Bracket Challenge Round 2: The Final Guy vs Biker of Higgens Haven


For some, Ali is a relative unknown character that shows up for a few minutes in the movie and gets killed by Jason in a few short seconds, twice. However, his character broke the mold of the original four movies in the series as the only African American male character to be created for use in a Friday the 13th. He does save Chris at the end of Part 3 which sets up the trademark axe to the head shot that Chris delivers.

Clay serves a different distinction to the franchise as a genuine character that is believable and does not come across as stereotypical or comical as some leading men have in past installments of the franchise, which is why he was voted through to the second round. Who deserves to move on to the 3rd round?

clay-remake-300x2001Clay (Friday the 13th 2024)
His love for his sister is his drive and motivation. Nothing will stop him from finding  his sister. Although he really was no match for Jason, physically, he gave it his all and in the end helped stop Jason in his tracks. If only temporarily.

ali-300x2001 Ali (Part 3)
Even after getting chopped in the head a few times by Jason… and dealing with Fox and Loco on a daily basis, he still gets back up and confronts Jason one final time. He may have lost his arm, but he gained a special place in Chris’s heart for saving her.

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57 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge Round 2: The Final Guy vs Biker of Higgens Haven ”

  1. Ali.
    He was original to the series and pretty bad-ass. Clay is a rip off of Rob from the Final Chapter.

  2. Gotta go with Ali. he wasn’t gonna let some filthy mongoloid with stained drawers get the best of him easily.

  3. Ali, no way.

  4. I’m going with Ali also, but I will have to state this, Clay was a welcome return to form, regarding how the male lead should be written and cast. I think the franchise has been plagued with the lack of a well rounded leading man. My theory has been, it’s essential for the audience to care about the intended victims in the movie, otherwise you risk the chance of eliminating the horror tag, and supplanting it with a gore fest. Anyone can make a gorey, but not everyone can make a horror movie.

    Great job Clay, but I got to go with the best brother to ever grace a Friday film, my man Ali!

  5. Ali, cool biker dude.

  6. Alie did fight well, but I’ve got to go with Clay.

  7. ali

  8. Ali.

  9. clay all the way

  10. Ali

  11. Ali rocks.. Everytime i watch part 3 I always hope that somehow he survives. Ali is a bad ass mofo he probably still survives the machete to the head at the end.

  12. you know what pisses me all the time, its when people think how Ali got up after Jason “hacks” him up the first time and he only has some blood on his head, and how can he still be alive. well, if you look at the first time he is attacked by Jason, Jason is hitting him with a MONKEY WRENCH, not a machete. that is how he is able to fight Jason later on in the movie.

    anyway, enough of my ramblings, Ali all the way baby!

  13. Ali (Part 3)

  14. Again, I hate Clay. Ali allthe way!

  15. Ali

  16. clay

  17. Clay. Ali\\\’s a cowardly punk. Get him alone and he shrinks.

  18. As much as I love part 3, I’m going with Clay.

  19. Ali !!

  20. Ali, he was a badass character, and he is in one of my favorite movie of the series.

  21. Hate to vote with the majority, but Ali.

  22. Ali

  23. I want to vote for Ali, but I Clay was more important in the story… So….


  24. Ali

  25. This is another tough one. Mainly because, in essence, I believe they were both pretty much throw away characters. I think I’ll go with Clay because of my love for “Supernatural”.

  26. I vote for Ali. I cant get over how Jason is like what the hell, when he realizes He is still alive….then he hacks him numerous times with the machete. I love that scene.

  27. Ali, because he took probably the most abuse of all the early Friday character/victims’ before he ultimately went down. Jason had to attack him almost in the over-kill type way that Rob Zombie had The Shape do it in the new Halloween II (2009) this year. Think about it.

  28. Steve Miner had an amazing opportunity to push the bar with Ali’s character in Friday the 13th Part 3…but he blew his opportunity. I always imagined that Ali secretly wanted to get with Chris and that’s why he came into the barn. He wanted to save her because he thought that if he did that he would have a chance to be with her.

