Friday Conversation: History of the Hockey Mask, What is your Favorite

Jason has worn many different masks. It started with the Sack in 1981 and then the original clean mask with red chevrons in 1982 where it then incurred an axe mark to the top left. The mask was worn by an imposter with blue Chevrons in 1985, then an undead Jason reaquired the mask in 1986 to then receive a a bullet hole and mask shaving by boat propellar. Jason had his mask split in half by telekenisis in 1988 then got a new yellowish mask for a Manhattan trip in 1989. After his mask was burned away on his trip, he returned to Crystall Lake where he gained a new mask. Curiously, it contained all of the damage from past masks, but also with the right side of the mask ripped away by the eye. Then Jason was reborn from hell to face Freddy with a new mask, except Freddy left his famous razor marks behind. Then Jason went to Space with a new look hock not like the others and after being blown to bits he got an uber shiny metal mask. Finally, this year it all came full circle. The sack was back and better than ever. Most importantly to fans, the original hockey mask was back for it to start all over again.

Which of the many hockey masks are your favorite of all time?


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61 Responses to “ Friday Conversation: History of the Hockey Mask, What is your Favorite ”

  1. My Favorite is The mask from the part 4

  2. I think that my favorite masks are from part 4, part 5 (Roy’s mask), and the F13 remake.

  3. I like the JTM mask. The yellowing gave it an eerie glow in the film.

  4. The part 3 is my favorite, but I’m a big fan of the JTM hock.

  5. What are these pics from? It looks like a magazine.

  6. My favorite ones are from part 4 and part 6. I really hated the Jason X one and the JTM one. Not sure why I hated the JTM one, just always did.

  7. On screen I like the Jason Goes To Hell one best. However in person the X and FvsJ looking amazing. All the masks after JGTH were made with some extra efford, not that cheap in creation anymore. Better materials, better paint jobs etc.


  8. easily parts 3 & 4 are the greatest masks of all time. they had the original look, that in my opinion was a little scarier. just something about them, they have always looked awesome

  9. I agree, Mario. The JGTH mask looks great on screen. It is my favorite and I have a great replica of it on display at home.

  10. the2ndsuitor,
    You’re right, I got these images from a magazine. They look great!

  11. Probably the most interesting Fri. Conversation to date, just wanna add that right off the bat.

    Top five including the sacks,

    1. Original sack(it still creeps me out)
    2. The new Blood(the whole costume is kick ass, but we will save this conversation for a diff. Fri.)
    3. Jason X(throw both of them here I like them both)
    4. Part 3D love the look and feel of innocence
    5. Sack redeux.

  12. I thought about adding the sack into the fold, JJ, but I just did not have the time to find the proper pics. I agree that the sacks are creepy, and in fact I really like the sack look from the remake. I think they should have had him wear that longer.

  13. I like the new sack to. I even think it looks better then the original did, I mean it was a potato sack for crying out loud.

    Def should have worn it longer. It would have been higher on my list.

  14. to=too damn fire fox;)

  15. Parts 3 and 4 were the best, especially 4. The re-make one was the best since those ones.

  16. I like the mask from part 7..with all the damage it looks like Jason went through hell. Which in the previous films He did. The whole look of Jason in part 7 was cool, and the way Kane Hodder played the role was just classic.

  17. part 3 & 4 mostly part 4

  18. i like pt6, before the bullet hole. it was worn, but not too worn as it would soon become. Also a big fan of pt7. The ripped off cheek gave it a more angled, human look.

    The sack is cool, but was already used in Town that Dreaded Sundown and Elephant Man. I think the hockey mask was also used prior too, in the Road Warrior. Humongous’s mask is actually used on the beat-ass VHS cover of New Beginning

  19. Part 7 is the worst mask of the series. It’s so torn up and tragic that it made Jason look like a vulnerable pussy. The mask from Part 3 is the best because it is fresh, clean, and made Jason look indestructable.

    Despite the coolness of the mask, I dont think that anything beats the bag that WARRINGTON GILLETTE wore throughout the entire duration of Friday the 13th Part 2. Sometimes I take a bag out and put it over girlfriends heads when I want to go to a happier place.

  20. these are such cool images! how did you get this set up of all the masks lined up like this?

  21. Well, I scanned the images out of a magazine I own and then used a little Photoshop magic to get them to look the way they do now!

  22. I vote for the classic Part 3 mask ( 4 is equally good also)

    2nd place the yellow mask from JTM

  23. i say the one from the remake

  24. Jason, you got the screen accurate one Crash painted a time ago, right? Love that one.

    As an addition to my prev. post: The masks after JGTH were well thoguht out during the creating. All scratches were intended and molded into the mask. While the previous Jason X masks had real damages, that partial came from the actual filming. See part 7 and it`s scratched mought area for example.


