thanks for the update fury.

    Looking forward to having a screening with my friends.

  22. where can I get a copy of the film?

  23. Thanks for the update jasonsfury. haven’t got an email back yet, but i will be keeping an eye out.
    many thanks again :)

  24. I saw that the other thread got locked because folks were arguing too much, I hate that my film caused this problem

  25. Where did your film cause a thread to get locked? I didn’t know there was any problems with it. I think you did a good job. If people are unhappy with it they can always go out and make their own.
    Keep up the good work!

  26. holy shit! :D

  27. Yeah there was some crazy stuff going on in the thread. I just hate it that it was my film that caused all of that ruckus. Anyhow, thanks doe all of your comments everyone. To all of you who enjoyed the film, thank you very much.

  28. ya that is a shame that people fly of the handle about things.
    Life is short so just take things in stride and enjoy life.

    Just wondering if there is any update on the emails regarding the dvd? Anyone else not receive anything yet?

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