    Ali was already so tough that Jason essentially had to kill him twice…so the establishment of strength for his character was already well-developed through metaphor. What Miner had with this was an opportunity to revolutionize the horror genre and, for once, create a multi-cultural love interest between two characters and the end of the film.

    Instead…Jason just hacked the shit out of Ali and Steve Miner abandoned the franchise forever. What a waste!

    I remember seeing this film in theaters and shaking my head through the whole thing. First, Steve Miner fired the greatest Jason ever in Part 2, Warrington Gillette. Then he ended his tenure with the F13 franchise by killing off Ali in the final moments of Friday the 13th Part 3.

    My vote still goes to Ali for this challenge mainly because I think of what Miner did with the character was a travesty and I still like to imagine “what could have been” if only Miner had the wit to recognize what he had set up in the story.

    The other reason I am choosing Ali is because Clay is an unoriginal character and, as somebody already said, a rip-off of Rob from The Final Chapter.

  29. Well, I think Ali would beat Clay’s ass so Ali it is.

  30. ali

  31. I loved Clay, I thought he was really cool. the way he handled himself when the blonde guy (who’s name escapes me- bad fan!) was being a dick and then he kicked ass as a survivor!! Part 3 is my favourite of the films and Ali was cool but I think I have to stick with Clay. More character development.

  32. ali for sure.i did like the remake or whatever,but parts 1-5 are the only true friday the 13th movies

  33. Clay. Ali missed his chance to kill Jason. All he had to do was sneak up behind him!

  34. ali,cuz he is one tough guy

  35. I love Part 3. But in this matchup, Im going with Clay.

  36. Ali

    I usually look at the consensus (although I don’t let it sway my vote) but on this one, it’s no competition. Ali is brutal and gave Jason a handful.

  37. Ali, all the way…..aww look who’s back…hey WALMART MAN, i thought u were not going to vote any more because u said this bracket was stupid? say what u mean, mean what u say…

  38. That’s right ACE. He did say that. A lie from Wal-Mart Man. I thought he only spoke the truth.

    After reading some of these posts I went back and dug through some old blogs on here and Dusk mentioned he was logging in from the LA school district, so does he work at Wal-Mart or for a school district. Oh and you say that you work at Wal-Mart with Warrington?? Right.

  39. ALI!

  40. Ali all tha way!

  41. Ali

  42. i vote for clay

  43. Rocky, just curious, why is your cut-off point part 5? I could see part 4 or 8 but 5? I don’t get it.

  44. I’ve gotta give my vote for clay. Ali not only got his ass kicked by Jason, but Shelly showed him up – in front of Vera! Ali even failed to burn the barn down. Ali was the leader of a motorcycle gang of 3! And we never saw him ride his bike. At least Clay could ride. Ali was insecure and even thought that Fox was bangin’ Loco! I gotta go with Clay!

  45. Ali. Seen Friday 3 earlier today and he actually came back for more at the end!!! Now that Man Ali has some BALLS!

  46. Clay! Ali was hardly in the story and pretty insignificant.

  47. “Why you son-of-a-b*tch!….. you betta come back here ya baste*d!….. you ain’t gettin away wif dis.. god d*mn-it!… I’m gone get you!”

    Ali for the win!


  48. ALI

  49. I am going to have to vote for Ali for this one.

  50. Ali!! Man could take a punch, and a machete lol

  51. Wow i can’t beleive all the love for Ali.Don’t get me wrong,i voted for him in a previous round but i’m gonna vote for Clay as he had a more impotant role to play in his F13 entry………………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  52. i voted for Ali in round 1 and im sticking with it….Go Ali!

  53. ali

  54. Clay

  55. I gotta go with Clay here. I hate the guy with all my heart but I hate Ali even more. Clay is the lesser of two evils here.

  56. Clay. Ali was great, but Clay really was a huge part of the new movie.

    Btw, Jay I love the new website homepage! Nice work my friend.

  57. clay