  25. 3,JTM,remake…I ordered too these :D

  26. TNB,AND PART 3 AND 4

  27. I’d have to go with Final Chapter, Jason Takes Manhattan, and the pre-battle Freddy vs Jason.

    -The Final chapter mask is just like the original but with the cool axe damage.

    -The Jason takes Manhattan looks cool in it’s own way because of the subtle shape difference, color and stap loops.

    -The FvJ is alot like the original too but has a great aged, weathered, and just came out of the grave look.

  28. “Jason, you got the screen accurate one Crash painted a time ago, right? Love that one”

    That’s right, Mario. He does a great job and it looks exactly like the mask from the movie. Although, I wouldn’t mind having a screen used mask either. ;)

  29. Part 3 and 4 masks are my faves!

  30. I like the part 3 mask the best. It is far from clean, although you can’t seem most of the damage and crackled paint well onscreen, you can see it in photos that were taken on set. It is probably the most complex mask and the hardest to nail artistically. Most artists don’t even bother getting the screen accurate paint crackle.

  31. I like the part 3 mask

  32. I like the part 7 mask. My all time favorite. It was destroyed, it showed Jason’s decayed face and teeth, and in the dark light, it was super creepy.

  33. 3

  34. I like JGTH the most, followed by part 4

  35. The masks used in parts 3 and 4 are my favorites. I also like the sackheads, especially the remake’s.

  36. part 3, 4, 7, 8 & the remake be the illest ones

  37. the sackhead was definately awesome too

  38. I agree with bytor2112. Parts 3 and 4 had something about them. There was something in the shape of the eyes that was evil and frightening. As the masks went on they got too round and too big for the heads and necks wearing them. They started looking like bad Halloween costumes.
    The bag was scary too but it lacked originality. Did anyone see The Town That Dreaded Sundown? Good movie. True story.

  39. I live dream sequence mask 5 tah best

  40. My favorite is definitely from the 2024 Friday, followed closely by Jason X, pre nanobots. Something about it just looks sinister

  41. definatley part III, best mask, best Jason! (in my opinion)

  42. Definately have go to with the part III Mask. Best mask, best Jason! (in my opinion)

  43. Part 4 is my favourite.However part 7 is cool bacause it showed off Jason’s rotting jaw line so well.

  44. Oops KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA by the way.

  45. Have to go OG: Part 3. Period.

  46. Part 4 final chapter I think this is the best one!!!

  47. Part 4 mask for sure!

  48. Part 4 and 6, but if I have to choose; the Part 6 mask.
    It just looks so incredibly weird, he almost looks like a cartoon character with that mask. Something just hits home for me with it. Maybe it’s because -for me- the part 6 mask makes Jason come off as a sympathetic character. For as far as that is possible for a homicidal maniac. ;)

  49. I’m going with Jason Lives…followed by New Blood.

    I am actually a fan of both Jason X masks. I just didn’t find Jason to be as scary or intimidating in that movie.

  50. Hello,

    1 – Part IV
    2 – Part VII
    3 – Sack (both the original and remake are creepy)

    1 – Part VI (seems too big for his head)
    2 – Jason X (dumb)

    By the way, the idea of the mask attaching to his face is a cool idea but the movie (JGTH) is so bad, I cannot give it any positive point :)


  51. My favorite masks are from part 4, 5, 7, and 2024.

  52. Part 3, Hands down! The original and still the best!

  53. Pt.4
    pt.12 reimagining
    pt.12 sac reimagining
    pt.2 sac

  54. The mask from The Final Chapter is my favorite with Roy’s mask from A New Beginning coming in second place.

  55. I like the original mask, undamaged. However, Part 8′s mask was scariest. It just looked so round and smooth and you couldn’t see jason’s eyes through the holes much if at all. That was the scariest part to me. I personally thought that you should NEVER see jason’s eyes. Especially after he became a zombie

  56. The III part (the original one) is my favourite.

  57. I love IV & VII the best, but have to love III being the original.

  58. Anyone know how to paint one of these frightstuff blanks?, I’d like to find some kind of basic tutorial… you know, some step by step guideness…


  59. Roy’s mask.

    The blue chevrons do it for me & I’m a Roy fan.

  60. Jason’s mask for me looked the scariest in Part III and IV…that was back when i really thought he was deranged, ran after his victims which i was glad the remake brought back. The worst has to be a tie between Jason X which looked like a store bought mask and Jason Goes to Hell..where i didn’t care for his overall appearance..

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