Derek Mears Announces Role In Pirates 4

While speaking to Jenna at Moviefone, Derek briefly explains his experiences in the new movie Predators and announces that he is currently in Hawaii filming a role in Pirates of The Caribbean 4! He mentions that he is not able to say what his role is in the film yet, but we are sure he will be some mean spirited fellow fighting against Jack Sparrow.

Derek has been on fire since donning the famous hockey mask. When the sequel for Friday the 13th eventually comes together, lets hope he will be able to slip back into the role of Jason Voorhees once again!

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4 Responses to “ Derek Mears Announces Role In Pirates 4 ”

  1. Well congrats again to Derek Mears. I look forward to Predators, and Im sure Pirates 4 will be good. But yeah I really hope He comes back for FT13th pt 2. He was just too perfect.

  2. A very inspired Jason Voorhees.

  3. awsome job as jason, hopein to see predators soon, and i thought they finished the pirates films? hopefully he plays some sick ass creature!

  4. Congrats to you Derek, hope you have a lot off fun filming it!!

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