News & Blog Posters Wanted

It’s long overdue, but the doors are open again to add new blog accounts here at As of late it’s been me (John) and Tony handling everything, and we can only do so much. There is about to be an absolute explosion of all things Jason, so we want to bring more posters on board.

How to apply

Shoot me an email at [email protected] and let me know who you are and what you want to write about. Maybe give me a few examples of the sort of stuff that should be posted right now but hasn’t been, so I know you have eagle eyes (very important). I will only reply to a few I’m interested in, so make this one email count.

Who you need to be

A big Friday fan, a literate writer, someone who is used to posting in forums and/or blogs.

What we give you

You will receive a username (of your choice), password (can be changed) and the URL for the posting dashboard. You’ll largely have the freedom to post what you want when you want.

What’s required

Basically, I am after people who will be on top of posting the latest news or articles on anything and everything related to Friday the 13th whether it be remake stuff, merchandise, or whatever random piece of interest you have in mind.

A final word

Please no half-hearted applicants, guys. I’ve spent so much time in the past emailing back and forth with semi-interested parties whose interest has eventually fizzled out. So I am especially grateful to the guys who have blog accounts here. It’s a small dedicated team here that is the guiding force of Friday fandom on the web.

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  1. i would but it would let me send a email…….so myspace works lol

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