Production Crew Challenge: The Composers

Now, I am sure that many of you will see this and think to yourself, why are we even bothering to vote. Well, there were similar instances, like this one, where it may seem blatantly obvious who should win. However, there are people who may think differently than the majority and should have an opportunity to have their voices heard. Otherwise this type of game would not be fair to everyone.

Ok, disclaimer done and over with. Now, here is your chance to vote on which composer you think should create music for the ultimate Friday the 13th music. Choose from the list of past Friday the 13th composers that should make a new chapter of Friday the 13th!

harryHarry Manfredini (Friday the 13th 1980 – Part 7, Jason Goes To Hell, Jason X)
Famous for creating the Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma trademark sound of the franchise and one of the first composers to use a synthesizer in a horror movie.





fredm_headFred Mollin (The New Blood, Jason Takes Manhattan)
Fred was working for Paramount on various projects, including the Friday the 13th: The Series show that ran in syndication for a number of years. When Harry Manfredini was unavailable to create a new score for The New Blood, Fred was brought in to supplement some of the stock audio Harry had created for previous Friday’s with his own unique brand of music. When Jason Takes Manhattan was put into production, Fred was brought back due to his ties with the studio as well as a needed new sound to fit Jason leaving Crystal Lake and heading for the big city.


graemaGraeme Revell (Freddy vs Jason)
Graeme has worked on a lot of major Hollywood films, including the Harrison Ford/Jack Ryan movie, Clear and Present Danger, The Bone Collector, starring Denzel Washington and of course Bride of Chucky. When Ronny Yu was hired to direct Freddy vs Jason, it was a no brainer that he would bring Graeme along for the ride after their great working relationship on Bride of Chucky. Graeme score fit perfectly for the film as he added a comic book feel to the film while staying true to the original cues of both the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street franchises.


81085428VB010_BMI_S_ANNUAL_Steve Jablonksi ( Friday the 13th 2024)
Known very well in the video game world for his scores for Modern Warfare and other titles, Steve burst onto the motion picture scene with his score of the 2024 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Since then, he has gone on to score most every movie Platinum Dunes has produced as well as create scrores for the Michael Bay movie, The Island and both Trasformers movies. His score for the Friday the 13th reboot had more of an industrial edge to it and focused on more pulse pounding beats and very minimal instrumental beats.

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30 Responses to “ Production Crew Challenge: The Composers ”

  1. With all due respect to the other composers i’m voting for Harry Manfredini(he’s the grandaddy of em all)…………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  2. Well this is an easy one, harry manfreddini of course.

  3. Harry..
    Doesn’t really need an explanation.

  4. um this is easy i am going with Harry Manfredini

  5. harry

  6. Manfredini, but the Manfredini works from the early Friday films and with an orchestra, not a synthesizer.

  7. i would like to go with Harry, but like TheRustyMachete says, his newer stuff just doesn’t cut it for me and I think he may have had his fill.

    In the interest of progress I’m going to go with Graeme Revell. I can’t speak for the FvsJ score since I never pay much attention to that movie, but having such a great resume of Hollywood scores I think Graeme might produce something eclectic and cool.

    Graeme Revell!

    I just can’t stomach that fog filter sepia toned picture of Fred. omg Fred! You wear your sunglasses at night

  8. “You wear your sunglasses at night”
    Corey Hart rocks that song! :)

    You know, there are actually some parts of Fred’s scores I like in The New Blood and Jason Takes Manhattann. The tool shed scene in The New Blood is tense and his music fit it perectly.

    That being said, I would like a modern take on Harry’s music. I still think Steve Jablonksi can deliver something more than he has. His score for Transformers is awesome. I would like to see how he handles the old source material if he would shift to doing that.

    Steve Jablonksi

  9. Harry

  10. harry manfreddini, The Composer!

  11. Fred Mollin

    I listen to the New Blood/ Jason Takes Manhattan soundtrack CD all the time. It’s… awesome.

  12. Harry Manfredini

  13. Thats an easy one…Harry Manfredini all the way. He shouldve done the music for the remake, that was my only problem with it. Manfredini rules. Not only do I like the music He does for the FT13th movies, but I also like His music in general. House, The Hills Have Eyes 2 (1984), Wishmaster and many others.

  14. Harry manfredini! The others pale in comparison. The only one that even comes close is Graeme Revell

  15. Harry. Theres no comparison, this should be a landslide.

  16. harry

  17. No contest on this one Harry hands Down

  18. Harry Manfredini FTW

  19. Harry, which should be doing the next one. Or at least Jablonsky could use the “Classic” score. Dont see it happening though….I asked Brad Fuller on his twitter page if the classic score would be used for the sequel. His reply was “We’ll see”. Which means 99.9% no. These producers don’t realize how important a score is for a film. It’s like a main character in the film! Builds suspense, sets the tone/atmosphere.

  20. Steve.

  21. my vote is going to Harry Manfredini in this round

  22. Finally a no brainer for a change. Gotta go with Manfredini. I mean he gave us the classic score that we all know and love.

  23. Harry, no doubt about it! “KIKIKI MAMAMA” is almost as well known as the Star Wars and Jaws themes. Manfredini created a truly iconic theme with that one.

  24. Harry Potter!! :D

  25. Harry (and by a long shot).

  26. Man I love Harry’s work… he so deserves this.

  27. Without a doubt or hesitation…Harry Manfredini!

  28. Harry Manfredini !! All the Way ….

  29. Harry

    easy one

  30. Harry Manfredini. If we’re talking ultimate Friday the 13th music, there is no other choice.