New “Vintage” Friday The 13th Poster

Mark Wesler is a cartoonist that has been busy creating 1960’s/1970’s style posters of today’s most popular films. To date, posters he created range from Nightmare On Elm Street to Disney’s Tron. Mark did create a “vintage” poster for Friday the 13th 1980 and the silhouette of Alice in the boat on the lake is simple yet effective along with the original film’s tagline. However, the use of the hockey mask in the background obviously doesn’t fit with the 1980 film at all since there was no hockey mask in the whodunit.

I know the hockey mask is the iconic symbol of the franchise, so perhaps having it as the background to the retro look of the original film’s concept art will win fans over. If you’re interested in purchasing this unique print or other movie posters by Mark, visit his store for more information!

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7 Responses to “ New “Vintage” Friday The 13th Poster ”

  1. So basic yet awsome.

  2. I like it, a lot!

  3. Awesome!!!!

  4. I really like the poster, but we all know the hockey mask or Jason were not in the original film (Jason did appear at the end though). I especially like the colors of the poster.

  5. I think it’s just…meh, to be honest. I don’t see anything special about it, with no offense intended towards the artist.

  6. Love it!!!

  7. I think it’s bad ass! Even if it does have the hockey mask. Keep up the good work. Would love to see more!

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