Say Hi To Amy Steel On Facebook

Ah, social media. There are many people that despise the very existence of Facebook and Twitter. Most opponents of such media are the old school journalists that worked hard to get their sources for stories and breaking news. Times are changing and social media sites allow regular folks access to the people that make movie magic. Such is the case with Amy Steel (Ginny, Friday the 13th Part 2)

Amy recently activated a new account on Facebook, which has been live for a few weeks now. If you want to pop on over and say hi to Amy, check out her Facebook account. There are some cool pictures of Amy at a younger age located their. It’s always a plus ot keep in touch with the stars of the series and these avenues of dialogue are an even bigger bonus for those fans that cannot make it out to conventions to meet the actors in person.

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6 Responses to “ Say Hi To Amy Steel On Facebook ”

  1. She is amazing and very friendly and sweet to all the fans.

  2. Amy seems like a great person! Check out her page and see some early pics that will knock you out!

  3. She still looks great.

  4. Amy is still gorgeous for her age. How does she do that?!? ;)

  5. I got her to sign my Book at Monstermania a couple o weeks ago she is cool and still looks really good.

  6. I think she has had some cosmetic work done, but it looks awesome! I have always been a huge fan of hers! Loved her in April fools day too! I am so happy that they didnt make f13 part 3 with her in the mental institution, because it would have ruined it for me. I have always wished they would bring the veteran survivors back from the first four films to do a face off with Jason, it would be awesome!

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