Larry Zerner (Shelly, Part 3) Guest On “I Love Movies” Podcast

Comedian Doug Benson invited Larry to be part of his I Love Movies Podcast this past week. Larry and the other guests had a fun time discussing movies, among other things. Check out the podcast at iTunes.


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16 Responses to “ Larry Zerner (Shelly, Part 3) Guest On “I Love Movies” Podcast ”

  1. Don’t know if anyone is a fan of Doug Benson, but I liked this show. It isn’t all about Friday the 13th, but it was cool to hear Larry’s comments!

  2. Good to see good ol’Shelly. By the way, we voted for months and months to see a winner in all the bracket challenges, and a winner still has not been posted. Will we ever see our winner?

  3. The winner of the challenge was Mrs. Voorhees.

    As an extra we included a vote that pitted the Bracket Challenge winner versus the Jason Voorhees that was voted the best by the fans.

    I believe that is what you’re eluding to as I did not post the results of that vote. Jason was the winner of that vote. Sorry that I did not post the results, but I thought of that vote as more of a What If, especially since it was mommy against son.

  4. WTF?

  5. Hi Larry,
    Thanks for visiting our website. Great to have you here! Don’t worry about the comment that was above. Just ignore that person as he will not be posting here anymore.

    Please stop by whenever you have a chance and let us know how things are going. Take care!

  6. Shelly’s the man!

  7. Hey J.F. what was said to or about Larry? I’m guessing someone said something rude or ignorant?

    Just curious.

    P.S. This is a cool thread.

  8. Of course I visit the website. How else would I find out what’s going on in F13 Land.

    The comment was actually pretty funny. I was just surprised at how elaborate it was.

  9. Hi Larry, Awsome to have ya here. : )

  10. can’t wait to meet you at Friday the 30th Larry! One of my top autographs to get while i’m there!

  11. Shelly is the man! If it wasn’t for him, Jason would never have gotten his hockey mask.

  12. Very cool.

  13. Chris,

    It was the Walmart Man. I saw the comment, something about a supposed interview that I guess never happened. Walmart just made up some stuff about the Shelley character and wrote it up like it was an interview.

    Larry, you were one of the most memorable things about F13 Part 3. I don’t know why the writers of new horror films dont write characters as good as that anymore (for the most part).

  14. Thank you jimbo X, I was wondering what the heck happened.
    Wow that was very rude of Walmart Man to act like that. Not very nice to do something like that at all.

  15. Great to have ya on board, Chris! Pay no attention to Walmart Man, you’re among friends here.

  16. Actually I’m not new lol…. But yea I try not to pay attention to him anyways.

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