Part 3 3D Jason Bust Up For Auction

I just found this new listing on eBay and it is a really, really good pull of Jason from Part 3. Check out the description from the ebay listing below.

This Auction is for the very first pull of “Jason 3D”

This is the prototype .
It is very thick latex and is a display copy with no cuts .
This is a new mask and was just finished . Painted
with the best latex paints.

Remember the price is negotiable so please make a offer ..


Check out the listing and make an offer to own this great piece of Friday memoribilia





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19 Responses to “ Part 3 3D Jason Bust Up For Auction ”

  1. Beautiful

  2. ill crazy

  3. Very nice like this.

  4. Goddamn thats awesome

  5. jason’s eyes are so stoned looking in this.

  6. Very Scary Not as scary as part IV but as a kid I had nightmares about that scene where Jason Is Clawing at the window looking at Chris and bursting through the door that and Jason Jumping through the window in 2 always scared me Jason Is Scarier when he was still Human

  7. Very nice!!!

  8. Looks good but.. It is a little off on the look of Jason in part 3. Not a bad take on the look but it’s not screen accurate.

  9. It is too screen accurate, alongside MMFX’s Jason 3 bust, the sculpt for a mask is the most accurate that has been done on a Jason 3. What about it is not screen accurate, MyNameIsJason? I sculpted this myself and I took a long time to do it, I poured over screen shots, make up test photos, and compared my sculpt with the rest that have already been done, because I wanted to insure it was ACCURATE. Is the paint throwing you off? I may be tooting my own horn here, but so what? Tell me, what is not screen accurate about it, expert? I’d like to know what you consider accurate.

  10. I always thought that Jason was at his scariest in part three. He was just deformed enough to be creepy. By part four, he was a little over the top in the looks department and a bit ridiculous. Here he was scary. Nice job.

  11. Well for starters, the color is off, the nose is not shaped like that in the film, the ear looks like it has been chewed up (I may be wrong on the ear) but the nose just looks wrong to me. In the movie it looked smaller and just crooked. Don’t want to piss anyone off here just saying.

  12. And if you are the person who made this mask than why are you getting so upset when someone disputes the how accurate it is? If you can’t take someone’s opinion than you need not post your stuff on a blog site.

  13. Here, look at this one, MyName…

    (if you can’t see the pics then email me at and I’ll send them to you, just to hopefully prove a point. Doubt you care enough though.)

    I don’t expect you to change your opinion about it since everybody seems to love being contrary, and especially stubborn to that end even when they’re wrong, but yes I do get upset that people who think they know can just waltz on here and say, “Ugh oh well it’s not accurate” after I worked on the goddamn thing for months and made sure that it was. I don’t appreciate it when I put hours and hours of work into something and get that kind of response. Let’s see you pull off anything remotely similar. It’s this kind of crap I hate about the internet and people’s kneejerk reactions to things stemming from a lack of knowledge.

    So, to hell with your opinion because, like Tripper Harrison said in Meatballs, “It just doesn’t matter! It just doesn’t matter!” Should I continue to give a sh*t what people say or think about me or my work? Who cares, it doesn’t matter.

    So for starters, I didn’t paint this copy, and I didn’t post it on here, either. I was upset because I know that it’s right and that you were wrong. Thank you.

  14. Well, I scored the prototype, and I really must say what a fucking gorgeous work of art it truly is. Photos in general don’t do it ANY real justice. You simply must see the sculpt in person to fully appreciate what went into it.

    Josh, you really did an AMAZING job on this piece. It is easily among the very best Jason busts out there now and a superb rendition of the Part 3 look. The craftsmanship really shines through IMO, and it’s clear TIME and DEDICATION went into every last ounce of this fantastic sculpt.

    As for the paint job, I fucking love what Lewis did on the prototype. It’s got layers of highlights and touches that, yet again, can’t be appreciated from mere photographs. Especially the EYES. I can’t really see a valid argument from anyone about how it’s technically “inaccurate” in any way whatsoever. All that sort of shit is subjective to someone’s own perception anyway, as well as to the lighting you actually see it in, both on and offscreen. The tones and appearance of the masks/undermasks isn’t really perfectly consistent in the films, either. That’s just how it is. When capturing such elements for something like this from moments viewed onscreen, however they are referenced, it’s really about an understood aspect of “artistic license.” Shadows, highlights, details – it’s ALL subjective to certain frames, when/if referenced and where. I mean shit – it’s not like the thing is painted fucking GREEN when it’s meant to have some semblance of dirty or jaundiced fleshtones going on. My two cents on that criticism, anyway. It’s a pretty silly one.

    Again, my sincere compliments to Josh and Lewis for a stellar fucking effort all around on this rendition. Badassery to the max.

  15. Hey man I meant no harm. I didn’t mean to shit on what you’ve done. The mask is awesome! But I just see differences in this piece and the movie thats all. I do apologize if it offended you. I was looking at this pic and pictures in the Crystal lake memories book from part 3 and I saw differences thats all. I just said it wasn’t really screen accurate. I wasn’t trying to be an ass! Is the mask cool? Hell yeah I like it you did a badass job.

  16. Thanks man. I’m not looking to have my ass kissed about it, I’m sorry if I came off like that, like it absolutely must have everyone’s approval… I need to keep my mouth shut sometimes when it comes to criticism, I obviously don’t handle it very well.

  17. I mean hell, through the eyes of someone else it might look like their mom or something…like William B said, it’s all subjective, and when it all comes down to it, what artist would want to forcibly dictate how their art should be perceived by others? Let’s all hold hands now.

  18. Something also just occurred to me. Sorry to nitpick, but if you are referencing Crystal Lake Memories, then there are no pics of the screen used makeup from part 3, you’re looking at the Stan Winston version they ended up not using. From pages 72-95 there are no photos of Richard Brooker wearing the final screen used makeup except on page 93 in a black and white text over background shot, and you can’t see it very well…

  19. Hehe geez you guys. I’d be mad too if some fool came in saying stuff when he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It appears josh is right, there is no pic of Brookers *final* screen used makeup in CLM. MYNameisjason, you need to get a pair of glasses son, you told this guy his work wasn’t “screen accurate” when it most clearly is. If you’re any kind of real F13th fan I’m afraid you’d know the difference.

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